NCIS Recap 11/14/22: Season 20 Episode 7 “Love Lost”

NCIS Recap 11/14/22: Season 20 Episode 7 "Love Lost"

Tonight on CBS NCIS returns with an all-new Monday, November 14, 2022, season 20 episode 7 called, “Love Lost,” and we have your weekly NCIS recap below. In tonight’s NCIS season 20 episode 7, “Love Lost” as per the CBS synopsis, “NCIS must investigate the Secretary of the Navy when her husband claims she tried to murder him.” 

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In tonight’s NCIS episode, someone walked into the NCIS headquarters to report a crime. He wanted to report three crimes actually. Felix Lassiter went to NCIS because he wanted to report his wife for attempting to murder him and it falls under NCIS’s jurisdiction because his wife was their boss. She was the Secretary of the Navy. Her name is Tara Flynn. Their marriage was an opposites attract sort of thing. It also didn’t work out because they were in the middle of a divorce and he has been dragging his feet on signing the papers. He thought he could win her back after she kicked him out. He was trying to get her back when he had three almost fatal “accidents” within a week.

Felix believes his wife was the one trying to kill him. There was no one else who wanted him dead. He was a toy model engineer. He considers himself an entrepreneur and he has at least three patents that were pending. But that wasn’t why his marriage broke up. It broke up because Felix was a noted conspiracy nut. He always thought everyone was out to get him. His wife Tara finally had enough of him after he accused her of having an affair with the Sultan of Brunei. Tara was also out of the country and so she couldn’t be personally behind these “accidents”. And everyone had pretty much dismissed Felix when he suffered a cardiac event.

Felix almost died at their headquarters. It was the fourth nearly fatal accident he’s gone through and he would have died if they hadn’t administered first aide right then and there. Felix was sent to the hospital. The hospital didn’t find anything in his blood. Which wasn’t the same for Kasie. Kasie tested the blood with other tests and she determined that Felix had been poisoned by a nerve agent. It was one that only a handful of people has access to in the Navy. Felix’s wife was one of those people. Tara quickly became a suspect in the multiple attempted murders on Felix’s life. He almost got run down by a strange car, something punctured a whole that allowed carbon monoxide into his apartment, and someone broke into his apartment only to destroy his model train.

After they found out he was poisoned by a nerve gas, they had Tara return to the United States. She had been away on a work trip to Amsterdam and she was initially thrown when she was questioned by her own people. They told her that her husband has been poisoned. They asked her about Felix’s enemies and she admitted that Felix hadn’t told them everything. Felix has a gambling addiction. He gambled his daughter’s college fund as well as their life savings. Tara said that Felix owes a lot of money to his bookie. His bookie was Olev Koslov. Tara suspected that Olev was connected to the Russian mob. And so the team looked into it.

They found Olev. He told them that Felix doesn’t owe him any money. Felix quit gambling. He’s in Gambling Anonymous now. It also turns out that Olev’s car was used to almost run down Felix. Only Olev wasn’t driving. It was his associate Zero who did the driving. Zero showed McGee the texts he received from Felix to kill him. The texts claimed Felix wanted to end his life but was too scared to do it himself and so the team came to believe Felix tried to kill himself in order to frame Tara. They went to go ask Felix. He was missing from his hospital room. Felix snuck out of the hospital, and he went to somewhere off the grid.

The team spoke to Felix’s daughter, Arlene. She said her father hasn’t gambled in a while. She herself was married to a gambler and her husband helped her dad get into GA. She also saw the supposed text messages to the hitman. She said her father never wrote like that. She saw them messages from her dad and it shows that Felix still writes everything down. He even ends his sentences in periods. The message to the hitman wasn’t like that. It showed emojis and short sentences. Someone used their access to Felix’s phone to set up a murder for hire. There was someone that was trying to kill Felix.

The team went looking for him. They found out he checked himself into a motel off of the side of a train track and so they went there only to find a bloody room. The team believed that whoever that trying to kill Felix had found him before they could. They tested the blood in the motel room and it wasn’t Felix’s. It actually belonged to his son-in-law. Victor has been gambling. He owed Olev fifty grand. He was hoping to kill Felix because Arlene was the sole benefactor to Felix’s life insurance. And he tried to kill Felix again at the motel because Felix texted Victor where he was staying to reassure Arlene he was safe.

Victor was arrested for attempted murder. He was going to get divorced. But Felix was found safe and alive only he and Tara weren’t getting back together. They had another fight and they both realize they’re better off alone.