The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, January 10 Recap – Victor’s Surprise Job Offer – Michael Wrestles with Retirement

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, January 10 Recap – Victor’s Surprise Job Offer – Michael Wrestles with Retirement

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Monday, January 10, reveals that Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will deliver a surprise job offer as Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) wrestles with a retirement decision. Here’s what viewers can expect in Monday’s special standalone episode.

At Society, Michael will join Lauren Baldwin (Tracey E. Bregman) after yet another big win in court. He’ll wonder if he should quit while he’s ahead and end his career on a high note.

Michael will talk about feeling a deep sense of contentment and will think that’s how everyone wants to feel when they’re ready to retire.

Christine Williams (Lauralee Bell) will arrive to pick up a takeout order, so she’ll overhear the retirement talk and chime in that it’d truly be the end of an era.

Michael will then reflect on giving Christine her first job at a law firm, so Y&R fans will see a flashback of that significant day.

Lauren will talk about learning from Michael as his protégé, but he’ll point out that he was also an egomaniac with a sinister side at the time.

After Michael crossed the line, Christine fought back and won in court. Instead of being humbled, Michael was consumed with revenge over his lost job and ruined reputation.

After Michael recalls being obsessed and violent, he’ll suggest that hitting rock bottom and going to prison were some of the best things that could’ve happened to him.

Michael will be grateful to Christine for getting past her skepticism over his epiphany later and helping him get his law license back.

There’ll be more flashbacks along the way as Michael talks to Christine about the long road back to being colleagues and now friends.

Lauren will wonder what Christine thinks about Michael’s dilemma of whether he should go out while he’s on top.

After Lauren recalls a cottage that Michael sketched on his legal pad recently, she’ll think he’s good enough to be an artist. Michael will downplay his talent, but he won’t have a clue what he wants to do.

Christine will think more soul-searching is needed, but she’ll tout the benefits of more time at home.

Once Lauren points out that Michael thrives on adrenaline, she’ll wonder if he’s going to be happy with this calmer, quieter existence. “Now wait a minute,” Victor will pipe up as he appears nearby.

Victor will take Christine’s place at the table and argue that Michael will be bored out of his mind in three weeks!

As a compromise, Victor will urge Michael to join the team at Newman Media.

Michael won’t be sure about that since it’d mean working around the clock as an attorney and a fixer – not to mention getting into some murky legal areas.

As Michael and Victor discuss their tumultuous history, there’ll be a flashback of Victor firing Michael after a mistake that cost millions of dollars.

Michael will also recall a time when Victor refused to let Michael take the fall for him following a botched scheme.

Back in the present, Victor will lay out some reasonable terms in case Michael decides he wants to join Newman Media when the time is right.

After Victor leaves, Michael will discuss the idea of having other job options complicates things. He’ll want to get a grip on what his life would be like if he’s not putting criminals behind bars.

Lauren will admit she called for reinforcements while Victor and Michael were talking, so Gloria Fisher-Bardwell (Judith Chapman), Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) and Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) will all arrive.

Gloria will think back on some rocky times since she wasn’t always a good mother, but she’ll think she’s grown into her role as Michael and Kevin’s “fabulous if unconventional maternal figure.”

There’ll be some laughs after a flashback of Gloria popping out of a giant Christmas gift box.

Michael will think back to a promise he made hospitalized Kevin about being a better brother, but Kevin will want to focus on the future.

They’ll ultimately move on and discuss Michael’s dilemma: to retire or not to retire.

Gloria, Kevin and Chloe will all have strong opinions on what path Michael should take now that he’s at a crossroads.

Chloe will be all for retirement, but Kevin will think Michael’s going to drive them all crazy with so much extra time on his hands.

Gloria will back Kevin up and point out that she’s much too young to be the mother of a retiree!

If Michael doesn’t want to be the DA anymore, Gloria will insist he has to get some other job.

Chloe will contend that it’s Michael’s life and get everyone to agree that they’ll support him no matter what he decides.

After the rest of the gang leaves, Michael will admit that Lauren’s opinion is the only one that really matters to him.

Michael will think back on their first kiss along with some wedding vows and a memory of when Lauren was pregnant.

Michael will point out that his greatest legacy will be his family. He’ll recall when Fenmore “Fen” Baldwin (Zach Tinker) gave them a compass to thank his parents for guiding him and saving his life.

In the end, Michael will decide it’s clear he needs to retire so that he can spend more time with Lauren.

Michael will be positive about that choice and will enjoy a dance with Lauren as Y&R offers some romantic flashbacks.

After Lauren reflects on their adventure so far, Michael will insist they’re just getting started!

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Michael and Lauren will only get stronger as a couple from here, so stay tuned for their next chapter.

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