The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, December 5 Recap – Sally Disappointed By Adam, Says Goodbye– Sharon Angers Chance

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, December 5 Recap – Sally Disappointed By Adam, Says Goodbye– Sharon Angers Chance

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Monday, December 5, teases that Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) goodbye Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) passion will hurt Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) while Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) angers Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd).

In Sally’s suite, she’ll make love to Adam, but she’ll insist it’s the end and can’t happen again. Sally will argue that Adam can’t deny that today was different – that they lost something they can’t get back.

Adam and Sally won’t regret their relationship, but Sally will think they have to let each other go so they can find their true happiness.

Although their feelings will still be real, Sally will suggest that sometimes love changes and they’re going to be OK.

At Jabot, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Summer Newman-Abbott (Allison Lanier) will bicker about their mothers, but she’ll convince him to table the discussion for now.

When Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) appears, she’ll rope Summer and Kyle into spending quality time with her over a meal.

Summer will spot Nick at Society, so she’ll drag him over to use as a buffer.

There’ll be tension between Nick and Phyllis, so Nick will ultimately take his cue to leave.

Once Adam gets dressed, he’ll tell Sally that she deserves the world and will be sorry that he couldn’t give that to her.

Adam won’t want Sally to settle for anything less and will kiss her goodbye.

As Adam leaves, he’ll greet Nick at Sally’s door. Nick will go inside and see an emotional Sally along with the unmade bed, so he’ll look hurt as he guesses this is a bad time.

At Crimson Lights, Chance will give Sharon updates on his divorce decision, so she’ll ask if he’s still going to be involved in Dominic Newman-Abbott-Winters-Chancellor’s (Rainn and River Ware) life.

Chance will ask what kind of question is that and will seem offended at the notion that he wouldn’t be there for Dom.

Sharon will apologize, so Chance will do the same since he didn’t mean to jump down Sharon’s throat.

After Sharon acknowledges that co-parenting can be complicated, she’ll suggest using Devon as a buffer during this difficult time.

Chance will seem uncomfortable, but he’ll pretend that’s a potential idea to use anyway.

When Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) arrives, he’ll find out that Chance talked to Abby Newman-Abbott-Chancellor (Melissa Ordway), but Chance won’t think Victor’s going to like the outcome.

Victor will tell Sharon about Abby’s heartbreak and put the blame on Chance, but she’ll note that they don’t have the whole story.

It’ll leave Victor thinking Sharon knows more than she’s letting on.

At the Abbott house, Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) will tell Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) that they have so much unfinished business to discuss.

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) will find them together, so Jeremy will pretend he’s an old friend who’s in town for work.

Before Jeremy exits, he’ll hope Diane will agree to meet up for coffee or a meal while he’s in Genoa City.

Jack will wonder how Jeremy knew to visit the Abbott house, so Jeremy will suggest he heard Diane was a grandmother and thought it was a good place to start.

Once Jeremy’s gone, Diane will freak over him mentioning Harrison Abbott (Kellen Enriquez) and will assume Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) made good on their threat.

At Society, Diane will show up with Jack and confront Phyllis. Despite Phyllis’ best efforts, Diane will warn that she won’t ever be driven away from her family.

After Jack drags Diane away, Kyle will quiz them and find out Jeremy now knows where Harrison lives.

It’ll leave Kyle fuming when Diane accuses Phyllis of sending Jeremy there.

Kyle will turn his attention to Phyllis and rage over her childish, reckless behavior. Now that Phyllis has put Kyle’s family in legitimate danger, he’ll rant about having to go fix it.

Kyle will then fill Summer in on Diane’s latest claims, so Summer will confront her mother over the danger and push for the truth.

Phyllis will feign ignorance, so Summer will grow even angrier since her mother’s been making a fool out of her. Summer will just want Phyllis to admit she sent Jeremy to the Abbott house.

Back at home, Jack will reassure Diane that she’s already bouncing back like she always does and will pull her into a hug.

At Devon Hamilton’s (Bryton James) penthouse, Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) will make the mistake of fishing for info on Chancellor-Winters.

Devon will hope that’s not the only reason Tucker wanted to spend time with him and Dominic.

Tucker will assure Devon that he’d never use his grandson as a pawn and will hold Dom while Devon answers the door.

Abby will walk in and lash out at the sight of Dominic in Tucker’s arms, but she’ll ultimately decide she won’t come between Dom and his grandpa.

Abby will also privately confess Chance’s divorce choice to Devon and won’t think she can expect him to stay since she broke their vows.

At Society again, Tucker will get a text about Jeremy being in Genoa City.

Meanwhile, Jeremy will seem pleased over all Talia Morgan’s (Natalie Morales) research as he reads on his tablet.

As Monday’s Y&R episode wraps up, Kyle will land on Jeremy’s doorstep with a stern warning. After Kyle insists he’s only going to say this once, he’ll order Jeremy to leave Diane Jenkins alone.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Jeremy’s going to become a big problem, so stay tuned for more Y&R drama!

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