The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Tuesday, November 8 Recap – Hope & Thomas’ Pact of Silence – Brooke’s Late-Night Visit to Ridge

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The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers recap for Tuesday, November 8, reveals that Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle) and Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) made a pact of silence while Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) made a late-night visit to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye).

At the Forrester mansion, Hope insisted she was married and warned Thomas that he couldn’t try to kiss her like that. Hope understood that emotions were running high after the fashion preview, but she didn’t have room in her life for another man.

Thomas acknowledged that Hope was right about emotions running high and admitted he thought this was their time. Hope didn’t want to hurt Thomas, but she had assumed they were on the same page – that Thomas had changed and moved on.

Thomas pointed out that change sometimes comes with growing pains and reiterated that he was a one-woman man. However, Hope’s commitment was to Liam and her family.

Although Hope considered Thomas a friend, she warned that nothing more could happen between them. Thomas asked if they could just keep this between them since nothing really happened anyway, so Hope pushed him to be honest with her and himself about moving forward.

Hope asked if Thomas could accept their relationship as it was right now – just as co-workers, co-parents and friends. Thomas assured Hope this was just a momentary mistake and not a hint of things to come, so Hope chose to believe him.

Hope reiterated that nothing like this could ever happen again, but she didn’t think it’d benefit anybody to reveal that Thomas tried to kiss her. After Hope agreed they could keep it a secret, she told Thomas that she was going home to her husband.

Before Hope left, Thomas wanted her to know that she did a great job today and that he was very happy for her. Hope thanked Thomas before heading out – leaving Thomas alone to dwell on how he blew it when things had been going so well.

At the cabin, Liam left Hope a concerned voicemail and told Beth Spencer (River Davidson) to go back to sleep since Mommy would be home soon. After Liam left yet another voicemail, he called Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) to come over and babysit so that he could head to the Forrester mansion.

Fortunately, Hope showed up soon after and revealed that her phone died. Liam was relieved and knew he owed Hope the world’s biggest apology since he should’ve stayed at the fashion preview.

After Liam admitted he needed to work on separating his support of Hope from his negative Thomas feelings, he talked about how his mind started spiraling while Hope was gone.

Liam also came clean about being at the show earlier and seeing Thomas’ moment with Hope backstage. Since Liam’s mind went spinning out, he left – though he now realized he disappointed Hope and should’ve stayed.

Liam worried about all the time Thomas was spending with Hope, but he had to have faith that if Thomas showed his true colors, then Hope would see them. Once Liam said he didn’t want Thomas’ obsession to hurt Hope again, she promised that Thomas wouldn’t be a problem.

Liam touched Hope’s face tenderly and kissed her while B&B showed a split-screen with Thomas glaring on the other side.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge thought back to Brooke’s work on Brooke’s Bedroom line. Moments later, Brooke appeared and confessed she knew Ridge was in the building as soon as she walked in.

After Ridge asked why Brooke was there, she suggested she wanted to get a head start since there’d be so much buzz surrounding Hope for the Future. Ridge admitted some reviews were already in and they were all positive.

Once Ridge praised Thomas, he acknowledged Brooke’s issues with him. Brooke didn’t want to fight about Thomas, so she asked about the post-show celebration instead.

Ridge confessed that the gathering wasn’t the same without Brooke, so she asked how they ended up apart. It was driving Brooke crazy and made no sense. Ridge saw no need to rehash it since it would only cause more pain, but Brooke could see that he still loved her.

Since Ridge couldn’t deny that, Brooke asked what changed and thought they could fix this. Ridge insisted he was with Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) now, but Brooke refused to accept that and vowed that they’d be together again.

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