The Bachelor Clayton Echard Recap 01/10/22: Season 26 Episode 2

The Bachelor 2021 Clayton Echard airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, January 10, 2022, season 26 episode 2 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 26 episode 2 as per the ABC synopsis, “Clayton moves forward in his journey to find love with the 22 incredible women who remain. After moving into the Bachelor Mansion for the first time since the pandemic began, these eligible singles are ready to kick off a week of dates!

On the season’s first group date, celebrity guest Hilary Duff enlists the help of the ladies to throw a dream Beverly Hills birthday party, but when one woman is more interested in spending time with Clayton than the kids, the others have strong feelings to share. Later, one lucky lady flies high with Clayton on the first one-on-one date featuring a surprise musical performance by Amanda Jordan.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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Tonights The Bachelor episode begins with the day after the first Rose Ceremony and Clayton is thrilled, so much is happening in such a short period of time and he is ready to start the journey to find his soulmate.

Jesse goes to see the women, he introduces himself to them as the host of The Bachelor, and gives them the first date card. This one is for Teddi, Ency, Melina, Gabby, Kira, Sierra, Genevieve, Serene, Cassidy, “this is what dreams are made of.” Clayton takes the women to a Beverly Hills mansion where outside there are children jumping in a bouncy castle. Hilary Duff comes out and apologizes for the kids and says they are amped out on sugar. Clayton introduces Hilary to the women. Hilary says that she is a Bachelor super fan and she is thrilled to be there. It is Mia’s birthday and they want to throw her the birthday party of her dreams, and Hilary want the women’s help setting up to give the kids the best day.

The women were assigned to different tasks; Gabby and Cassidy were assigned to build a doll house when Gabby is doing it by herself and Cassidy is sitting down enjoying a cold drink and she really doesn’t care about the party, she is there to date Clayton. Cassidy goes to get Clayton and takes over to the pool and they sit down with their feet in it. Cassidy has a lot of confidence and tells him that she really likes him and she doesn’t think she is going anywhere. She leans into him and starts making out with him beside the pool. Melena does an amazing job interacting with the children as a clown; everyone seems like they are interacting with the kids – except for Cassidy who goes over to talk to Hilary and tells her that she feels like she has a good connection with Clayton.

Meanwhile, Hilary says she knows exactly what Cassidy is doing, she has her eye on the prize, but she doesn’t think she is going to gain any friends there for her behaviour. Cassidy comes out with the cake and is goofing around, she drops it. Genevieve looks a little sad, she made it and she wanted it to be special for Maya. After the kids leave, Cassidy and Clayton go back to the pool and start making out again. Cassidy thinks it has been an amazing day, she loved talking to Hilary and making out with Clayton twice.

Time for the evening with Clayton, everyone is dressed up and make a toast with Clayton. Serene is the first one to sit down with Clayton, because she is a teacher, the day was a lot of fun for her. They talk for a bit and Clayton says he can’t wait any long to kiss her and he leans in. Meanwhile, the other ladies are talking and the single group rose is on the table, Cassidy tells them that she is extremely confident that Clayton is going to give her the rose.

Gabby tells Cassidy that she wasn’t pulling her way with the decorating, Cassidy says she is not there to decorate she is there to date with Clayton. Cassidy says she is not going to apologize for not hanging up streamers. Clayton next sits with Teddy and she is someone he has strong feelings for, he gave her the first impression rose. She tells him that she is going to need a lot of validation from him moving forward because it is crazy being there and dating him with all the other women.

The next date card arrives, this one is for Susie, “let’s take out love to new heights.” Susie can’t believe that she got the first one-on-one, she is nervous and wants to know what his personality is, is he going to like her, her personality, her humour.

Cassidy is positive that she is getting the group date rose, she goes to spend more time with him and while she is gone the women start talking about her, and she is not making any friends in the house. Clayton tells Cassidy that she made every effort to spend time with him and he loves it. Clayton joins all the women and tells them that it was a great day and even better night. He picks up the group date rose and he tells Serene how intentional she was with all their interactions, Cassidy showed that she was there for him and it meant a whole lot to him. In the end, he gives Cassidy the group date rose and the other women do not look happy. Clayton gets up and says goodnight to the women. Genevieve is clearly not happy about Cassidy getting the group date rose. Mara feels like she is back in college, she doesn’t know why Cassidy is getting to her. Cassidy says the rose smells like victory and she doesn’t feel like the other women are competition.

Time for Susie’s date with Clayton, they go in a helicopter, the rest of the ladies are outside and they are so jealous. Rachel is a pilot, she says it should have been her and it is rough to see. On the date, they talk and both like dancing, Clayton says he has a wiggle. Clayton loves his date, he is feeling it with Susie, he loves her humble nature and her vibe. They fly over the ocean and she tells him that this is the coolest. All of a sudden, the landing gear comes out and they land on a yacht. They get out, go in the yacht and pop a bottle of champagne, he tells her that he is so happy that he picked her for the date. Next, they go in the hot tub and tells her this is boogie, not his usual Saturday plans. Next, they jump off the yacht into the water and go for a swim.

