The Walking Dead Recap 11/13/22: Season 11 Episode 23 “Family”

The Walking Dead Recap 11/13/22: Season 11 Episode 23 "Family"

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead airs on an all-new Sunday, November 13, 2022, penultimate episode and we have your The Walking Dead recap below. On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 23 called, “Family,” as per the AMC synopsis, “The survivors return to the Commonwealth to confront Pamela.”

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Tonight’s The Walking Dead episode begins with Judith, as we take a look back at the whole Grimes family. She says her brother Carl dreamed that they would all live together in peace.

Negan is with Maggie, he asks her what the plan is to take out Pamela. He says he and she can do it alone, they don’t need the others, and she says they are not “we.” Maggie then goes to hug Herschel and says she loves him. Negan’s wife hugs him and tells him to be careful, she will hold down the fort but he better come back in peace. Judith announces to Daryl that she is going with him, but he says no. She reminds him that this is not the future her brother wanted or what her mom and dad fought for, not yet. Daryl gives in but tells her that she has to stay right near him.

Mercer brings Eugene back to Max and Yumiko. Eugene tells Mercer that he will never forget what he did for her. Mercer tells them to stay put until he gets enough troops to go after Pamela.

A horde is on the way to the Commonwealth with Aaron and the others amongst them covered in blood.

Negan and Ezekiel have a chat on the train, Negan says he never thanked him for getting in front of the rifles. Negan asks why he did it. Ezekiel says a lot of reasons, dying a martyr is too easy. His living and doing something positive will help Ezekiel with his anger, he doesn’t want to live out the rest of his life being bitter. The dead came for him but yet he smiled. War came for him, yet he smiles. Cancer, yet he smiles. He tries to anyway. Ezekiel asks why Megan gave his name instead of his, Negan says he wanted a good story for his family to tell about him, that he did something right for a change, it was to save all of them and not to save himself. He knows they are all better than him. Meanwhile, Maggie is listening to the whole thing on the other side.

Daryl tells Judith that her brother Carl, her mother, and her father would be proud of her. She says she wishes she had more time with her family. Daryl says when this is over, he is going to tell her lots of stories about all the people who love her.

Princess radios Mercer, she tells him that she is on a train, coming back to him, and has people with her. They are coming to take Pamela down, he says yeah. He tells her that if she can get those prisoners back to him, they are witnesses, then he can take Pamela down. There is an alert, it is the hoard that is heading toward the Commonwealth.

The ones traveling within the horde decide they need to break off and when they see a trailer close to the town, they see their chance. They are trying to get into the trailer when Lydia stretches out her hand to grab Elijah but a walker takes a bite out of her arm.

Mercer tells Max to head him, there is a swarm coming. He tells her that his girlfriend is coming back, Princess, and she is bringing her friends with her. Lockdown procedures are initiated. Max hugs Mercer before he leaves.

Jerry and Aaron try to control a hysterical Lydia, they have to perform surgery on her arm or the infection will spread. Aaron reminds her that he made it alright, and she will make it too.

Machine guns are going off, the horde is out of control. Meanwhile, Eugene is locked in a room, and hears footsteps approaching, s someone pounds on the door and asks him to open the door, he unlocks the door but hides behind it. When the trooper has his back to him, Eugene beats him with a flashlight and knocks him out.

In the trailer, Lydia is suffering in pain, she tells Aaron they have to go. She says Elijah sees them. Jerry tells her she lost a lot of blood. Jerry promises her that he will find them, they lost enough, but he is going alone. Aaron says he is sure, he will find them, then come back.

Our heroes who were on the train are now underground and make their way upstairs to the main hall, Daryl sees doors with locks and chains not them and knows it is a trap. Shots are going all around, Carol, Daryl, Judith, and the rest are being ambushed by Pamela’s soldiers. Pamela comes out, grabs a machine gun, and starts shooting, she hits Judith right in the upper chest. Carol and Maggie continue shooting and try to get Pamela. Daryl is distraught and says they got to go. Pamela knows she shot Judith and shouts “you did this.”

Vicker goes against Mercer and takes him into custody for his plan to take out Pamela.

The Eugene we love is back! He is out on the street and taking soldiers out.

These new walkers are climbers and they are not letting a silly wall take them down. All of a sudden, the gates to the Commonwealth open, and the horde of walkers walk on in.

Vickers goes in to speak to Pamela, and she tells them that the dead are in the Commonwealth, they are climbing the walls, and they are flooding in.

Our new large group of heroes is in the city and they soon realize the troopers are no longer coming after them, the city has been breached by a horde of walkers. Meanwhile, Daryl is running around with Judith in his arms, trying to find a safe place for her. Daryl gets into an alleyway, Judith looks up at him and says, “Daddy,”