Unexpected Recap 04/17/22: Season 5 Episode 7 “Nursery Nonsense”

Unexpected Recap 04/17/22: Season 5 Episode 7 "Nursery Nonsense"

Tonight on TLC their reality show looking at teenage pregnancy and parenthood Unexpected airs with an all-new Sunday, April 17, 2022 episode and we have your Unexpected recap below.  In tonight’s Unexpected season 5 episode 7 called, “Nursery Nonsense,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Kylen’s parents come over for a BBQ, but Jason has other plans for him and Kylen. Emerysn gives birth. Jenna tells her sister about her idea to move out — without Aden. Family drama ensues when Tiarra posts a picture of her nursery on social media.”

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In tonight’s Unexpected episode, things are different now that Kylen and her boyfriend Jason are almost due to have their baby. Jason was often childish, to begin with. He was now even more so. He treats Kylen like a toy and he doesn’t wish to share her with anyone. Not even her parents. Jason didn’t see why they wanted to hang around their daughter or why they were coming over to help prepare for the baby.

He just wanted them out of the picture. He said he doesn’t like around because they treat him like a child and then go and act like a child. It’s the oddest thing. Jason and Kylen spent a lot of time around his friends. He was fine with being around his friends. He said they have to spend as much time with them as possible because the baby was almost here and he wouldn’t see them for about a year once the baby was born.

Kylen then used that to justify why her parents should come over. Kylen was going to be busy with the baby. She wants her parents’ support and they want to be supportive. The parents mentioned in their confessional that they would spend more time with Kylen if they could. Her mother especially wants to be there to help with the baby and the only reason she’s staying away is Jason. Jason doesn’t want them around.

He thinks pushing his in-laws away will make him feel grown-up, but he has no idea what they really entail and he won’t. Not until the baby’s born. Then it will be all hands on deck and Jason would practically be begging Kylen’s parents for their help.

Then there’s Tiarra. Tiarra and her baby are doing fine. She went to the hospital after her doctors became concerned with her iron and they had worried the baby wasn’t getting enough oxygen, but she got to the hospital. They checked the baby. The baby was fine and she was cleared to travel back to Maryland. Tiarra went back to Maryland with Dee. She got everything ready for the new baby and she made peace with her sister.

Tyra apologized for not letting a very pregnant Tiarra use her car. It was an emergency situation and Tyra felt bad about it afterward. She apologized and Tiarra accepted it. She did so because knows if the roles were reversed that she would have apologized.

Emersyn was having her baby tonight. The showed picked up with her up at the hospital. She had gotten induced and she was waiting for movement while her boyfriend Mason fell asleep. Not only did he fall asleep, but it was such a deep sleep that nothing and no one could wake him. Emersyn tried.

Her mom tried. Nothing. It all led to nothing. Mason continued to sleep on as Emersyn began feeling the need to push and so she called for a nurse. The nurse was helping to prepare her and Emersyn’s mom was on the phone with her. The mother wishes she could be. Only she had her own baby several weeks ago. And so mom had to guide Emersyn over the phone.

Mason was still sleeping away during all of this. He was sleeping while Jason was fighting. Jason later both sets of parents that he wanted to move out. He wants to live in an apartment with his pregnant girlfriend and have it just be them. Jason thinks Kylen’s parents would stop complaining about their lack of quality time with their daughter if Jason was also moving away from his parents. Jason also kept telling them that his problem is their pushiness. Mind you, these are the same people that allowed Kylen to move in with him. They’ve also kept their distance because they knew the young couple doesn’t want them around.

Only, Jason’s parents aren’t like him. They understand where Kylen’s parents are coming from. They all want to be involved in their grandchild’s life and it was beginning to feel like Jason wanted to shun them all. Jason couldn’t wait to move away. He wanted to see his friends more than their loved ones and so he was still acting like a kid. He keeps telling everyone he’s an adult and then he goes act like a kid. And he wasn’t the only one because Mason falling asleep during labor wasn’t his best idea. He woke up around the same time that Emersyn started screaming and that’s when the kid became shocked about all the screaming. He hadn’t known it would be like that.

Mason stayed in the room, though. He toughed it out. He later met his son and he wouldn’t have traded that for anything.

Jenna and Aden however weren’t as happy as they used to be. Jenna was even looking at getting a place for herself that didn’t include Aden and so she’s seeing a future without him in it.

And Tiarra is warring with her cousin Taylor. Tiarra had seemingly stolen Taylor’s baby registry and her theme of what she wanted the nursery to look like. Tiarra was denying it of course. She claims she always had that idea. She said she wasn’t in the wrong. Taylor hit back that this wasn’t the first time that Tiara has done this. But the only person who knows would be whoever sent up their registries.