1000-lb Best Friends Recap 01/25/23: Season 2 Episode 4 “Take the Long Weigh Home”

1000-lb Best Friends Recap 01/25/23: Season 2 Episode 4 "Take the Long Weigh Home"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series 1000-lb Best Friends airs with an all-new Monday, January 25, 2023, Season 2 Episode 4 Finale and we have your 1000-lb Best Friends recap below. On tonight’s 1000-lb Best Friends season, 1 episode 8 called “Take the Long Weigh Home,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Ashely is anxious about her Dr. Procter appointment, and Vannessa tries to get Jacob’s weight loss on track.

Tina and the gang move back into their home, and Meghan focuses on getting wedding dress ready after announcing that she’s getting married.”

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In tonight’s 1000-lb Best Friends episode, Ashley got some news that was life changing. She wanted to tell her friends right away and so she invited them to a new tea spot. It was usually Meghan that invited them to do something weird, but it was Ashley this time. Her spot specialized in boba tea.

There were barely anything on the menu that was sugar free. The ladies thought they were playing it safe by ordering something with “pearls”. They didn’t know that it explodes in the mouth and Tina said it was like she imagined eating an eyeball felt like. The tea shop was a bust. Only it did give Ashley the courage to announce she got fired.

Ashley was let go. She needs to go looking for a new job. But her friends knew that a setback like that was sometimes used as an excuse to backslide on their diet. Ashley was doing so well with her diet and no one wanted her to risk it. She was already pushing the limits with the boba tea. Her friends told her to keep her head up. They said they would be there for her and that was hard to do because there was a lot going on with them as well. Tina and her family and Meghan and her man were forced into sharing a hotel room.

There was limited space. There was a line to the bathroom. Meghan even had to line the toilet with pee pads that were typically for dogs and yet she used them at the hotel because the men keep missing the toilet. They keep getting pee on the floor. Meghan thought if she lined the place with pee pads that it would help her stop stepping in pee. Only she hadn’t told Tina about the reasons for the pads until Tina stepped on the pee pads and she walked right into the pee. Tina didn’t find out until she was sharing the bathroom with Meghan.

They both had to pee. Tina was toilet and Meghan had to pee in the shower. One can imagine the mess they made and the unfortunate maids that have to clean it up. But they made it through their hotel stay. They rushed back into the house. They didn’t care the house was in no state for them to move back. They didn’t have flooring. They had to sleep on air mattresses. There was only one functional bathroom at the house and it was Tina’s bathroom. This meant they still had to share. Which was a problem because Meghan spends a lot of time in there.

Meghan spends so much time in the bathroom that it barely gives anyone else a chance. There was also other things that were an issue. Take for example Meghan’s room. She was a pack rat before the flooding and its only gotten worse since the flooding. There were too many containers and boxes for one room to take. It was overflowing. It was a mess. It also was creating strain for Tina and Johnie. Those two were struggling. Their marriage was at a point where Johnie discussed leaving one day with the cameras.

Johnie wants Meghan and Jon to move out. He didn’t want the couple living with his family forever. He wanted there to be a time limit. He wanted them to move out because he said it was putting stress on his marriage and he said if they didn’t leave that he might be the one to do so. The hotel stay had added unnecessary stress to the situation. It just cemented how Johnie felt. He doesn’t want Meghan and Jon to be around all the time. He wants his own space for his family. He basically told Tina that the couple has to go and she was pushing back on that.

Tina loves Meghan. Meghan has been a part of her life since she was thirteen years old. She didn’t want to risk their friendship by kicking her out and yet she was risking her marriage by not doing so. As for Meghan, the hotel stay had brought her closer to her fiancé. Jon talked to her about getting married again. They settled on a date and so they were finally going to tie the knot. Meghan later announced it to her friends. She noticed that Vannessa seemed off. She suspected that Vannessa might be jealous of her getting married.

Meghan said she’s dealt with it before when she was losing weight. It was Vannessa who was the one struggling the most at the time and now that Vannessa has gotten better about her own health – Megan believed her upcoming marriage was a new reason for Vannessa to be jealous. Vannessa on the other hand didn’t seem jealous when she was talking in her confessional. If anything, she didn’t think Jon was right for Meghan. Meghan has to remind him to eat and even to go to work. Vannessa thought it was like Meghan has to baby him.

Vannessa didn’t want that. She already has children. She was in fact trying to help her son get into shape. Her son Jacob was recently diagnosed a diabetic because he was obese. The doctor advised him to lose some weight and Jacob actually took that warning seriously. He stopped eating sweets and junk food. He started working out with his mom and now Vannessa has a workout ally when she was home. And she could turn to her friends when she leaves the house to join them doing something fun.

They all did a workout together at a new place. Ashley was hoping that would be enough to help her qualify for surgery with Dr. Proctor and it wasn’t good. She didn’t lose enough to qualify for surgery. She felt embarrassed about that. It also didn’t help with her feelings of being a failure. She lost her job and wasn’t losing weight. And so Dr. Proctor had a serious talk with her.

He told her that surgery might not be it for her.

And if wasn’t, she had no clue what her next option will be.