The Walking Dead Recap 10/23/22: Season 11 Episode 20 “What’s Been Lost”

The Walking Dead Recap 10/23/22: Season 11 Episode 20 "What's Been Lost"

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead airs on an all-new Sunday, October 23, 2022, episode and we have your The Walking Dead recap below. On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 20 called, “What’s Been Lost,” as per the AMC synopsis, “Daryl and Carol search for their friends who disappeared.”

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Tonight’s The Walking Dead episode begins with Carol, she hears someone behind her, it is Ezekiel, and she tells him that she is gathering food to bring to the others. All f a sudden, Ezekiel is gone, but some thugs come in and Carol fights her way out.

Carol runs into Daryl who has his own problems, he is fending off attackers when Carol helps him. One of the attackers turns into a walker within a minute and eats his friend.

Carol and David are gone to look for the children who were kidnapped.

After the fall of Governor Pamela Milton’s son, she blames the whole thing on Eugene and everyone believes her. But that isn’t all Pamela is doing, she orders all the people associated with Eugene to be taken out of the Commonwealth and dealt with. Pamela tells Yumiko that she is going to prosecute Eugene, and if she doesn’t, she won’t see her friends and brother again. Her brother tells her she doesn’t have a choice, she has to sacrifice Eugene.

Carol and Daryl find Lance and Pamela’s son in a cell and Daryl put her son out of his mystery since he is just a walker with no arms now trying to drag himself all over the cell. Carol tells Lance they will kill him if he doesn’t tell her where their friends are. He shakes his head, then says I’ll show you, he knows a way out of the city. Daryl notices that Lance has a monitor on his ankle. The three make a run for it and an alarm goes off. The Commonwealth army is after them and shooting, Daryl tells Carol to go with Lance, he will keep the army away.

Pamela gets a call, she finds out that her son is now gone forever, and Lance escaped. She beds down in the pool of blood and notices a gold coin, she picks it up.

Carol is walking with Lance, and she tells him to shut up. They duck when they see the Commonwealth army coming.

Yumi goes to see Eugene and tells him that she doesn’t think she has a choice but to do what Pamela wants her to do. He says it is ok, but he is worried about their friends and they must do something to help them. She thinks it is hopeless, but Eugene is adamant there be something.

Carol and Lance come upon more walkers and have to fend them off, then they keep walking and are captured by the Commonwealth army, but not for long, Daryl kills the army and saves them.

Time for the speed, Pamela tells Yumi she is glad she decided to attend and Yumi says she didn’t have a choice. Pamela tells her to make sure she reads the speech she prepared.

Yumi starts her speech and although it begins with what Pamela wanted, she strays off and says she is defending Eugene becuase he was unjustly accused. Pamela gives her the look of death. Yumi drops Pamela’s speech at her feet.

Lance lets slip to Daryl and Carol that there is a train that goes out of the city. Daryl tells him that they don’t need him anymore. Lance starts to panic and says they can work together, a new age, everything can work together. Lance asks them if they are going to kill him. Carol tells he can run, but that is all he is going to get and deserve. Lance sees a jeep, reaches in for a rifle and Carol quickly shoots a bow right threw his neck. Lance Hornsby is dead. Carol and Daryl get in the help and leave.

A caravan of military vehicles and a bus carrying the kids are driving, they have burlap sacks over their heads. One trooper gives a few of them tranquilizers with a syringe to the neck. And, under one burlap, we can see the grew dreads.