This Is Us Recap 04/05/22: Season 6 Episode 11 “Saturday In The Park”

This Is Us Recap 04/05/22: Season 6 Episode 11 "Saturday In The Park"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us with an all-new Tuesday, April 5, 2022,  episode and we have you This Is Us recap below. On tonight’s This Is Us season 6 episode 11 called, “Saturday In The Park,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Rebecca and Miguel’s anniversary barbecue does not go as planned.

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Tonight’s This is Us episode begins with Kate and Toby who are arguing, she is refusing to move to San Francisco but wants to take a bigger teaching job in LA. Jack makes a sound in his crib ad they both go in to check on him. Its Saturday, they take Jack for a walk to the park, he is using his stick and Kate is trying to teach him to count his steps. Toby pushes Jack on the swing, he tells Kate that he misses his laugh.

We go back to when the kids were young, Jack is tying to get the kids to finish their meals. Rebecca comes in the kitchen all dressed up, they are going out for their anniversary.

Present day, Rebecca and Miguel are celebrating their anniversary. Kevin asks where Toby is, Kate says he is avoiding her. Kevin says he kind of heard them arguing, she says yes, it’s because Toby thinks she over parents and he is never there. Toby walks in, Kevin and Kate are laughing and he asks what is going on. Kevin says he was cheering up Kate, she calls him an idiot. Everyone leaves Toby and Kate alone.

He wants to know if Kate told Kevin about their fight, she tells him that he overheard. Randall and Beth arrive for the 10th anniversary party, they came without the girls. Kate gives Randall a big hug and tells him that she is glad he is there. Kate starts to cry. She says every day she wakes up and thinks this is the day she and Toby won’t fight, and they do. Randall tells her that they are going to make it through this. Beth calls Kate into the kitchen, there is a leak in the celing.

We go back to Rebecca and Jack’s anniversary, they are out for dinner and she is so excited, it is there first night out in six years. At home, the kids are winding down and are in the bed, but Kevin tells the babysitter that he is not going to sleep, he doesn’t like her.

Randall is with Kevin, they go to Madison’s house and she is about to take the kids to music class, she tells Kevin he is two hours early. Kevin goes in the bedroom to say hi to Elijah and finds him there going through her jewelry, he was trying to size one of her rings.

Toby is in the kitchen to fix the leak and Kate says she told him to call the plumber. He says they couldn’t afford it at the time, she replies that it will cost more money now and he replies that it is a good thing he has a good paying job now that she resents so much. Jack starts crying, Rebecca takes him to the other room to put his shoes on. Toby is outside with Beth, she gives him a drink and he apologizes for the scene. She says she blames Kevin, she almost killed Randall when he lived with them. Then she says the long distance is hard, but she and Randall made it through.

Rebecca and Jack are still at dinner, she tells him that she should cut her hair like Princess Diana. Jack then gets a call from the babysitter.

Kevin is in the car with Randall, he tells him that it doesn’t make sense that Elijah is going to propose to Madison. Randall reminds him that he just said earlier that he was at peace in his life. Randall asks if he loves her, he says he doesn’t know but they genuinely enjoy each other’s company and thought of her marrying someone else doesn’t make him feel good. Randall tells him not to make rash romantic gestures, no text messages.

Toby is outside doing a BBQ, Kate is in the house putting pots and pans to grab the water leaking when the ceiling in the bedroom falls through with all the water. Toby puts down Jack in his playroom but forgets to lock the gate. The doorbell rings, it is the plumber. Kate shows him where the leak started and Jack gets out of his room, puts his rubber boots on, takes his walking stick and heads out the door by himself.

Toby notices the gate unlocked and starts shouting Jack’s name, he looks around and can’t find him. Kate asks him what is going on and Toby realizes that he didn’t lock the gate. Everyone starts searching for Jack. Meanwhile, Jack is alone and about to cross a street. Kate goes to go outside and she recalls that she taught Jack how to open the door and she forgot to lock it. Jack is still walking outside. Rebecca notices that his rubber boots are missing, she runs outside and tells Kate that he went to the park as she starts running towards the park. Jack arrives at the park, he puts down his walking stick and runs. Rebecca is in the park, she is shouting his name when she sees him on the ground, he fell down and two adults are over him.

Jack and Rebecca are home, Jack lets the babysitter out of the closet, she was locked in there for over an hour. Jack asks the kids what happened, Kate says Joanie yelled at Kevin for not sleeping. Kevin admits he did it, he doesn’t like that Joanie calls Kate Chatty Kathy. Jack tells them they can’t do that because someone hurt Kate’s feelings.

Jack is in the hospital, he has a gash on his forehead and needs stitches but he is going to be ok otherwise. Going home, in the car, Kate is sitting in the back with Jake, Toby is driving. They arrive home and put Jack to bed, Rebecca tells Kate that he is ok.

Toby tells Kate that he thought the gate was locked. She tells him that she told him repeatedly to listen to the click. He blames her for yelling, he couldn’t hear the click. He reminds her that she left the door unlocked and showed jack how to open the door. They are outside, she is shouting at him. Toby is yelling as well and calls her irresponsible. She tells him that she is the only parent in this family. He asks her if she even wants him to move back to LA. He says he feels judged and blamed every day. Randall and Kevin drive up, both tell Toby to stop. Toby looks at the three of them and says there it is, perfect, how it has always ben – sarcastically meaning the three of them.

Kevin goes back to Madisons to see the kids, they are sleeping, but what happened to Jack made him want to see them, she understands. He tells her to have a good night and leaves. She goes outside and asks him if he is ok, he says yes, he was at the house earlier filling out all the intake forms and he realized that she is still his emergency contact, maybe he should change it to Randall. She is officially released from his emergency contact duties. She tells him that she thinks that Elijah is going to propose to her, he asks how she feels. She asks him if he can handle the truth, she is excited and really loves him. he says it makes him very happy. She tells him that she is the mother of his children and will be his emergency contact for as long as he needs.

Toby is home, there is a hole in the kitchen ceiling, he looks up at it. Randall is in the backyard with Randall who says the party blew. Kevin jokingly says that he eloped with Madison and they laugh. Kate walks out, she says she has never been better. The three of them sit together, she tells them that jack told the doctors that he went to the park because that is where mommy and daddy are happy.

Toby looks over Jack, Rebecca is there and gives him a reassuring touch on the arm. Toby is alone in the room with Jack, he starts crying. Rebecca looks outside and sees the three kids outside together.

Jack and Rebecca are in the bed with the kids, he says the ruined their night. She says no, they looked out for each other. Kevin was protecting Kate and Randall jumped in to protect Kevin, she couldn’t ask for a better gift.

Kate tells her brothers that she doesn’t know if Toby and her are going to make it.