Survivor Premiere Recap 09/21/22: Season 43 Episode 1 “LIVIN”

Survivor Premiere Recap 09/21/22: Season 43 Episode 1 "LIVIN"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, September 21, 2022, season 43 episode 1 premiere and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 43 episode 1 called “LIVIN,” as per the CBS synopsis, “18 new castaways come together to form their own society and begin their adventure for $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor, on the special two-hour season premiere of the 43rd edition of SURVIVOR.

In the premiere episode, one winning tribe will earn supplies at the opening challenge while the remaining tribes must choose between a mental or physical challenge to earn their camp essential.”

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Tonight’s Survivor episode begins with strangers on speed boats and they have agreed to be abandoned in the Fiji islands. They come from different backgrounds. Ryan was born with mild cerebral palsy. Nneka grew up in Nigeria. Noelle lost her leg. Despite their differences they have to depend on each other. Morriah says she is there to be friends. Sami is 19 years old and he will cater to anybody. Lindsay says she is Survivor’s biggest fan. Karla’s favorite time to shine is when she is told no. Cody says he is doing Survivor because he needs the million dollars.

They will form a new society where they will form the rules of how this million dollar game is played. Cassidy doesn’t plan on sitting around waiting for someone else to dictate her game. Its up to them who stays and who goes. Elie says she can make people do what they don’t want to do. James wants the game to be chaotic. Owen wants this so bad. The strangers arrive on the beach and are welcomed to Survivor 43. James says he remembers Richard Hatch winning but he got really excited when Earl won. Mike “Gabler” says he is proud to be there.

Noelle first started watching when she was ten years old, she lost her leg after she applied for Survivor. Jeff says Survivor is a great fame, anybody can play. They are forced to rely on each to win and to survive on an island. Survivor is also an adventure, they will be tested in ways that they can’t imagine. He tells them to let go of expectation and just play, they will change the way the see theirselves, the way they see the world and how other people see them. The tribes are, wearing red Vesi: Cody, Justine, Nneka, Noelle, Jesse, Dwight – wearing yellow Baka: Mike, Owen, Sami, Elie, Moriah, Jeanine and in blue Coco: Geo, Lindsay, Cassidy, Karla, James, Ryan.

Time to get to their first reward challenge. Two players are going to race down the beach, retrieve and bring back two heavy wooden crates. Then two other players are going to run out into the water and pull a boat back carrying more crates. Once they have all the crates on the beach, the remaining players will use the crates to form a cube. Then, one players will hop up on top, use a bamboo pole to retrieve a flint.

First tribe to retrieve their flint wins camp supplies and it is not much. A pot, a machete and the flint. No food and no help. The two losing tribes will go to their camps and try to win their supplies a different way. The supplies don’t sound like much but it is everything right now. Coco looks like they are in first place, but they fall behind and Vesi is now in it with Dwight trying to retrieve he flint. Baka is now in it, all three times are trying to get their flint. Vesi wins the first reward, that was a big opening challenge. Great effort, but only one tribe wins. Jeff gives them maps to their new homes.

Vesi arrives at their new home, winning the first challenge sets the tone. Cody started binge watching Survivor during COVID and he realizes that has the skills to do well, he is locked and loaded. The strangers introduce themselves. Dwight has been watching the show since he was six years old. Vesi quickly realizes that nobody knows how to use a machete.

Baka arrive at their new home, they have a very positive group of people. Gabler is worried that he is much older than everyone else and believes he has to be careful with his gameplay. They quickly find out that they have to attempt to earn their supplies again, they must choose one task to complete, Savvy or Sweat.

In Savvy the entire tribe works together to solve a brain teaser but they only get one guess. In Sweat, two tribe members work together to retrieve their supplies, but it may take several hours of physical work and they will be separated from the rest of the tribe. If they fail both challenges they will not receive their tribe supplies until before the first immunity challenge. The challenge begins, they have to turn over the timer. They choose to do the challenge together, the Savvy.

At Coco, they decide to dig in Sweat, Ryan and Geo are the ones to do the physical work and it only takes them thirty minutes. At Baka they are having a hard time doing the puzzle. Sami is good at figuring things out, he shows the tribe what he thinks the solution is. They do the combination and they are right, Sami got it correct. He feels really good about solving the puzzle. He is telling the tribe he is 22, even though he is 19 and he wants to be the youngest to win this game.

At Vesi the first alliance is formed, Nneka, Cody and Jesse. At Baka, the tribe is trying to build a shelter. Owen wants to sneak off and start to strategize. Owen finds that everyone is being very guarded, later on in the game he thinks it may bite them in the back. Elie shares that she lost her sister in 2020, the last thing they spoke about was Survivor, she died of an overdose. She feels closer with Jeanine and Moriah because of that moment, sharing her story. She thinks they are a good three and she wants to play with women in the game, it feels natural.

