The Blacklist Recap 03/18/22: Season 9 Episode 12 “The Chairman”

The Blacklist Recap 03/18/22: Season 9 Episode 12 "The Chairman"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Friday, March 18, 2022, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 12 called, “The Chairman,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The Task Force pursues their latest target, the Chairman, who operates a dark web stock market trading shares of criminal organizations. Red takes extreme measures to locate a tracking device, which sends Ressler into a spiral. Cooper makes contact with his blackmailer.”

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Tonight’s The Blacklist episode begins with a group of people sitting at a table, the chairman tells the people they broke a blood oath, so he is going to cut off some of their fingers. Beth is first, they start from the pinky and cut off three fingers.

Cooper is at home, Sloan is there and Cooper is talking about Agnes and her bunny. He tells Sloan that they have to find out what happened to the bartender and if they cops can’t help them, then they have to do it.

Cooper goes to see Reddington who tells him that Liz’s body has to be exhumed. Cooper says she is resting in peace and he intends to keep it that way. Reddington tells him about the night market, the stock market for criminals. He wants them to bring it down, the man in charge is the chairman, he is a one man judge, jury and executioner. Reddington tells Cooper Liz can’t rest in peace, she is dead and they need answers.

Cooper meets with the task force about the night market, they would basically have to take down the whole internet to stop it. The only way to bring down the market is to get to the chairman. Ressler tells Cooper that he wants answers too, but he does not want to disturb Liz’s remains.

Atlantic City, in a hotel room, a women betrays a member of the night market, finds herself hit on the head and rolled in a carpet. She put her life at risk o go undercover and now she is dead. She has a sister, the task are aware that she is missing.

Sloan goes to see Cooper and asks him if he found Agnes’ bunny. Sloan gives him a possible lead to the bartender.

Dembe and Ressler meet with the woman’s sister, she says she told her sister to get out, the guy she was with as a thug. She tells him that the guy had another girlfriend, Felicia, and she is a dealer.

Aram goes under cover as a worker in the hotel delivering food to Felicia’s room, he plants a bug and discovers a little girl under the table. She sees the bug and asks him what it is, he says it is a magic trick and if it work, Mr. Dibiasi (the thug) will disappear.

Cooper is at Liz’s grave, Reddington is there as well. Reddington asks him why they talk to the dead, Cooper says they are not gone, as long as they are with them. Cooper tells him he is going to get a court order, if they are going to do this, they are going to do it the right way.

Reddington finds the bunny. Liz’ body is exhumed – they find the tracker inside her. Ressler is furious that they dug her up, Cooper tells him that Liz would have wanted them to do this to find out who is responsible for her death.

Dibiasi sets up Felicia at a hit, Dembe and Ressler arrive their and save her getting hit in the crossfire. He agrees to meet her, bring her daughter Lilly and when he does, the task force arrests him.

The chairman finds the bug that Aram planted, he is done with Dibiasi– he tells his henchman to clean the place up, remove everything about the night market. Meanwhile, Dibiasi won’t talk.

Aram is going over the tracker that was inside of Liz, he still doesn’t have any info on it. Cooper tells Reddington that Dibiasi won’t talk. Reddington says so what, tell the world he is talking, it will flush out the chairman. Reddington wants him to lie through his teeth at a press conference.

The chairman watches Cooper in his press conference, he tells his cronies to call a meeting of the board members, it is a trick, he knows Dibiasi didn’t talk.

Cooper gets a call, the person says that Andrew Kennison has to go away.

Cooper calls Reddington because his stock is going up and everything else is going down, he tells him he used inside information. Reddington tells him the market is teetering, he just needs to find the chairman. And, a meeting is being called, that is where to find him.

At the meeting, Reddington is one of the people there. The Chairman tells them that Dibiasi didn’t talk, they started a rumour. Reddington says he will put twenty five million in the markets tomorrow to calm nerves, but he wants the name of the lead investor in his company. The chairman says no, Reddington ups the amount to thirty five million and the chairman won’t do it. Reddinfton says he has hear enough and said enough, he leaves.

Cooper tells Sloan about Andrew Kennison, that someone wants him to make him disappear, he is a nobody. Reddington calls Cooper and gives him the address of the meeting and tells him to bring backup. The chairman says out loud, Dibiasi did talk.

Cooper goes to see Andrew Kennison and tells him that his life is in danger, the guy is shocked and thinks it is a joke – but he goes with Cooper.

Dembe is interrogating the chairman.

Cooper goes to see Reddington in his trailer. Reddington says that after Liz died he let a lot of things go, streams of income. When he came back he was illiquid. This is why he turned to the night market. Someone has a strangle hold on him, the largest investor in his company.

It’s dark, Park finds Ressler at Liz’s grave, he tells her not to worry, he didn’t fall off the wagon. She tells him that he has to learn how to take life’s punches and not slip. She brought Dembe and Aram with her, they all care about him. They all made mistakes, and the are there for him, Park tells him that he can’t slay demons alone. Next, a herst pulls up with Liz’s body, they are going to put it back and Aram tells him to do it for her.

Cooper gives Agnes back her bunny, she is thrilled to have it again. Cooper tells her that Reddington is her grandfather, she wants to know the story. They sit down at the table over ice cream and he tells her. Elsewhere, Liz’s body is returned. Reddington watches from a car, Dembe, Aram, Park and Ressler all stand together, holding each other over her grave.