The Voice Recap 12/12/22: Season 22 Episode 24 “Live Finale, Part 1”

The Voice Recap 12/12/22: Season 22 Episode 24 "Live Finale, Part 1"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, December 12, 2022, season 22 episode 24 “Live Finale, Part 1,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 22 episode 24 as per the NBC synopsis, “The Top 5 artists perform a ballad and an up-tempo song in front of coaches Camila Cabello, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to compete for the title of “The Voice.

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Tonight’s The Voice episode begins with Carson Daly explaining that each of the final five finalists will sing two songs. One song is a special thank you to the people and places that mean so much to them and the other is an up-tempo song that showcases who they want to be as an artist.

The five finalists are from Team Legend – Omar Jose Cardona, Team Camila – Morgan Myles, Team Blake – Bodie, Bryce Leatherwood, and Brayden Lap.

Bodie opens the show with a performance of “Late Night Talking.”

Coaches Comments: Camilla: “Along with the people here sign me up for the Bodie concert.” Gwen: “You can do everything with your voice and it is kind of unexpected for the lane of music that you do. When you hold those big bold notes at that end, its like, wow he’s got that as well.” John: “I get the sense that you have a lot of vision of who you are as an artist, I feel your vision, it is clear and compelling.” Blake: “It has been a hell of a journey and tonight you did something that we haven’t see before. Great job.”

The coaches all appear on stage and perform their rendition of “The Christmas Song.”

Morgan Myles performs “Total Eclipse of The Heart,” by Bonnie Tyler.

Coaches Comments: Gwen: “We are all passionate about you, that song is perfect for explaining who you are. Your voice was perfect.” John: “I love the crackle in your voice, the roughness, you sold it.” Camilla: “You made me want to cry, I want this or you so bad, you deserve to win.”

Brayden Lap performs “Humble and Kind,” by Tim McGraw.

Coaches Comments: Gwen: “I feel like I was your number one fan on the show. I always believed in you and that you had something special, outside of your voice.” Blake: “I am not surprised at all to see you standing here in the finale, you are following your heart, being the kid that you are with so much talent. Congratulations.”

Omar Jose Cardona performs “The Way You Make Me Feel,” by Michael Jackson.

Coaches Comments: Camila: “I would have liked to see Blake in a sparkly number like that. It was so fun to see you expand on stage, I loved it.” John: “Blake started, oh Gwen, that you were lip-syncing in these performances and I can see why. It was so action-packed and you sounded incredible.”

Bryce Leatherwood performs, “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” by Keith Whitley.

Coaches Comments: Gwen: “If you don’t win, you’ve just won a career, that was so beautiful and so perfect.” Blake: “OMG, to deliver that performance you did with so much class, to do Keith Whitley on primetime, you ignited a fire in country music fans and introduced a whole bunch of new fans to Keith Whitley.”

Brayden Lape performs “Wild as Her,” by Corey Kent.

Coaches Comments: Camila: “That was your final performance, congratulations, it was great.” John: “Brayden what an experience you have had here it is incredible. You are so young and you are going to grow so much after this. This is the start of your career as a singer.” Blake: “I am glad that you did an up-tempo song, you sounded great, it was nice to see no mic stand.”

Morgan Myles performs “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town.

Coaches Comments: Gwen: “That was such a great choice for you, country looks so good on you, you are so good with dynamics, it is remarkable what you can do with your voice.” John: “You are so versatile, I am no expert, but I think you are the best county singer I have seen since I have been on The Voice.” Camila: “Morgan has always been country, but she is authentic and vulnerable her type of county.”

Bryce Leatherwood performs “T R O U B L E,” by Elvis Presley.

Coaches Comments: Camila: “That was so fun, I have never seen you do that. You were just a star up there.” John: “We have heard this buttery tone, so rich, mellow vibe, then you show us this, that was so fun and exciting, showed another side of you.” Blake: “I am pretty sure you just raised the roof a little bit there.”

Bodie performs “Gratitude,” by Brandon Lake.

Coaches Comments: Gwen: “I a crying, it was so beautiful. You have a superpower, I think it comes from your faith, it inspires people, and it’s incredible. That was so beautiful.” John: “Power, powerful, you seem like a leader, I think about your future, whatever you want to do, you have that in you, you are a leader.” Blake: “I am not always speechless, but that was beautiful. You said you are dedicating every performance from here on out to your kids, incredible.”

Omar Jose Cardona performs “Somebody To Love,” by Queen.

Coaches Comments: Camila: “From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful that you exist, that a talent like you exists, it inspires everyone here, you so deserve to be here, you are magical.” John: “I don’t know what else Omar has to do on this show to show you that he is The Voice. I have been so honored to work with you, you are an immense talent.”