Station 19 Recap 10/27/22: Season 6 Episode 4 “Demons”

Station 19 Recap 10/27/22: Season 6 Episode 4 "Demons"

Tonight on ABC Station 19 returns with an all-new Thursday, October 27, 2022, season 6 episode 4 called, “Demons,” and we have your Station 19 recap below.  On tonight’s Station 19 Season 6 Episode 4 recap as per the ABC synopsis, “Maya and Theo answer a call at a Halloween carnival; but when the fire hits the corn maze, the dangers quickly escalate and Maya risks her own life to prove her worth to her increasingly hostile captain.

Meanwhile, Station 19 hosts the neighborhood kids for trick-or-treating; a prank war breaks out in the house, and Jack is haunted by a ghost from his past.

Tonight’s Station 19 season 6 episode 4 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our TV recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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In tonight’s Station 19 episode, the team rallied together to fix the roof of the house that Jack was staying in. Only they couldn’t stop him from falling apart. They tried to be there for him. It just didn’t make a difference. He went back to drinking. He went back to self-loathing and there’s nothing any of his friends could do to save him. Jack was even taking drugs at this point. A new low for him. He’s become the guy he’s always dreaded he would be. Jack is choosing to fail. The team also had their own lives to focus on. Sullivan was going to be missing Halloween at the station this year because he made a date with a woman he met online.

Or at least that’s the story he’s going with. The truth was very much different. He actually drove out of town to meet up with Fire Chief Ross. Ross had previously broken up with him because she was worried with being blackmailed by Maya and so the two hooking up now was certainly shift in their relationship. They just couldn’t stay away from each other. It also makes sense that Sullivan would pretend to be involved in an online relationship because again they had to worry about blackmail. But it’s good that Sullivan has someone again. He was lonely for a while after his marriage fell apart. And now he has someone.

As for the blackmailer, Maya was still dealing with consequences of her blackmail attempt. She fell victim to Captain Beckett’s prank war. She got covered in fake blood and it soaked into her blonde hair. She’s also ran out of fresh clothes. The fake blood stint wore out her last good set. Maya also couldn’t go home to get a fresh pair because she’s been avoiding her wife, Carina. Carina tried to get Maya into therapy. Maya refused. She got offended that her wife would even make such a suggestion and so she’s been staying away from home as a means of punishing her wife. She now only has a dirty uniform to wear at work. And it made her smell like cheese.

Something her wife noticed when she came to help at the station’s Halloween bash. Carina came dressed as a doctor for Halloween. She was going to use her medical experience to help out at the station and her wife resented that because she still didn’t want to talk to her. Maya avoided Carina. She’s been doing back to back to shifts and she’s focusing on work. She went above board with her job. She was running the aide car with Theo when he tried to talk to her. Theo used to be a captain himself. He asked to be demoted because he hadn’t felt he was ready for the task and so Maya refused to talk about her own demotion with him.

Maya didn’t ask to be demoted. She got demoted by force because someone didn’t like her style of leadership. She also knew that nothing like that would have happened if she was a straight white guy. She was a gay white woman. She knew that was taken against her by past Fire Chiefs. Maya tried to talk rationally to Ross when Ross was first appointed. Ross told her that she doesn’t trust anyone who has a probably with command and that’s how she viewed Maya’s situation. Its why Maya felt so desperate to turn to blackmail. Its why she’s even trying to get Beckett out of recovery. She’s trying to get him fired in the hope of claiming his job.

Beckett knew this. He was only “pranking her” during his little prank war. He was more or less bullying her and the whole team felt bad for her because they thought she didn’t do anything to deserve it. But she did. Maya has since tried to prove herself to Beckett again with all the double shifts and overtime she could manage. She also took a risk on the call she responded to. She and Theo were sent to a Halloween fair to treat a broken nose. They were there long enough to see someone accidentally set fire to the wheat maze. Maya called it in. Beckett arrived with the rest of the team on duty that day. And Maya’s risk was that she climbed a Ferris wheel to get a better view of the maze.

No one asked her to climb the Ferris wheel. Beckett had in fact told her to get down several times before she did so and he told her to go on triage. Only she didn’t do triage. She went into the maze because she saw two people in danger. One of them was a child. She went running in to save them and she went in alone. She didn’t tell anyone what she was doing until she was in the maze. She couldn’t bring both father and son out of there on her own. The fire was getting closer. Maya could have died and she’s lucky that Theo found her. He went in after her. He saved her life and together they saved that father and son.

Afterwards, Theo yelled at her. He reminded her that she could be a mom right now and that she almost died because she was reckless. She was working herself into an early grave just to prove herself to Beckett. Theo also took Beckett to task because there shouldn’t be any firefighters under his command that has worked over a hundred hours without any kind of break. Theo stormed off after he was finished with yelling at both Maya and Beckett and so he didn’t see Beckett bench Maya. Maya was being forced to take a necessary break. She also has clean clothes again because her wife went into her locker and did some laundry.

And the station had their Halloween gathering for the kids in the community. Little Pru came by. Even Jack came by. Jack has been seeing a dead Rigo wherever he goes and it got so bad that he lashed out at Eva. She ended their arrangement. He then went to the station high and still a little drunk, but he got to see Pru and that cheered him up. Also, Montgomery got to meet an actual campaign manager. He’s been using Vic and she’s not that great at the job.

And Maya finally cried it out.