NCIS Recap 10/03/22: Season 20 Episode 3 “Unearth”

NCIS Recap 10/03/22: Season 20 Episode 3 "Unearth"

Tonight on CBS NCIS returns with an all-new Monday, October 3, 2022, season 20 episode 3 called, “Unearth,”and we have your weekly NCIS recap below. In tonight’s NCIS season 20 episode 3, “Unearth” as per the CBS synopsis, “When a dead body is found at an ancient burial site that is thought to be cursed, the team tries to determine the motive and the symbolism behind the crime. Also, as Torres continues therapy with Dr. Grace, he discovers that their lives are in danger.” 

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In tonight’s NCIS episode, there was an incident eighteen months ago. Some American soldiers had heard about a treasure being buried in Afghanistan and they pursued it. They eventually found the treasure. They also found out why no one else has ever pursued it. It turns out the treasure was buried on an ancient burial site. The whole area was considered haunted and the locals never dug up the treasure because there reportedly was a curse on it. According to the rumor, the people who dug up the treasure would all die horrible deaths. The American soldiers chose to ignore the story. They dug up the treasure anyways. And they took it back with them to the United States and that was that.

Fast-forward a few months. The NCIS caught a case. They were investigating the death of a naval contractor. Special Agent Parker and his team had to wade through the press at the Quantico National Cemetery in order to get to the body of Erik Nilsson and what they found there had been unusual. Nilsson’s internal organs had all been turned to stone. It was a first for Jimmy and the first for the others as well. No one knew how someone’s organs turn to stone. Not until Jimmy opened up the body and found that it hadn’t turned to stone at all. Someone had simply removed all of the victim’s organs before replacing them with actual stones. There was even something on the stones themselves.

It looked like tribal symbols. Ducky was brought in to help with this case. He reached out to his friends who were experts in that field and he showed them pictures of the stones. They said it was connected to the Bactrian Kingdom. There was reportedly a treasure connected to that kingdom that was hidden in modern-day Afghanistan. It has a curse on it and the curse says that it would turn everyone’s inside into stone if the treasure was ever stolen. Which it was. Nilsson was a part of that group that stole the treasure. The treasure that rightfully belongs to Afghanistan and the press knows about it.

Someone notified the press from the very beginning. It was possible that the killer could have done so and so that posed the question of why? Why would the killer risk everything to tell the press? The press being involved also made things more complicated. Parker was told he had to brief them each time something new came up and he quickly found a way out of that. He began mocking the victim to the PR team. They soon began feeling he wasn’t right for the job of being in charge of the press and so they removed him from that position. But the team had some pressing concerns when one of their own went missing.

Torres went missing. At first, they thought he had just been held up. Torres is very personable. He has lots of charm. He hasn’t really dated anyone since Bishop left and so his not reporting to work was unusual. Torres went to go check a lead with Dr. Grace. Grace was a therapist. She was actually treating Torres for months now. He thought they had a great relationship and he volunteered to go talk to her once they realized that Nilsson contacted Grace on the day he died. Only Torres ran into a masked man at Grace’s office. He fought the guy. He was winning when the guy’s partner threatened to shoot Grace if he didn’t stop fighting.

Torres was taken, hostage. Grace was taken, hostage. Grace has no idea why. She doesn’t know Nilsson. She’s never met him and so it’s a good thing the team was investigating Torres’s disappearance when they found out that those men also took Grace. Here’s what happened. The group of soldiers stole a treasure from Afghanistan and two of the men snuck it into the United States. They were supposed to have told their buddies once they arrived only something happened. One of the guys took off with the gold and he went crazy. He began getting confused. He couldn’t remember what day it was and he became a patient of Grace’s.

Grace treated Danny Vega. She put him in a psych ward. Which was a problem because his friends Moretti and Holt wanted the gold and no one could find him. They tried asking the other guy who traveled with Vega. They asked Nilsson. He didn’t know where Vega was. He did however lead them to Grace who was Vega’s therapist and so the bad guys killed Nilsson and went after Grace to get to Vega. She eventually admitted that Vega has been put on a psych hold after they shot Torres to prove they were serious. Once she told him where Vega was, they demanded that Grace help gets to Vega or else they were going to kill Torres.

Moretti went with Grace to the hospital. They met with Vega. Vega wasn’t making sense. He was deeply traumatized by the war and he thought he lost his mind because of the curse. Grace gave him something to knock him out. She then tried to negotiate with Moretti. She tried to get him to release Torres, but she didn’t need to bother. The team found Torres. They rescued him from killing Holt. They then sent him to the hospital for his wound while they pursued Grace. Once she saw help had arrived, Grace gave them an opening and they were able to kill Moretti.

As for the treasure, Grace eventually talked Vega into giving up its location. The treasure is being handed over to a nonprofit where it will hopefully do some good in Afghanistan.