The Walking Dead Series Finale Recap 11/20/22: Season 11 Episode 24 “Rest in Peace”

The Walking Dead Series Finale Recap 11/20/22: Season 11 Episode 24 "Rest in Peace"

Tonight on AMC our favorite show The Walking Dead comes to an end with the series finale and we have the all-new Sunday, November 20, 2022, finale episode The Walking Dead recap below. On tonight’s The Walking Dead series finale Season 11, Episode 24 called, “Rest in Peace,” as per the AMC synopsis, “Daryl and Carol rush Judith to the hospital; Rosita, Eugene, and Gabriel search for Coco; Maggie and Negan take arms against Pamela; the heroes assemble for one last stand.”

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Tonight’s The Walking Dead episode begins with Darryl who brings Judith into a hospital and starts screaming for help. He ends up getting knocked out, she gathers the strength to go bar the doors before a horde of walkers. In the end, the two are passed out on the floor and Judith is not getting the help she needs.

Outside things are not going well, Luke gets eaten by a waker, the rest are fighting and trying to survive.

Daryl is in the hospital, wakes up with a bandage on his head, Carol is now in the room with others and Luke is there, not in good shape. Judith lost a lot of blood, there is crying in the room, looks like Luke is not going to make it.

Carol tells days the doctors, nurses and medicine is gone, Pamela took everything and left everyone to fend for themselves. Daryl asks about Mercer, she says there is a team after him. Luke is gone.

Daryl tells Carol that his blood goes with anybody’s, when he was a kid his mom used to sell it for money, he wants to give blood to Judith. On the other side of the room, a sheet is pulled of Luke.

Mercer is in a padded cell, Max and Princess come to the rescue, he is set free.

Maggie loading up some weapons, most oft heroes are together and they drive off in a military van. Meanwhile, Rosita, Gabriel and Eugene clear out some walkers and hear the baby crying, Rosita pulls some ninja fighting on the walkers and saves the babies. Aaron radios Gabriel who lets him know that the babies are fine, they are going to meet at the hospital. Darryl is still with Judith, he gave her some blood but she is out cold.

Carol tells her she is going to be ok, he looks her in a room and barricades the door so he can go help Carol. The walkers are getting smarter, they are banging the glass windows with rocks. Daryl, Carol, Maggie and others are working feverishly to kill walkers and get themselves to a safe place.

They go into Judtih’s room through another entrance, grab the stretcher and are trying their best to get to a safe place. Eugene, Rosie and Gabriel are trying to free themselves from a hoard, Eugene and Gabriel climb a pipe on a wall, with Rosita following them, she falls and just when she thinks she is a goner, she starts kicking and walking them, gets on top of an ambulance, then jumps for dear life to the pole on the wall and makes it to safety.

They finally get Judith to a doctor. Lydia is also treated for her arm that was amputated. Aaron tries to give her some comfort, then he tells her that she will still feel that the arm is there sometimes. She asks him if he has hope and he says yes, he hasn’t given up. Meanwhile, Maggie hasn’t seen Negan in a while and goes looking for him. He has a rifle and he is going after Pamela. She asks him what his angle is, he says there is no angle, he is doing this for her.

He says if she takes out Pamela, hell is going to come after her and she needs to come back, so he is going to do it. He says he was thinking and about he she must of felt, and he is so sorry for what he took from her and her son. She takes the rifle and she walks away, but then turns and asks if he is coming.

Eugene, goes over to Rosita, he tells Rosita that he can take the little one off her hands for awhile if she wants a break. He tells her that in summer she can take her to swim at Oceanside. He has a surprise for her, in all his research on child-rearing, he stumbled upon a scientific study that says teaching a child to swim helps them a lot, including confidence. He can’t wait for summer, asks if she can. He tells her that wen she fell, she shows him that she was bit on the shoulder. Then she tell Eugene not to cry, pull his shit together. She tells him that he is going to be fine. He tells her that he loves her so much, she says she loves him too.

Max asks Eugene if he is ok, he says he is fine and doesn’t tell her about Rosita.

Daryl and Carol are with Judith when she wakes up, Daryl calls her an ass kicker. Gunshots are heard in the distance, the commonwealth are shooting anyone who tries to climb the gates. Mercer tells them it is not their fight. Ezekiel says the place is worth saving, and he is not going to let them fall without a fight. Aaron agrees, so does everyone else.