Clayton and Susie end their night with a private concert from Amanda Jordan singing, “I choose you.” Clayton tells Susie that the date could not have gone better, he gives her the one-on-one rose. Back at the mansion, Cassidy is drilling Shanae on how to act if is on the next group date so she gets the group date rose. The group date card arrives; Kim, Marlena, Elizabeth, Kate, Sarah, Lyndsey, Rachel, Tessa, Shanae, “I don’t want anything to stand in the way of our love.” Jill is reduced to tears, she left her friends, her family and cat, she can’t believe she didn’t get chosen.

On the group date, Clayton tells the women that he has enlisted someone’s help to see if they are there for the right reasons. They proceed to go inside a building that looks like a classroom and Ziwe, she is a really popular comedian. Shanae is upset that she didn’t get the seat beside Clayton. Ziwe says they are there to talk about relationship red flags. Ziwe is known for asking some very tough questions. Next, the women have to participate in a red flag onstacle course and Ziwe tells them to fight like they were on the beaches of Normandy. Of the tasks is to drink milk and Shanae cannot get the bottle open. During one part, Shanae pushes Elizabeth down hard and she is not happy about it. Shanae doesn’t end up winning, Sarah does, and the looks she is giving are scary.

Later in the evening, Clayton says he really enjoyed his day and he is looking forward to getting to know them on a deeper level. He makes a toast, to a wonderful and even more insightful night. Elizabeth grabs Clayton first, Shanae is pissed.

Shanae finally has time with Clayton and she tells him that there are red flags in the house – one particular person, Elizabeth. She tells him that she is two-faced and he doesn’t know if she is there for the right reasons. He tells her that if that is the case it is frustrating. Clayton is taken aback, he kissed Elizabeth and connected with her, he didn’t see that. So, next Clayton speaks to Elizabeth. Shanae lied because this is a competition and she wants to win. The other women felt the black cloud over Clayton’s head. Clayton tells Elizabeth that it was brought to his attention that there are problems with her and Shanae and that she is coming across two-faced and that she is acting a certain way.

He doesn’t know what all that means or what is going on, but he wants to know her side of the story. Elizabeth says nothing happened, in fact Shanae pushed her today and she didn’t bring that to Clayton because she is not hear for that, she is there for a relationship with him. He thanks her. Elizabeth returns and asks Shanae if they can talk. Elizabeth tells her that she is upset with her, Shanae tells her that she wasn’t looking at her when she was talking to her and she is two faced. Elizabeth says that she pushed her and she doesn’t think that was right. Shanae said that her feelings were hurt.

Clayton returns to all the women and holds the group date rose in his hand, he tells Shanae that he is thankful that she can talk and open up to him, it is important in relationships. He tells Sarah that she is there for the right reasons and it means a lot to him that he can sense that he really does appreciate it. He gives the group date rose to Sarah.

Time for the cocktail party, Clayton feels good, there is no drama and he spending time with some of the women who didn’t get to go on dates. Shanae calls Elizabeth to go outside with her to have a chat. Shanae keeps making fun of Elizabeth for having ADHD. Shanae goes to the women and starts to complain, they tell her that she should apologize to Elizabeth. Even Cassidy thinks Shanae is acting like a jerk and she was friends with her. The other women are on Elizabeth’s side, but they hope there is no more drama. Cassidy goes to spend time with Clayton and tells him that she will endure whatever she has to, she is crushing on him big time. They say they like each other and then they kiss.

Clayton loves how Cassidy is assertive and vulnerable. Clayton says that this is as good as a night as he could have asked for. Little does he know about the drama. Sierra thinks Clayton needs to all about Cassidy, when they first got there Cassidy told her earlier that day, she has a guy she has been hooking up with back home, he is a few years younger than her, he facetimed her at the hotel, the guy was like when you get back we will watch the show together. Sierra is the one that is going to tell him, because she thinks if she doesn’t then she is part of the problem – she calls Cassidy a snake.

Sierra goes to speak to Clayton, she tells him that she is going to be frank and rip the Bandaid off, Clayton has a friend with benefits that she has had for a long time, and she facetimed him just before the show – he told her that he wanted to do nasty things with her when she got back. Clayton says that he is going to take time to think about this. He is shocked, he gave her a rose and for this to come out now, it is a very big shock. Sierra asks to speak to Cassidy next, she says that she told him who she is.

Jesse goes to see Clayton, he asks him if anyone ever taken a rose back before.