This Is Us Recap 02/22/22: Season 6 Episode 6 “Our Little Island Girl: Part Two”

This Is Us Recap 02/22/22: Season 6 Episode 6 "Our Little Island Girl: Part Two"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us with an all-new Tuesday, February 22, 2022,  episode  and we have you This Is Us recap below. On tonight’s This Is Us season 6 episode 6 called, “Our Little Island Girl: Part Two,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Beth prepares her dancers for the first big dance recital at her new job.”

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Tonight’s This Is Us episode begins with a younger Beth with her father and he tells her that she is one of a kind, then we fast forward to present day when Beth is looking around a dance school for a new job and gets offered the position. Later, she tells Randall that there are 200 applicants for the school with only 15 spots. Randall tells her to trust her gut, it never steered her wrong.

Beth chooses her 15 applicants, it is day one and she tells the dancers that they have an opportunity to show their hard work at their fall showcase which could lead to an apprenticeship with a professional dance company.

Kate and Kevin, Sophie are home when Rebecca walks in with her date, Matt. Miguel walks in and she introduces him as a family friend. Rebecca invites Matt for Thanksgiving, he says he is going to bring his famous pumpkin pie from the grocery store. Kate says this isn’t going to be awkward at all.

Present day, Kevin is making waffles for breakfast, Kate is there with Elijah and Madison, Kevin is trying to show Madison that he is supportive of her dating. Kevin brings up Thanksgiving and asks Elijah if he has plans for the holidays, he says it will be quiet. Toby walks in, but he is in a meeting on his ear pods. Kevin invites Elijah and Madison to the taping of this show.

Beth and Randall are dating, they are at a restaurant. She sees her old ballet teacher and hasn’t seen him since she quit dance. She tells Randall that she saw her teacher every day from 12 to 17, she was his favorite until she started struggling and then he just dropped her. When her dad died he didn’t even pick up the phone. She gets up and goes over to her old teacher, it has been 23 months since they spoke. She chokes and doesn’t ask him anything, she tells Randall she wants to leave the restaurant.

Present day, the dance school is closed but Stacey, one of the dancers is practicing on her own when Beth walks in and shows her how to do a pirouette like her old dance teacher showed her. Stacey asks Beth why she picked her, she is not the best, Beth says because she saw a fire in her.

Kevin and Kate sit down, Sophie is not in the room. He tells her that he met a girl, she is really cool and they started hanging out. He messed up one time with her. Kate asks him how he could do this to Sophie, he says he knows, he can’t even look her in the face because of the guilt. Kate tells him to tell the truth.

Toby, Kate, Madison and Elijah are on set. Toby gets a business call and walks to the side. Kevin brings up Thanksgiving to Madison and Kate, Kate tells him that she doesn’t want to go to the cabin, she wants to spend Thanksgiving in town with Elijah and the twins.

Sophie tells Kate that Kevin is being weird, she feels something is wrong. Kate tries to reassure her that everything it ok. Miguel and Rebecca brine the turkey, Sophie walks in and tells her that she is happy about her dating Matt. Sophie confronts Kevin and asks him if he is mad at her for something. He says he made a horrible mistake that he will regret for this rest of his life, it happened one time and it didn’t mean anything.

She asks if it is the girl from his acting class, he says yes. She says she knew that something was wrong, she even asked Kate. He says he only told Kate because it was eating him up and she is shocked to learn that Kate knew. Sophie packs her backs, Kate sees her leaving and Sophie tells her sarcastically thanks for having her back. Kate goes to see Kevin who is crying, she sits beside him, he puts his head on her shoulder.

Kevin is finished on set, he confronts Madison about Thanksgiving and asks her if she is trying to keep the kids away from him, and she is selfish to keep the kids away from his mother on what could be her last Thanksgiving. Kevin walks away, Kate follows him. Kevin asks her why she didn’t have her back.

It is time for Beth’s fall showcase, she is really nervous. Stacey falls during her performance, Beth walks over and tells her that she is going to sit with her on the stage until everyone leaves one by one, or she can get up and start again, and she will wait for her to take her bow. Randall turns to his girls and tells them to look at the mother now and never forget how incredible she is.

Kevin drops by to see Madison, he tells her to celebrate Thanksgiving however she wants to celebrate it. She tells him that he was good on stage, he stole the show. As Kevin is leaving, Elijah goes outside to talk to Kevin, he tells him that he is painfully aware that people see him as the nice guy. He is also realizes that Madison is eons out of his league, but she likes him. He tells him that he is going nowhere.

Present day, Beth calls her old ballet teacher. She tells him about her new position, he says he always knew she would go far. She tells him that it meant everything to be her favorite, but when her dad died and she couldn’t perform to his standards, he cast her to the side without a word of comfort or explanation. He says it wasn’t his job to coddle her, it was his job to teach her technique. She goes on to say what he took from her, and she is taking it back.

Fast forward, Beth receives mail from Stacey, she is in the Houston ballet and performing in the Nutcracker.