Survivor Recap 11/16/22: Season 43 Episode 9 “What About the Big Girls”

Survivor Recap 11/16/22: Season 43 Episode 9 "What About the Big Girls"

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 16, 2022, season 43 episode 9 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 43 episode 9 called “What About the Big Girls,” as per the CBS synopsis, “In a shocking double tribal council, two castaways are blindsided. Also, a revenge plan begins to brew around camp after several castaways were left out of the last tribal council vote.

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Tonight’s Survivor episode begins with Sami, he is ready to shake up the game. Owen is the only one who was left out of the voting strategy. Owen is ticked off because he knew nothing. James is the one that wanted Owen left out, and Owen says he is not the Godfather. When they return to camp from Tribal Council, Owen doesn’t want to talk to James.

Day 17, time for the immunity challenge. In today’s challenge, they are going to hold on to a handle, clamping a ball between a set of jaws. At any point, they lower the handle, the ball drops and they are out. There are ten players, they are going to split into two teams of five one player on each team will win immunity.

Both groups will go to Tribal Council separately and vote someone out. Two winners, and two people going home. The last person standing for the whole challenge wins a reward for their team of five. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and they go to Tribal Council second, so they get to see what happens to the first team of five. On one side we have Cassidy, Jesse, Gabler, Ryan, and Cody. On the other, Owen, Sami, Noelle, Karla, and James.

Jesse is the first one to drop the ball. Cassidy is out, their team is down to three until Noelle drops. James is frustrated, he is out, then Gabler. Owen is out, the rest are holding on now for ten minutes and it must feel like ten hours. Sami is out, Karla wins for her team, and she has won immunity but she could still win the reward.

Karla is out, she will get immunity. Now, it is up to Cody and Ryan, side by side. Immunity is on the line. If you lose your concentration for a nanosecond, you are done. Cody is out, and Ryan has won immunity.

Cody has won PB&J for Cassidy, Hesse, Gabler, Noelle, and Karla.

Back at camp, the talk is to get rid of Owen. James tries to speak to him but Owen feels like he is reaching his breaking point with him. This is a super crucial vote, with people starting to think about their final five and final three. Cody wants to work with Gabler, and vice versa. Meanwhile, Noelle wants to backdoor James and Owen is thrilled.

At the first tribal council, Karla says she has immunity but she doesn’t know who is telling the truth and who is lying. Time to vote, Noelle plays her steal a vote, she steals Owen’s vote and she gets to vote twice because of that. The first vote is for Owen, then James, James, James. James is voted out, and he tells the team good move, he is clearly shocked and his final words are, we’ll see how far you all get now.

The next team is up at Tribal Council. With only five people, everyone is concerned. Time to vote, no immunity idols are played. The first vote is for Cassidy, then Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. Ryan is voted out.