The Good Doctor Recap 05/09/22: Season 5 Episode 17 “The Lea Show”

The Good Doctor Recap 05/09/22: Season 5 Episode 17 "The Lea Show"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, May 9, 2022, episode and we have you The Good Doctor recap below. In tonight’s The Good Doctor season 5 episode, 17 called, “The Lea Show,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Sophie (Hollis Jane Andrews) takes Lea out for a day full of luxurious wedding planning. And after a near-fatal oversight, Dr. Lim senses an underlying issue is behind nurse Villanueva’s (Elfina Luk) unprofessional behavior.”

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In tonight’s The Good Doctor episode, Claire is being interviewed for the reality show and she says the first time she met Shaun he was wet and cold, and she remembers him looking like a lost puppy. And he was the only one who knew how to save a little boy’s life. Shaun makes pancakes, with eleven chocolate chips in each. Someone is at the door, it is Audrey and she says she wouldn’t miss pancakes and the chance to see Claire. It is fifty-two hours to the wedding, Lea is going in a limo bus to get fitted for her wedding dress.

At the hospital, Alyssa sees Claire and is thrilled to see her. Claire has brought a patient with her, Lucho was from a small village with limited medical care and has several tumors that have been growing for many years. Audrey has to leave, she is paged to radiology.

Audrey arrives and there is a patient whose heart rate is over 180 and they defibrillated twice. Turns out the patient didn’t get his beta blocks the night before when Dalisay Villaneuva was covering the floor.

Morgan tells Alex that Claire is there, then they talk about a wedding present for Lea and Shaun, she says they got them a bead maker.

Lea is with Jordan and Sophie in the limo. Lea chooses upscale elegance.

Lucho is going in for an MRI, and Claire, Audrey, and Shaun are there to see the results. While they are waiting, Shaun shows them the rings he is thinking of for Lea. The results are in, there is a tumor in the heart as well, and his brain which is not small by any means.

Marcus, Audrey, Aaron, Claire, Alex, Shuan, and Asher are all in a room discussing Lucho. There are three surgeries, so he is assembling three teams.

Sophie tells Lea all the arrangements that she made while Lea and Jordan are enjoying a spa day, and Sophie says she bumped Lea’s parents up to first class on their flight.

In surgery, Alex asks Marcus what he got Lea and Shuan for their wedding and he says a weekend in Napa.

Audrey meets with Dalisay and tells her that she is sympathetic to her problems at home, but a patient could have died. Audrey gives her a name of a shelter, she tells her that she needs help and puts on administrative work. Dalisay says two years ago when her mother passed from cancer, she was alone, and that is when she met Owen, she desperately needed someone and he was there for her. Now he is going through a lot, not that he should take it out on her. Audrey says she knows it will be hard, but it is necessary.

Lucho is in brain surgery when he has a seizure. They stabilize him and then have another meeting to come up with a plan for Lucho. Claire makes the decision, kidneys first and then the brain.

Claire tells Audrey that when she left for Guatemala she was a fantastic chief but she thinks she has climbed too high up the scale.

Lea is home, Shaun made dinner for her. They talk about the wedding she chooses and she says she loves everything but wants to make sure he is ok with it – he says he is fine.

Dalisay goes in to see Audrey and gives her resignation. She says she sat in the parking lot for two hours last night trying to call the number and didn’t.

Shaun is getting fitted for his jacket and he freaks out when it is too tight for him, he tears it all off.

Lucho has a bleed in his brain, there is a blood cot and it is obstructing where they were going to operate. They should have done brain surgery before kidney surgery. Shaun says Lucho is going to die.

Lucho is awake, Claire is with him. She tells him they are going home, no more operations. She tells him they are not coming back, they can’t do anything for him at this point. Shaun is outside the room looking in.

It is Shaun’s stag party, but he can’t get Lucho out of his mind. He tells Claire that he failed with Lucho, he failed with the suit and he will fail at marriage. They get out of the limo and are taken to a gentlemen’s club, the only ones that seem to want to go in are Alex and Asher. Shaun looks up at the lights and he figures out a way to save Lucho, he heads back to the hospital.

Lucho wakes up and Claire tells him the tumor is gone from his brain she gives him a soccer ball. After she goes to see Shaun and tells him that she misses him, he says he misses her too and they hug. Shaun says he has to go, he is getting married in five hours.

Time for the wedding, and everyone is entering the church. Lea looks beautiful, but she looks really stressed. Shaun has the suit on, Aaron asks if he is ready, and he says yes. Lea comes to the door and says they need to talk. In the church, Audrey gives Dalisay back the resignation, she won’t accept it and she wants her to stay with her, as her friend.

Lea says sorry to Shaun for the suit she chooses for him, she knows he is uncomfortable. Sophie comes into the room and Lea says there is not going to be a wedding. This is not them, and it is their day. Sophie tells them to go be happy being them.

Lea and Shaun get on a city bus and leave the wedding.