At Coco, Cassidy starts strategizing, she wants to play like a fox, cunning and clever, she wants to be sneaky and out play. There are some loud voices on the tribe, so it helps her to stay beghind the scenes. James has the women approach him to form an alliance, he thinks it is great.

At Baka they make fire and are thrilled, Sami did it again and they call him Super Sami. Elie bonds with Gabler, she genuinely respects him, she may want to work with him.

Geo and Carla bond at Coco, they are both gay and married. He says they face challenges that nobody can understand. He plays with his heart and wants people to see who he is. He tells Carla that he likes her energy and he would love to work with her. Karla was so nervous coming into this game but no more. She is also working with Cassidy and James, she feels like she is in the middle.

Jesse grew up in LA, he was in a gang and got arrested. In juvenile hall a switch went off, he started doing things to better himself, he got accepted to Berkley. He wants to show people how far you can go if you work hard. Justine tries to build a fire and she says it is very humbling when she can’t do it, she thought she could. Thankfully, they at least have a shelter, but then it falls down on them, but the fire starts, but then goes out.

A boat arrives at Vesi tribe, and Coco and Baka. The tribes receive a note that reads, “one person must get on this boat and will return in the afternoon.” At Coco, Karla goes. Baka, Gabler goes. At Vesi, Dwight goes. The three arrive at another place on a beach, they have make their way to a giant rock and get to know each other along the way. Once they arrive they will have to make a decision.

The journey makes them walk through the water and it is super slippery, the rocks are covered in moss. They finally arrive and they have to decide if they want to risk their vote for a shot at an advantage or play it safe and take no risk. For those who risk, one player will win an advantage, the others will lose their votes at tribal council. They have to choose secretly. It’s like a game of poker, risk or no risk. It could lead to an advantage, maybe an idol. The reveal their cards and Karla decides not to risk. The other two have a fifty/fifty chance. They reach into a bag and choose their risk and have to read it when they are alone back at their tribes.

At Vesi tribe, Dwight is back and is conflicted if he lies or tells the truth. He tells the tribe he was with the other two and what they had to do. Cody doesn’t believe him, he thinks there is more to it. At Baka, Gabler also tells the truth, and he knows he could lose his vote, but it was worth the risk. Gabler won, Dwight lost. Gabler has an immunity idol for his first two tribal councils, he shares the news with his tribe.

Time for the first immunity challenge. They have to race through a series of obstacles to collect three balls. One player will then dig under a log and release a ramp. They will work together to get everyone up the ramp and over the balance beam. As players cross the beam they can untie the handle that will open the beam wider and make it easier. The first tribe to get over the beams will get their choice of three table games.

Two players will work together to maneuver balls over their table game. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote. The tribe to go to tribal council, will also lose their flint. The challenge is really messy, teams have to crawl through mud and dirt. Coco is in the lead, they have taken their selection on which game they want to do. Vesi is in second place, they choose their game. Baka is the last tribe to start their game, but it really is anyone’s win. The tribes have to land all three balls. Coco wins immunity, safe from tribal council and nobody going home.

Vesi has a new strategy and they are progressing. Sami and Gabler are doing the game for Baka and Sami keeps blaming Gabler for them not doing well. Vesi wins, they are safe. Baka is going to tribal council, looks like Gabler is going to have to use that immunity challenge. Jeff takes Baka’s flint.

Gabler tells his tribe that he is not going to hide behind his immunity idol, he is going to take a shot in the dark and see where things go. He says he should be at risk tonight because he was a part of the loss. There is a mad dash going on in the tribe. Moriah thinks she is safe but the tribe is floating her name around. Jeanine is worried if they get rid of Moriah because the guys mike pick off the women one at a time.

Night 3, time for Tribal Council. Everyone grabs a torch, dips it in and gets fire. Jeff tells them in this game, fire represents their life in the game. He asks Sami about the first few days, he says there were harmonious, it was going great, they were final six. Owen says they shared their stories, nobody wanted to put a target on themselves. Gabler says it was important to get to know everyone early.

They were supposed to win today. Moriah says they won because they all tried their best and never gave up. Sami says moral victories mean nothing, Owen says they are not attractive. Gabler says there is accountability for not winning. Sami says now they are playing the game, it is full force. Jeff says he is feeling the tension from them. Time to vote, Sami is up first. Jeff has tallied the votes, he tells everyone that now is the time to play an immunity idol if they want to, nobody does. First vote, Moriah, then Owen, Moriah, Moriah. The first person voted out of Survivor 43 is Moriah.