The Walking Dead Recap 10/30/22: Season 11 Episode 21 “Outpost 22”

The Walking Dead Recap 10/30/22: Season 11 Episode 21 "Outpost 22"

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead airs on an all-new Sunday, October 30, 2022, episode and we have your The Walking Dead recap below. On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 21 called, “Outpost 22,” as per the AMC synopsis, “Separated from their children, the survivors track a military convoy to a mysterious destination.”

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Tonight’sThe Walking Dead episode begins with Maggie, Gabriel and Rosita who are on a truck with the Commonwealth caravan. Maggie manages to shake off the hood that was over her head. She manages to get her hands loose and then goes to get Gabriel loose to. Then, it is over to Rosita, Gabriel takes her hood off. A fight ensues with the guard in the back of the van with them and Maggie wrestles with the gun and ends up shooting the driver. Their vehicle crashes, Maggie gets out and just then she hears engines, she starts to make a run for it.

Rosita and Gabriel are free, but they almost are done in by a Commonwealth walker.

In the bus, everyone starts to wake up and removes their hoods, they have no idea how long they have been out. A man comes to the front of the bus and tells them that they should take comfort that good people will benefit from their labour. Their children are safe and being attended to. Do what they are told and they will see them again. Nobody has names and neither do they, everyone is a number and are not permitted to call each other by names. Some of them are transported to another site and some stay there until the tracks are clear. The work is hard but they will be protected.

Maggie is alone in the woods, she sees a child walker coming towards her and can’t help think about her own child, she can’t kill him.

Carol and Daryl are doing some reconnaissance. They are waiting for the train to hit the junction. Daryl is upset because they witnessed Connie being taken to Designation 2 and they don’t where that is.

Maggie is walking down the train tracks when she hears the whistle blow, they she hears a motorcycle, it is a trooper from the Commonwealth. He radios in that it is clear, no sign of them. Then the trooper sees the child walker approaching, he aims and goes to shoot him which gives Maggie time to jump the walker. The walker starts attacking Maggie, she hold him and says no, she has no choice but to end it for this guy but you can see how hard it is for her.

Just then, Carol and Daryl drive up and they see Maggie on the ground with the child walker cradled in her arms.

Maggie tells Carol about Herschel being ripped out of her arms. Carol tells her they are not alone anymore and they are going to make it right. Just then, Rosita and Gabriel walk up and everyone is happy to see each other.

Daryl is questioning the trooper that Maggie took down, but he won’t talk. Daryl asks him if he wants to die slow or fast. Then, Gabriel walks into the area and he recognizes the guy from his church sermons back at the Commonwealth. Gabriel gets him to talk, he says designation two is far away, he is not sure where, but you will never see them again if they go there. He asks Gabriel to pray with him.

Carol has a plan to save Connie and the kids.

Negan asks one of the troopers about where his wife was taken and the trooper whacks him in the head with a pole. Just then, some people try to escape and they are all shot.

At a train intersection, a trooper is trying to fix the track and the conductor inside calls on his radio to “Outpost 22” while Maggie, Daryl and Carol take over the train. A shootout commences, the troopers are being shot at by the group. One trooper thinks he got away, but Daryl jumps on a motorcycle and goes after him, and knocks him down.

Elsewhere, the conductor who was driving the train is captured. He says if the warden finds out that he helped them he will end up like their friends. He tells them there is a map back at the train. Then, in a quick turn, he kills himself but before then says if he doesn’t they will kill his family.

Negan tries to chat with Ezekiel who reminds him that he hasn’t forgotten what he has done, Negan says neither has he, and he deserves to be in this place. But, he is worried about his wife and his child. Negan wants Ezekiel’s help to escape. Ezekiel tells him that he is with him, for now.

Rosita pretends to be a fallen trooper and calls into Outpost 22 for help. She finds out that Outpost 22 is their Alexandria and she is furious. Maggie says Milton underestimated them from day one, they are going to get back their kids, their home and Pamela is never going to see it coming.