Survivor Recap 10/26/22: Season 43 Episode 6 “Mergatory”

Survivor Recap 10/26/22: Season 43 Episode 6 "Mergatory"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 26, 2022, season 43 episode 6 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 43 episode 6 called “Mergatory,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The game intensifies when the tribes meet each other at the same camp. Also, castaways must scramble and strategize before the tribal council to avoid being the sixth person voted out.

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Tonight’s Survivor episode begins with day 12 on Coco, they gave tree mail and the game is about to change, they have to drop their buffs and get into a boat. Karla doesn’t think the merge is going to come easy. Ryan is excited, he is a free agent now, it’s perfect timing. Vesi gets their tree mail and are packing their things up. Baka is waiting for the two tribes to arrive on boats. Jeanine is so excited, she has been eating for this moment.

Cody can’t believe how everyone is lying, they are all foes and acting like they are best friends on the beach. Noelle doesn’t know what to think, she doesn’t have a buff yet and is scared to death about what’s coming next Owen wishes he knew who had an idol and who had an advantage. He knows that Gabler has an idol good for one more tribal council, Jeanine has an idol and no vote, Jesse has no vote, Noelle has a steal-a-vote, and Coco, someone could have an idol, but he doesn’t know. (Cody and Karla both have an idol).

Elie knows that Cody has the idol because Noelle talked about Cody having all the beads on a hat. Elie thinks she was made for Survivor, she is way better than she thought.

We are no longer in the tribe stage of the game. They have to earn their buff, for today’s challenge they are going to divide into two teams of six. On Jeff’s go, they are going to race to move a heavy pile of debris to reveal a sled. Drag that sled through different stations collecting large wooden crates along the way. When they have all six crates they will use them to build a staircase to retrieve a ring of keys. They work together to get up a very steep ramp to the finish where they will solve a Survivor word puzzle. The first team to finish safe tonight at Tribal council, earn the merge buff and a meal. Losers have no buff, no food, and no immunity, and they will have to survive Tribal council to get their buff. Everyone is going to Tribal council and everyone is voting.

There are thirteen people. Each will draw rocks, there is a lighter red, blue or grey. The blue team is Gabler, Jesse, Ryan, Jeanine, Dwight, and Karla. The red team is Cassidy, James, Elle, Sami, Owen, and Cody. Noelle picked the grey rock and she has to choose which team she wants to be on, but she doesn’t get to compete. She chooses the blue team, they will decide her feat when they compete. The red team is faster than the blue who has Karla and she slowed them down trying to get up the ramp. Remarkably the blue team wins, it’s a big comeback for them.

James asks Cody to go off and talk with him and it doesn’t sit well with Elie she wants one of them to go home, and her plan is to speak to the old Vesi and get them to work with her. Elie tells James it is Cody that is going to go home, he doesn’t trust her but wants her to think he is on her side.

Ryan street stalking the blue team on how they should be a final seven. After they all keep talking and Gabler throws out Elie’s name, their trust has been broken since day three.

Elie finds out that Gabler threw her name out there and she confronts him. He says she went threw her bag on day three, but she denies it. She says she wants to stay Baka strong and he put her on the chopping block. Gabler tells her that Owen and Sami told him that she searched his bag, she runs right to them and demands that they clear her name. Sami thinks Elie is a threat and she should go.

Time for the Tribal council, six people still have to get to the merge. Gabler says there was strategy talk, but then everything exploded, it was complete chaos, Cody says it was a dust storm.

Gabler says some people have idols and advantages, it’s tough, to know if you have to use it or not. James says he trusts who he trusts and has to depend on that.

Time to vote, Jeanine is first and she finds out that she lost her vote for risking it, James votes for Elie, no surprise. No immunity idols are played.

The first vote is for Elie, then James, Owen, Cassidy, James, Elie, Elie, Elie, Elie.

Elie is the sixth person to be voted out.

Elie’s final words, “ya’ll see what trust Gabler gives you.” He says, right back at you.

The rest have all made the merge, and the game continues.