The Amazing Race Recap 02/02/22: Season 33 Episode 6 “Say Cheese”

The Amazing Race Recap 02/02/22: Season 33 Episode 6 "Say Cheese"

Tonight the CBS series The Amazing Race airs with an all-new Wednesday, February 2, 2022, season 33 episode 6 and we have your The Amazing Race recap below. In tonight’s season, 33 episode 6 called, “Say Cheese,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Teams race through Switzerland, where Racers bungee jump over 700 feet off the Verzasca Dam.”

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Tonight’s Big Brother episode begins with Ryan & Dusty, they arrived first in the last leg and won a trip from Travelocity. All the teams are travelling in a chartered plane to the French island of Corsica. After touching down, teams will make their way to the capital city of Corsica called Corte where they will start this leg of the race at Pont Altiani, an ancient Roman bridge. Teams must find the spectacular Belvedere de Corte, a 700 year old citadel overlooking the city of Corte, they will find their next clue and a canister of goat’s milk which they will need for the Detour.

Akbar & Sheri have a new game plan on this leg, they want to be more in synch. Ryan & Dusty arrive at get their next clue, a Detour. In “Say Cheese,” teams will take part in a time honored tradition of making cheese, they have to make three baskets. Mules are often described as stubborn and uncooperative, teams need to rely on them to complete this side of the detour. In “Mule, Please” after strapping their canister on a harness, they must make their way on a rugged trail with their mule to Lac du Menu, a fromagerie. If they make it without spilling their milk, they will get their next clue.

It seems like most of the teams choose “Say Cheese” because they are worried that the mules might act up and spill the milk. Although, Kim & Penn decided to do the mule and they are having problems tightening the belts and its slows them down a bit, but they do it and might be moving themselves into first place. Kim & Penn get their next clue, they must make their way to Verghellu Canyon Altipiani and search for their next clue.

Ryan & Dusty who were the first ones to start making cheese, and they are still making it. Lulu & Lala are the first team to finish making the cheese. Raquel & Cayla are the only other team to do the mule, and they have finished as well – the were a little behind because they kept putting on the harness upside down. Ryan & Dusty are struggling and all the other teams love it because they are the team to beat. Akbar & Sheri are done making cheese, so are Arun & Natalia. Ryan & Dusty decide to switch challenges after spending forty minutes trying to make cheese.

Ryan & Dusty are having a feeling of despair and know that they need to get their mule to carry the goat milk as fast as possible. Meanwhile, Kim & Penn are in first place and they have their next clue, it’s a Roadblock, “who wants to make a splash?” To complete the challenge teams must slip and slide their way down a one and half mile river and look for a clue along the way. Penn decides to do it for his team. Between the natural waterfalls and cannon balls, there is a clue somewhere. Coming out of a cave, Penn sees the clue. Ryan & Dusty are finally finished with their mule and on their way to the Roadblock.

The next stop for teams is the Pit Stop, but first they have to pump up kayaks and make their way through the water to Cardiccia Dam, the last team to find Phil may be eliminated. Akbar is having a hard time waking to the water to begin the Detour, Arun passes him. Lulu found the clue, Raquel didn’t and Lulu showed her where it was. That might come back to bite her later on in the game and it did. Raquel finishes up fist and doesn’t wait for Lulu.

Kim & Penn inflated their kayak and are on their way to find Phil. Meanwhile, Akbar is having a hard time, so Ryan & Dusty just may be able to catch up yet. Ryan is actually just behind Akbar, he’s got his shot to out race him and every step could mean the difference between Ryan & Dusty going home. Ryan finishes the Detour before Akbar, Sheri is worried because they are now in last place.

Kim & Penn are in first place, they have won five thousand dollars each that they can enjoy after the race. Even though Akbar & Sheri are in last place, they are not giving up. Raquel & Cayla are team number two. Ryan & Dusty are team number three, they made a wrong choice, but they stayed positive. Arun & Natalia are team number four. Lulu & Lala are team number five. Akbar & Sheri are the last team to arrive and they are eliminated from the race.