Outside people are crying and screaming for the commonwealth to open the gates, Pamela is on the other side and she won’t do it. Negan and Maggie have a good shot at her. Mercer comes out with his crew, Pamela shouts to arrest him, but the she looks at how many numbers he has. Mercer tells her that she shot a chlld and led the dead to their doorstep and now left thousands out there to die. People are begging to let them in as the horde is getting closer. Gabriel goes forward to open the gate, Pamela says to shoot him, Daryl asks the commonwealth what they are doing. Daryl says they have one enemy and it’s not the walking dead. Gabriel is given the key, Mercer arrests Pamela and tells the guards to cuff her. The gates are opened, everyone floods inside, the horse is close, they shut the gates just in time.

Pamela is close the gate and she sees that one of the wakers is her son. She goes close to him, Maggie takes a shot at him and saves Pamela, then says “now we take this place back.”

Some of the horde is inside the gates, everyone is trying to fight them off. They play music to draw the walkers all in one place, they are heading to the Estates.

They blow up the estate and the horde gets burned like toasted marshmallows.

Pamela is in a jail cell, Carol is there and says they made an ugly decision to keep her alive, but at least they don’t have to worry about who gets her house.

Negan is outside, sitting down when Maggie comes up to him, she says she thought about what he said and she thanks him. She says she knows now that she can never forgive him. Glen is gone, and she will never love anyone like that again. She remembers his smile, and how he made her feel. But when she looks at Negan she only sees the bat coming down on his head, the blood and his calling for her. And, she heard Negan mock her while he was dying. So, she can’t forgive him, but she is grateful that he saved her son, and she knows he is trying, she is trying too, she doesn’t want to hate him anymore or her son to see anyone have that hold over her. He is welcome to stay. All she has are her memories, and she doesn’t want to remember Glen like that.

Next, we see all who survived sitting at a dinner table, Judith included, enjoying a meal together. Everyone toasts to Luke. Daryle looks outside at Megan, nods his head. Rosita looks around at everyone and smiles. Gabriel goes over to her and asks if she is ok, she ays everything is perfect, she just wants to remember this moment. She whispers in his ear., he looks at her, he is all choked up, he holds here hand and tears roll down her face, but she smiles at him. Judith sees the exchange and she knows something is wrong.

Carol and Maggie take Rosita to a room where Coco is sleeping, they hug her. Rosita lies down on the bed with Coco, Maggie and Carol leave the room, Daryl is watching from the doorway. Gabriel is kneeling down by the bed, he says a prayer. Gabriel gets up, he tells Rosita that he will see her again some day. Rosita kisses Coco, Gabriel takes her away. Eugene sits down with Rosita, he says he wouldn’t be the man he is today if he hadn’t met her.

She puts her hand in his. She says he is glad it was him in the end. Rosita closes her eyes, Eugene starts to cry. Then we see Eugene a year later placing roses at a memorial wall that has Rosita’s name on it. Then we see Mercer and Ezekiel, they are speaking to a gathering o people. Daryl is there and he looks all cleaned up, best we have ever seen him. Connie sees him, they hug. Judith receives a gift, it is a surprise from Megan, it is a compass with the initials JG, with a note. Megan says it always helped him find his way, he is giving it back to her to help it guide her dreams. He thanks her for letting him use it.

Everyone is walking around, looks like a happy place, hugging each other. Carol and Daryl sit down and talk, he tells her that she took Hornsby’s job and made it better. She is crying, and he say sit is not like they will never see each other again. She tells him that he is her best friend. They hug. They walk to Daryl’s motorcycle, Judith is there and he says if he finds her parents, he will bring them both. She tells him that he deserves a happy ending too. He says he will be back. Daryl then hugs Ezekiel, leaves Carol alone with Daryl, they hug one last time. Daryl tells her that he loves her, she says she loves him too. He drives away, passes walkers along the way and just keeps going.

We see Rick, he says he thinks about the dead all the time, he thinks about the living he lost. Michonne says he thinks about everyone every day. They will always be together even when they are apart. Together they are pieces of a whole, they gave each other one unstoppable life.

Michonne is writing, so is Rick. She says she knows you are back there and your brother is there, as much as she knows he is alive out there. She will find him, because she knows he is trying to find us.

Rick is on the beach, the helicopter overhead, he is instructed to put his hands up, he does.

We see Michonne riding off towards a horde of walkers.

Judith says they got to start over, we are the ones who live.