Survivor Recap 03/16/22: Season 42 Episode 2 “Good and Guilty”

Survivor Recap 03/16/22: Season 42 Episode 2 "Good and Guilty"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, March 16, 2021, Season 42 Episode 2 and we have your Survivor recap below. On tonight’s Survivor season, 42 episodes 2 called “Good and Guilty” as per the CBS synopsis,“An unlikely friendship forms when two castaways bond over their differences.

Also, the beware immunity idol returns, forcing castaways to consider all options before entering this unknown territory.”

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Tonights Survivor episode begins with night 3 on Ika. Tori had a huge headache for lack of food, it is only going to get worse. Day 4 on Yati, the tribe is looking for food. They found two hermit crabs but Chanelle thinks they are ugly – until they boil them in a pot. Everyone is surprised at how good it tastes.

Hai is a vegan and finds it very hard, it won’t join in eating the crab. Being in the element without food is tough, Hai has a moment. Because there is no rice, he is thinking he might have to change and not be true to himself. Hai goes ahead and eats the meat, he knows he won’t survive otherwise.

At Taku, Omar is a Muslim and shares his beliefs with the rest of the tribe. Back to Ika, it is day 4, last night Drea was thrilled to get her extra vote. There is a potential girls alliance and her advantage could make her strong. She meets with the other women and tells them about it, she loves an all girl’s alliance. Swati is not impressed with the extra vote, she thinks that it gives Drea too much power in the game. Tori has a huge sigh of relief when Swati wants to get rid of Drea, the target is not on her anymore.

Mike is working hard around camp and laying low, while searching for an immunity idol, but it is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and he does it. He found the three-way share immunity idol. A the next challenge he must say a certain phrase, once all three phrases have been said, the idol has power.

Jonathan and Omar are becoming very close, they are different and that is a good thing sometimes in this game. Jonathan says everything Omar is good at, he isn’t, together they are like the perfect human. Marya talks about her brother, he was a nurse and has since past away, she is there for him. Being on Survivor is about closure, and that for her is worth more than a million dollars.

Mike tells Jenny that he found the tri-way immunity idol, then he goes on to tell Daniel. He brings Daniel to the spot where he found it and then can’t find it again. Finally, he finds it after looking in several spots. Daniel is going to help Mike to play this, there are a lot of moving parts in this idol. Because Mike opened the idol, he has lost his vote until the merge.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. One person will be the caller, the rest of the tribe will be blinded folded and have to find three bags of puzzle pieces, once they find them they have to build their puzzle. The first tribe to complete the task also wins a massive set of fishing gear. The second tribe receives a smaller set of fishing gear. The third goes to tribal council where one member will be voted out, and they have to give up their flint.

Even when the tribes are making the puzzle, they are blindfolded. It is really neck and neck, Yati takes the win, Ika comes in second and they also get their flint back. Taku is going to tribal council and one person will be voted out. Maryanne says the tribal council is going to be like the worst first date ever, you go with all these people you like and you have to dump one of them at the end of the night.

At Taku, Jonathan tells Omar that he has his back. Jonathan doesn’t want to put Maryanne on the block, he likes her. But they are tossing up her name and Marya. They have to convince both women that they are safe so they don’t use the shot in the dark. Marya is no fool though, she is bringing her shot in the dark to tribal council. Maryanne is nervous, so she is gone to look for an idol and she gets caught by Lindsay and Marya. Omar’s heart is broken, Marya is there to find closure for her brother and he hates to send her home.

Time for Tribal Council, everyone grabs a torch and lights it, part of the ritual of tribal council. Maryanne is really nervous, one of her legs is shaking. Jonathan says that strength in this game comes in all shapes and forms. Lindsey says you have to balance out your paranoia and keep the rust you have. Maryanne says if it is her to go, she will be sad because she wants to do more. Marya says it will be very hard if Maryanne goes home but she has to stop being the mom, she needs to put herself first. Jonathan says he loves everyone, but there is a game that has to be played.

Time to vote. Maryanne learns that she has the extra vote. No immunity idols payed, but Marya wants to play her shot in the dark. Jeff opens the scroll, she is not safe. First vote, Marya, Marya, Marya – she is voted out, that is enough votes.