The Blacklist Recap 01/20/22: Season 9 Episode 9 “Boukman Baptiste”

The Blacklist Recap 01/20/22: Season 9 Episode 9 "Boukman Baptiste"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new Thursday, January 20, 2022, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 9 called, “Boukman Baptiste”,  as per the NBC synopsis, “A spate of coordinated attacks on Red’s lieutenants puts Dembe in imminent danger, prompting him to relive the events that led him to join the FBI two years earlier.”

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Tonight’s The Blacklist episode begins with the night Liz died, Dembe whisked Red away and at Red’s command, lost Ressler who ended up in a multi-vehicle accident. Then, Red arrives home, he has a blank look on his face, Dembe covers him with a blanket. The next morning, Dembe wakes up, he has the blanket on him and Red is gone.

Fast forward to present day, Red thinks he is being evaluated and tells Marvin. He says, Hess, Ray and Colby; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, three hits on three days – he tells him that he is out of touch, he should know this already and he has to get his ducks in a row.

Red stops by Cooper’s house with Weecha. He tells Cooper that he is under attack. In the past week a strike team has taken out three key members of his organization. He is not there for his sympathy. He polices his own business and he needs Cooper’s help. The attacks were surgical and require an insightful knowledge of Red’s organization and he doesn’t know in which direction it is coming. And one more thing, he won’t work with Dembe again, he will have to be replaced. Cooper wants to know why and Red tells him to ask Dembe himself, maybe when he finds out he won’t want work with him either.

Cooper goes to the task force and tells them that Red needs their help, he is under attack and doesn’t have a name or a motive. Just this, three victims in three days. Dembe knew them, good people, they were top people working in operations. Cooper tells Dembe that Red wants to kick him off the case.

Dembe says it is because Red thinks that he could have stopped Liz getting killed. Vandyke was following them and if he was paying attention he would have known. Cooper tells Dembe that he is not kicked off. Dembe shows a map of Red’s operations. Everything with Red is need to know, but after Liz, Red couldn’t function and Dembe had to take over, that is how he knows everything.

Then we see a man in a car with a child, he is turning the corner when two cars come straight at him, armed men get out and start shooting. The man tries to get away, to know avail.

At the port of Baltimore, Red’s only port of entry on the eastern seaboard took out three of his port managers, and safe to say they will take out a fourth and Dembe believes it will be a man named Reginald. Too late though, they already have him and show him a photo of Dembe, the man doesn’t want to answer and gets shot in the leg.

Marvin is sitting with Red, he tells him that Reginald is awall so the east coast is shut down. Marvin asks him if he values his council, Red says yes. Marvin tells him that he lost his mind, the world is falling apart around him and all he can think about is his ex lover who looked at some dead flowers and said kumbaya. Red says she is not his ex, he is just resolving details about Liz’s death.

Marvin’ thinks back to being on a private jet with Dembe and he says there are too many moving against them and they have to put them down or others will follow. Starting with Baptiste who is in Texas meeting with other turncoats. Red may have picked Liz, but they both know that Dembe is Red’s natural successor.

Back to Marvin and Red, Red tells him to call Mary Beth and tell her to stay home with her newborn. If Reginald Lawler is not answering, it is because he has been captured, if not killed. And, he is wrong about Dembe’s abilities. If they are just thinking that Reginald has been targeted now, Dembe has already realized it.

Ressler and Dembe are at the port, they see some men with Reginald tied to the chair and he still won’t give up Dembe who realizes this is not about Red, it is about him – then he gets knocked on the head.

This has to do with the boy, who was ten years-old, who ended up dying in the car with his father when shots were fired at them, and one of the shooters was Dembe. The man who is now revealed as Baptiste, has a gun to Dembe’s head and all of a sudden Ressler starts shooting and Dembe is able to try and get away.

Baptiste gets away, but Reginald is fine but tells them that Isabella is going to be targeted.

Isabella is walking down the street, looking for her keys in her purse. Dembe and Ressler are on their way. They arrive at the house and there is no sign of Isabella, but a cell phone is left along with a phone number written on the table. Dembe calls the number, Baptiste hands Isabella the phone and she desperately calls out to her father. Dembe offers to sell out Red in exchange for Isabella and he is serious.

Red is with Cooper, Dembe walks in and tells them that Baptists has Isabella. Red says he is sorry. Dembe makes it clear that he is no longer protecting Red, he is protecting himself moving forward.

Dembe goes to see Marvin who says right away that he knows that he had nothing to do with Liz’s death. Dembe says thank you, then he asks for whole bunch of information about Red. Dembe pulls out his gun and he says he says he has no thoughts of patching things up with Red, he need the information because his daughter’s life depends on it.

Ressler tells Red that Dembe went to Marvin to get damaging information from Marvin in exchange for his daughter. Red calls Dembe and tells him to put Marvin on the phone. Marvin tells Red that he wants tier 1 names. Red authorizes to give them to him to save Isabella.

Dembe meets with Baptiste and gives him the information, but Baptists lets Dembe suffer a little longer. There is a man with a machine gun pointed at Isabella’s head, she asks Dembe if he kills Baptiste’s son. Dembe begs Baptiste to let her go, killing her will solve nothing. Baptiste says this is not just about revenge, this is about power, this is about taking what he is owed.

All of a sudden the lights go out, the bright lights of vehicles move in front of them and both Baptists and his man is taken down, Weecha is there to save the day.

Dembe goes to see Red, Marvin and Weecha are there. Red shows him information about Vandyke’s whereabouts on the day of Liz’s death, someone tipped him off where she was going to be. Red apologizes to Dembe for abandoning him, no matter what happened he shouldn’t have done that. Dembe apologizes about the letter, Red says that is done and maybe it gave Liz peace. Moving forward, Red wants to work with Dembe in peace.

Red then goes to spend time with Agnes, he reads her a book before bed.

Dembe goes to see Isabella, he tells her that all he wants to do is protect her and he put her in arms way instead. She tells him that she is going away, and she doesn’t want to tell him where for her own safety, for now. Dembe is then seen reading to his grand-daughter.