This Is Us Recap 03/15/22: Season 6 Episode 8 “The Guitar Man”

This Is Us Recap 03/15/22: Season 6 Episode 8 "The Guitar Man"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us with an all-new Tuesday, March 15, 2022,  episode  and we have you This Is Us recap below. On tonight’s This Is Us season 6 episode 8 called, “The Guitar Man,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Kevin takes the twins to the cabin in hopes of proving himself as a father.”

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In tonight’s This Is Us episode, a young Kevin wants to jump off the diving board at thee city pool. Jack takes him into thee water to teach him how to swim first. Later, a teenage Kate and Randall find a drunk Kevin at the pool sitting on the diving board.

In the present time, Rebecca tells the kids to go and live their life and do big things because she is sick.

Kevin tells his coworkers as well as Randall and Kate he is going to the cabin with the twins. They all think he is crazy. Later, Kevin arrives to see construction at the cabins. He isn’t happy with Cassidy. She isn’t having a good time either. It isn’t until dinner that they apologize to one another.

They play monopoly after dinner. Kevin remembers playing with his family. Cassidy’s son interrupts his thoughts to ask if he can use this guitar. After they all go to bed Kevin gets a call their has been a car accident. He checks Cassidy’s bed. She isn’t in it.

A young Kevin has to pass a swim test with Jack so he can go off of the diving board. Later, he sits on the floor of the swimming pool that is now empty. He is drunk as a teenager with Kate and Randall. He is upset Sophie broke up with him.

Kevin and Nick arrive to talk with Cassidy’s doctor. She hit a utility pole but will be all right. She wasn’t drunk and refused pain killers.

Kevin is veery nonchalant about Cassidy having such a hard time and being in an accident. Outside, Nick gives him a lecture. Cassidy needs help and friends. She isn’t one to ask. Kevin goes back inside. He buys her a card and sits and waits in the waiting room. He vents to a man in the waiting room about being a good man. Is he a good man or he is trying to be a good man. He isn’t sure. The man in the waiting room doesn’t seem at all interested in talking to him.

Back at the pool, a young Kevin tells Rebecca Jack tried to drown him. She laughs and explains why he needs swimming lessons. A present day Kevin finally gets to see Cassidy. Her face is all bruised and cut up. He sits at her bedside while she tells him about the dark times she has been having. She did have fun with all of them and then she couldn’t sleep so she went for a drive. She cries. He tears up. Nick comes in and hugs her.

Kevin sits and talks with Cassidy’s son and reassures him his mom is all right. They make her a card together to cheer her up. As they paint, Kevin tells him how he copes with troubles with little hobbies. Cassidy’s ex comes and picks up his son later, shaking Kevin’s hand.

Later, Kevin checks on the construction project before he heads to see Cassidy. He and Nick tell her they have a VA specialist she can work with. After he sits and enjoys the cabin with the twins telling them about Jack.

Cassidy comes home. Kevin shows her a new space for her to rest and recoup. He tells Nick and her he wants to hire more of her crew, veterans, to build more homes. He heads back home with the twins on the plane, making the trip like a pro with both the kids. He is getting there, he thinks.