The Walking Dead Recap 11/06/22: Season 11 Episode 22 “Faith”

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead airs on an all-new Sunday, November 6, 2022, episode and we have your The Walking Dead recap below. On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 22 called, “Faith,” as per the AMC synopsis, “Ezekiel and Negan plan a labor revolt; Eugene stands trial.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with Princess telling Ezekiel that Tyler Davis, who took Max hostage is near them. Negan is looking around and sees Annie, and fights with two guards to try and get near her. One guard throws Annie down, she gets back up and he grabs her while Negan is on the ground with a knee to the chest.

Aaron, Jerry, Lydia, and Elijah are in the woods when Aaron notices something or someone. Lydia says it is someone human, doesn’t seem like a walker. Aaron and Jerry go to investigate, and they find Luke and Jules. A round of hugs for everyone. Luke tells them that Oceanside is gone, the Commonwealth army took it.

It is Eugene’s trial, Pamela is on the stand and starts crying about the last time she saw Sebastien, he was gone and there was nothing she could do. She looks at Eugene, calls him a murderer, and says her son cannot have died in vain. Eugene realizes that he is not going to get a fair trial. Yumiko asks Pamela about the lottery, is it a lie like Sebastien said? There is a recording and they all heard it. Pamela says that was not her son, the tape was altered, Eugene. A knock on the door interrupts the trial.

At the labor camp, Began is told to get up and he says no, not until he finds out where his wife is. They grab him by the arms and force him up and out. Negan is put in front of the Warden, who tells him that he thought he was a leader, but is not. He goes on to say there is a threat in the midst and he thinks it is one of his people. Negan says he knows nothing about it. The Warden says he better find out who is if he ever wants to see his pregnant wife again. In front of Negan, the Warden tells one guard that he is extending his service because he didn’t speak directly to him about requesting leave. The soldier explains that his brother is not well and doesn’t have long. The Warden doesn’t care.

Negan is permitted to visit his wife in a room. Meanwhile, Maggie and Carol sneak into their old house threw the sewers. A soldier notices them, but they manage to take him out. Elsewhere, Aaron’s group takes out some walkers. All of a sudden, they hear some vehicles driving nearby.

Yumiko is afraid she will lose the case, so she tells Max and Eugene. Yumiko says their only chance is to get Mercer to speak out about Pamela. Yumiko goes to see Mercer and tells him that Pamela kidnapped Princess and put her in a labor camp, he knew. Yumiko begs him to testify against Pamela, he is their only hope.

Maggie thinks she hears Herschel’s voice. They decide to follow the voice.

Negan is back in the camp with Ezekiel who tells him off and says he doesn’t forget what he did in the past and doesn’t deserve to be a father.

The trial is over, Eugene addresses the court, and gets his final say. Yumiko rests the defense. Eugene is guilty of murder in the first degree, Pamela walks off smiling, Max is shocked and Mercer has no expression.

At the labor camp, everyone is physically forced to go outside. The Warden says there is a traitor, someone who thinks he is above the rules, who was planning a rebellion, Began. And he wants them all there to see what happens to him, to remember. Annie tries to run to Megan, he tells her that he loves her. Negan is put down on his knees, and Anne is yelling and screaming that they cannot do this. Negan is smiling, the Warden says there are no martyrs here, he grabs Annie to put beside him, Negan says that is not the deal, he said he would take him, just him. Negan looks at the soldier who believes will have compassion because the Warden wouldn’t let him see his brother, he begs him please to not do this. Ezekiel goes and stands in front of Negan and his wife, and so do others. There are 15 or so standing up in front of them. The Warden turns to his soldiers and says shoot them all. The compassionate soldier puts down his gun and goes to shoot the Warden, but another soldier goes to shoot him. The Warden takes Kelly hostage, but Daryl and Connie save the day and knock out the Warden.

Carol and Maggie found Herschel, but Coco is not there. Rosita walks in just then, then rushes out.

Lydia, Elijah, Aaron, Jerry, Luke, and Jules are all covered in blood and are in the middle of a walker horde as the Commonwealth soldiers drive by and don’t notice them.

Negan is about to hit the Warden on the head with a rock when Rosita rushes in and demands to know where her daughter is, he doesn’t answer, and she hits him in the face. Then she takes a walker soldier and lets him bite on the Warden.

Eugene is brought back to his cell, with a hood over his head, the hood is pulled off and Mercer is there, he says “time to f*** shit up.”

The End