NCIS Recap 10/17/22: Season 20 Episode 5 “Guardian”

NCIS Recap 10/17/22: Season 20 Episode 5 "Guardian"

Tonight on CBS NCIS returns with an all-new Monday, October 17, 2022, season 20 episode 5 called, “Guardian,” and we have your weekly NCIS recap below. In tonight’s NCIS season 20 episode 5, “Guardian” as per the CBS synopsis, “Agent Parker steps up to protect Director Vance after a terrifying home invasion. Also, the team detects advancements in Jessica and Jimmy’s blossoming romance.” 

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In tonight’s NCIS episode, an armed group of men broke into Director Vance’s house. He was able to fight them off. He also literally dodged a bullet and broke the neck of the man who fired the gun. It was three guys in all. Vance killed one. The other two managed to escape. But an attack on Vance was personal to NCIS. Special Agent Parker and his team caught this case. They investigated it. They all wanted to catch the guys who broke in because Vance was a friend and so it was just Vance who didn’t take what happen personally. He was still planning on going on a work trip. He was supposed to fly to Berlin. And Parker didn’t think that was a good idea.

Parker tried to talk Vance out of the work trip. Parker understood that there were risks with two men out there with a grudge against Vance and so it was just Vance who refused to believe he was in danger. He was that set on going to Berlin. He wouldn’t even listen to the evidence. The armed men managed to get pass his high-tech security alarm without it going off. That means they knew what they were doing when they targeted Vance. These men also surveilled Vance’s home beforehand. The neighbors had footage of the same car driving by at least four times past his house. Parker’s team got the license plate of the car and it led back to a rental that was purchased with a fake ID.

These men did everything possible to get to Vance. Without getting caught no less. Parker didn’t think that was going to end just because of a work trip. Parker was so worried that he basically invited himself along on the trip. Both he and Vance flew to Berlin. They left behind McGee to act as temporary NCIS Director. Not that McGee let that go to his head. He actually hated politics. He much prefers being a field agent and so he was counting the days till Vance returned. He was also still working Vance’s case. He and the others found out that the car was rented with both a fake id as well as a fake credit card. The car was also used in another purchase. It was used to buy two tickets to Berlin.

Whatever these men were after, they weren’t going to stop. Not even the death of a friend phased them. They were set on getting to Vance and Parker did everything to keep his friend safe. He even followed Vance to Vance’s date. Vance was secretly hooking up with Deputy Director Lena Paulsen. They used these work trips to meet up and sleep together. Its why Vance was so set on making the trip. These trips don’t come around often. There aren’t many times that Vance can run into Lena and so he was all set for their date in Berlin when Parker tagged along. Parker got the call about the men buying a ticket to Berlin right around the time both he and Vance noticed that Lena’s door was broken in.

They went into her hotel room only to find Lena shot on the floor. She was shot three times. She was barely alive by time they found her and had her rush to the hospital. The local German police asked the two men if they saw anything. But they hadn’t. The detective also mentioned that Lena kept saying “Festung” to the EMTs. Vance pretended not to know what that was. It was Parker who saw through him. Parker told him the only way they can help Lena is by being honest with each other and so he got Vance to admit what festung was. It was a secret ops mission with Berlin forces. Both Vance and Lena helped take down a Chechen terrorist by the name of Goran Umarov.

Umarov was killed during the mission. The case was closed and everyone thought that was it. Only the team found something. They found out that Lena stole from Umarov. She was put in charge of logging in evidence. She chose to instead falsified information to steal millions in diamonds. She covered it up and not even Vance knew what she did yet this happened six years ago. Why now? Umarov’s brother had recently broken out of prison. Sergei was just as ruthless and he probably wants revenge for his brother. He went after Vance. He also went after Lena. And so the team checked in with other people attached to the mission.

Everyone else was fine. It was just Vance and Lena who were targeted. The team couldn’t figure out why until they found Lena’s clue. Lena left behind quotes in a bible. Kasie realized those numbers were a bank account and routing numbers. She traced the account back to Elizabeth Wenders. She was in fact Lena’s sister. She said the bank account was for Lena’s daughter. Lena didn’t just steal diamonds from Umarov. She also took his daughter. She found the baby girl after Umarov was dead. The baby was neglected and malnourished. Lena took pity on her. She chose to raise Heidi as her daughter. She hid Heidi with her sister and she cashed out the diamonds to put it in a trust fund for Heidi.

Sergei didn’t want the money. He wanted the girl. Vance and Parker agreed to honor Lena’s wishes by keeping Heidi safe. They tried taking her to a safehouse when they were betrayed by a Berlin detective. Sergei’s people showed up at the safe house. They shot out the car. Forcing Vance and Parker to stand and fight. Vance and Parker were able to fight off Sergei as well as his men. They arrested everyone they could and killed the ones they couldn’t. And they also reunited Heidi with her mother.

Lena woke up at the hospital. She hadn’t told Vance any of what happened, but he chose to forgive her the many lies and he covered up the fact that Heidi was Umarov’s daughter. And so no one was going to take the little girl away from Lena’s family.