The Walking Dead Recap 10/09/22: Season 11 Episode 18 “A New Deal”

The Walking Dead Recap 10/09/22: Season 11 Episode 18 "A New Deal"

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead airs on an all-new Sunday, October 9, 2022, episode and we have your The Walking Dead recap below. On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 18 called, “Lockdown,” as per the AMC synopsis, “Carol makes a deal with Pamela to wipe the slate clean on behalf of her friends. Aaron, Jerry, Lydia and Elijah get on the road to Oceanside to fill them in on a plan. The Commonwealth celebrates Founders Day.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with Judith, she remembers people who she passed by in her life, and she says remembering their voices is how she keeps them alive.

The Commonwealth army and Daryl are in a standoff he has a knife to Lance’s throat. Mercer tells Daryl not here, not like this. Carol walks up and says she made a deal for them. Days lets him go but stabs him in the hand, takes his knife walks away, tells Pamela not to worry that he will live, then throws the knife on the ground and walks away.

Carol is with the group, and she tells them about the deal. Pamela will supply everything that they need to rebuild, and debts are all paid. In return, Pamela wants them to tell everyone that Lance is the corrupt one, not her son. Maggie says the most important thing is that they are together, and Daryl says ok.

Lance is sitting on the ground, he is tied up and tells Mercer he thinks he is sitting on an ant hill. Mercer tells him to get used to it. All of a sudden, two walkers are approaching. Pamela walks up and tells him that he will be transported back to the Commonwealth, he has gone too far. She says he made a mess, and he may survive this only if he plays his cards right. She calls him an angry, delusional boy who is trying to win a game but is too foolish to see that he actually was never a player in it. He tells her that she needs him, and she walks away.

Pamela tells the group and the Commonwealth that lance is the culprit and justice will be served. Eugene asks Max if she will come to his home to see where he lived, she says not yet as she looks up at Sebastian.

Carol says goodbye to Lydia, who tells her that she hasn’t forgotten Henry. Daryl gives Judith Rich’s python, but she doesn’t want it. She says she looks forward to a day of peace with no weapons.

Carol is sad when she realized that Ezekiel is not coming with the group.

Pamela argues with Sebastian about his speech, he needs to give on to the Commonwealth people and it’s not his thing.

Annie is getting an ultrasound, and Negan is with her. He wants to stay so she can get the medical care she and the baby need, but she doesn’t want to, she says there are people relying on them.

Daryl is packing his bag, he sees his old vest and puts it on. He looks for Judith, but she is gone and RJ doesn’t know where she went.

Daryl and Carol are looking for Judith who appears to have run away.

Max tells Eugene that she has so much guilt. She wants to do something to stop Sebastian, but he just wants them to be safe. Eugene got to visit Lance in jail, he brings him some food in exchange for conversation. Eugene says he is looking for any information that would be damaging to Pamela or her son, Lance tells him that if he goes after the Miltons, they will crush him.

Gabriel preaches his last sermon to an empty church and finds Judith inside. Elsewhere, Shira and Roman kill workers.

Daryl shows up at the church, and Judith says she wasn’t trying to worry him. He says he doesn’t know what he is doing, but he is trying really hard. And, he wishes things were the way she wanted them to be, but they aren’t and he has to keep her safe.

Sebastian and Pamela watch a wrestling match at the Founders Day party, he and his mother are on stage just beside the rink. Time for Sebastien’s speech, then he plays a tape of his grandfather, who was the founder of the Commonwealth. But little does he know, max changed the tape. It is Sebastien’s voice and he admits that he and Pamela are corrupt. Sebastian sees Max in the crowd and runs after her, he knows she did it. The people start attacking Pamela and Mercer is heard shouting stand down.

There is chaos all around and walkers have broken in and are starting to feast. Daryl is with Judith, but in the chaos, he loses her. Judith and Daryl find each other and she asks for her dad’s gun, he gives it to her and says we do this together. Sebastien finds Max, a walker comes off and Eugene saves her, the walker gets Sebastien. He is screaming for help and nobody moves to help him, but Judith, she kills the walker, but it is too late. The tape is still playing, they are still hearing Sebastien speaking and saying the rich can do whatever the hell they want.