Survivor Recap 05/04/22: Season 42 Episode 10 “Tell A Good Lie, Not A Stupid Lie”

Survivor Recap 05/04/22: Season 42 Episode 10 "Tell A Good Lie, Not A Stupid Lie"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, May 4, 2022, season 42 episode 10 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 42 episode 10 called “Tell A Good Lie, Not A Stupid Lie” as per the CBS synopsis,“One castaway will land a win in the reward challenge, earning a chance to nurture social bonds during a pivotal moment in the game..

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Tonight’s Survivor episode begins with night 17 on Kula Kula and it is raining. Hai is happy about the way tribal went, he got Rocksroy out and Mike listened to him, he is so happy. Meanwhile, Mike is upset with himself that he let Hai control his game. Mike confides in Omar and now Omar’s plan is too severe for Mike’s relationship with Hai. Drea is happy that she still has extra vote and knowledge is power.

On day 18, Lindsay knows that when two idols are played one comes back in the game, so she is out looking for one. Maryanne is out looking for firewood and she finds another idol. She plans on keeping this one a secret for her and her alone. When playing her idol at the last tribal made her upset because she knew she was safe, and now she found another one the day after.

Time for the reward challenge and lots of the tribe are shaking from the cold rain pouring down. All they have to do today is manoevre a sandbag through a series of obstacles and land it on a target. First to finish wins a reward, hot pizza, cold beer and they will be warm and protected from the rain because they will go to the sanctuary, with blankets and pillows because they will be spending the night.

They start in the water and have to swim to the obstacle course. Jonathan is through first and this is one of the most miserable days yet weather-wise. Lindsey does it, she wins a reward out of nowhere. Jeff tells her the boat will pick her up, she can choose one person to join her. She takes Omar because he hasn’t had a reward yet. She asks Jeff if she can bring another, and she chooses Mike. Lindsey chooses the two people who she wants to discuss strategy with, so it is a win-win for her.

Hai is not happy to not go on the reward, but he knows how worse it can be having come from Vietnam. They are so close to the finish line and that is what gets him through another day. Lindsey is signaling to Hai that she wants Jonathan out next and he is on board.

The three are enjoying their pizza when they start hearing voices, and it is their loved ones speaking and their photos on the trees, then a video. It just wasn’t food for their stomachs, it was food for the soul. Omar says he is so thankful for this night with them. He goes on to say, Hai told him that Mike will do anything he says, he is his puppet. Mike says he is a liar. Omar lied, Hai never did that, it’s all gameplay. Mike says he believes him, it makes sense.

Lindsey tells them that she wants to work with them. She reveals that she, Hai, and Drea have an amulet that they can use together and they get an extra vote if they all agree to use it. Mike says Hai needs to go and he can’t see it coming.

Time for the immunity challenge. Today they are going to stand on a narrow perch while balancing a ball on a wood bow. At regular intervals, they will move farther down to make it more difficult. The winner will be guaranteed a spot in the final seven. Mike is first out, then Hai. Romeo drops. Omar is out, it is down to four. They move down to the next section after five minutes. Maryanne drops. Drea is out. It is down to Lindsey and Jonathan. On to the most difficult part of the beam, it is really hard to find their footing and balance. Jonathan is down, and Lindsey wins immunity. Mike is happy Lindsey won, but he is happier that Hai didn’t win.

Mike joes to Jonathan and tells him that Hai wants to get him out, but he wants to surprise Hai and send him home. Drea wants Hai to go, then her amulet becomes a steal-a-vote with Lindsey. Looks like it is unanimous to get rid of Hai, so Lindsey is going to go with that and not risk the boat. Hai speaks to Jonathan and tells him that he knows he is nervous, but he is not going home. Hai tells him that he will play his hidden immunity idol on him so he doesn’t go anywhere, they will send Romeo home. Amar is conflicted, Hai is loyal to him so maybe he should take out Jonathan who wins more challenges than anyone else.

At tribal council, Jeff asks if there was any fallout over her winning the challenge and who she took with her, she says no.

Time to vote, no immunity idols are played. The first vote is for Hai, then Jonathan, Jonathan, Hai, Hai, Hai, Hai, Eleventh person voted out, Hai.