Prince Edward And Sophie, The Countess Of Wessex Have A Busy Day In Moray

Prince Edward And Sophie, The Countess Of Wessex Have A Busy Day In Moray

Prince Edward is probably the least controversial of Queen Elizabeth’s children. Although he’s now known as The Duke Of Wessex, when he visits Scotland, he’s also known as the Earl of Forfar. Back in 1999, he married Sophie Rhys-Jones and together they live a life less in the public eye than Charles and Andrew. However, last weekend, they both had a busy day in Moray where he attended an event at his old school.

Prince Edward & Sophie Never Embarrassed The Queen

Perhaps the Queen secretly wished that her eldest son Charles hadn’t made so many negative headlines when he was married to Lady Di.

More than that, she might wish that Andrew could have just kept his pants tightly buttoned up. Even Princess Anne, known for hard work and an extraordinary equestrian talent rocked the boat a bit when she and  Captain Mark Phillips divorced.

So, far, her youngest son and Sophie have hardly rippled the scandal waters.

Prince Edward is unmistakably like his brother Charles in looks, but the couple keeps relatively scandal-free.

Probably,  that must be something of huge relief to his mom. However, as he’s only about 14th in line to the throne, he doesn’t get overwhelmed by the press every time they step out into the street.

So, those people who remember his existence, view them with some fondness in remembrance of the days when the royals were regarded as dignified.

Prince Edward & Sophie Visit Moray In Scotland

When the royal couple arrived in Moray, the Daily Mail UK reported that Sophie wore “a full white pleated skirt and sky blue patterned blouse.” Additionally, she wore “blue-grey suede court heels and a leather green shoulder bag.” Meanwhile, the Earl of Forfar dressed in traditional Scottish attire.

At their first stop at Cooper Park, they looked relaxed when their official welcome took place. Thereafter, they went along to Gordonstoun to do some presentations. If you don’t know, when he attended the school he made it to lofty heights when he became Head Boy.

During their busy day, Prince Edward and The Countess of Wessex also went to a food bank. At Moray Food Plus, they joined volunteers to award the Queens’ Award to thise who volunteer for service.

Some volunteer fighters also received Platimum Jubillee Moray Badges. Actually, many students from Gordonstoun participate as volunteer firefighters.

More Visits On A Busy Day

Prince Edward and Sophie didn’t end it there. Instead, they went on and visited part of the Queen’s Green Canopy Trees project. Additionally, folks saw them attend The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Anniversary Stones and Garden.

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