Survivor Recap 09/28/22: Season 43 Episode 2 “Lovable Curmudgeon”

Survivor Recap 09/28/22: Season 43 Episode 2 "Lovable Curmudgeon"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, September 28, 2022, season 43 episode 2 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 43 episode 2 called “Lovable Curmudgeon,” as per the CBS synopsis, “An unexpected storm hit hard and fast and kept tribes shivering all night in their shelters.

Also, one castaway puts their tribe at risk of going to tribal council after failing to pull their weight in the challenge, on a special 90-minute episode of SURVIVOR.

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Tonight’s Survivor episode begins with Owen, he didn’t like that his name was written down at Tribal Council, but thankfully, he wasn’t sent home. Owen says it is a trust experiment. That night, a storm comes in and the tribes endure the wet weather. The next morning Sami says that was one of the roughest nights. Sleeping is not happening while you are wet. They were not prepared, they are all pushing their physical boundaries. Gabler is running out of steam, he is extremely nauseous. He is a strong man, he won’t do them any good if he is lying on the ground. Stabler is worried because he needs rest and he knows if he keeps resting he is going to become a liability in the game.

Dwight is looking for an advantage, he is working with Jesse, and they have a good sense of unity. Jesse says Dwight could be his island wife. Dwight likes Jesse but he thinks he is playing a good social game with everyone in his tribe, except for Cody, they have never talked game. Cody actually is just enjoying the island, and having fun. Jesse feels like he connects with everyone in the tribe except for Justine. She lives in a city over where he grew up but he feels like they are different people.

Geo has gone through so many struggles in life, he kind of always knew he was gay, that he was different. At 18 he came out to his parents, and their dreams came down crashing, he wasn’t what they wanted him to be. His parents didn’t agree with him, and they told him to leave the house, he went into a homeless stage. He considered not continuing his life, but he had to look at the positive. Geo and Ryan feel like they have known each other before Survivor. They work well together, if they can take control, they can go pretty far, and they can be a good duo.

Cody is happy he got to meet Noelle, her losing her leg is a story and he is interested. In high school, his best friend lost his leg, and he is up in heaven now. He says he has been crazy his whole life, but his friend dying of cancer changed him. When Devon died he realized that life was pretty fragile.

Sami says the guys have to work together at Baka, he is worried about an all-girl alliance.

Time for the Immunity Challenge, immunity is back up for grabs. The tribe mates are going to dive into the ocean and get to a tall cage. They then have to get up and over it to release a very heavy snake. They have to get that snake out of the cage and drag it to shore, on a table where they will release number tiles. They will use those tiles to solve a combination lock. Then two players will solve a massive Survivor puzzle. The first two tribes to finish win immunity. The first tribe to finish wins a complete Survivor fishing kit. The second team will win a smaller fishing kit. The losing team will go to Tribal Council and lose their flint.

Baka gets an early lead, they are making their puzzle first. Coco is being them with Vesi in last place so far. They catch up, but if they are not quick puzzle makers they are going to Tribal Council. We’ve got a challenge, Coco and Baka are side by side, piece by piece. Vesi is still working in slow motion. Baka wins immunity and is safe from Tribal Council. Coco is in second place, they are also safe from Tribal Council. Someone on the Vesi tribe is going to be eliminated.

At Vesi everyone is talking about who to vote out and Nneka’s name is being thrown out. She has been great around camp but she didn’t pull her weight in the challenge. Noelle thinks they should vote out Nneka. After the challenge, it was a very different vibe back at camp. Nneka feels the pressure and hopes the relationships she made in the tribe keep her past the vote.

Baka tribe is thrilled, they love their fishing gear and can’t wait to fish. Elie feels proud of herself. Growing up she had ADHD and Dyslexia. She grew up being told she was dumb. A doctoral degree and she still doesn’t think she is smart enough. Solving the puzzle today gave her a lot of confidence. Gabler has spearfishing experience, so he is in charge. Although, he has never used a Hawaiian sling. If he goofs up, he could lose the spear.

At Vesi the plan is still to get Nneka out. If she plays her shot in the dark, they will take out Cody. Meanwhile, Jesse and Cody are speaking about getting rid of Justine, she seems smart and calculating. She told Jesse that she has a good lying face. Jesse thinks she is scary. Dwight seems to be more on the girl’s side, but Jesse doesn’t want that. Cody and Jesse go and speak to Nneka and tell her that the tribe is coming after her. Cody goes out to look for an idol and just when he is about to give up, he finds a Beware advantage. Cody has to convince all his tribe mates to give him a bead off their bags and bring them to the tribal council or he loses his vote.

Nneka. In the end, Cody cleverly gets the beads from everyone except for Noelle who is using them as a bracelet and doesn’t want to give them up. Time for tribal council, Cody wears his hat that he made and put the beads around it. Justine says she could be going home, she sees the team broken up into pairs of two. Dwight doesn’t have a vote, he lost it and shares that with Jeff.

Time to vote, Justine is up first. Jeff is ready to read the votes, Justine, Neka, Cody, Justine, and Justine. Nobody plays an immunity idol.

Justine is the second person voted out of Survivor 34.

Dwight turns to Jesse and says “you did it.” Jesse says he is sorry and they will talk later.