1000-lb Best Friends Recap 02/15/23: Season 2 Episode 7 ” Right Here Weighting for You”

1000-lb Best Friends Recap 02/15/23: Season 2 Episode 7 " Right Here Weighting for You"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series 1000-lb Best Friends airs with an all-new Wednesday, February 15, 2023, Season 2 Episode 7 and we have your 1000-lb Best Friends recap below. On tonight’s 1000-lb Best Friends season, 2 episode 7 is called “Right Here Weighting for You,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Fit Farm is finally over, and Ashely and Tina meet with Dr. Procter to hopefully get approved for surgery. Meanwhile, Meghan moves full speed ahead with choosing a wedding venue and picking her cake, while Vannessa lets off steam riding a mechanical bull!”

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Tonight’s 1000-lb Best Friends, episode begins with Tina, who jumps in the pool. Everything that Crystal said spoke to her, deeply. She needs to shed her skin and the next best thing is to shed her clothes. She says she puts everyone first and puts herself on the back burner. She is going to be free, and what’s next, is surgery. She is done with the fear, she is going to move forward. She has always been afraid of surgery, but she can’t let that hold her back all the time. She wants to live in a skinny world. Tina takes off the rest of her clothes and is naked in the pool.

Vanessa takes off her clothes and joins her, then Ashely as well. Ashely hopes that if she gets approved for surgery, she will have the same confidence. Vanessa says she is getting so thin that her fat is floating. She has confidence in her weight loss, but she needs to get the extra skin removed. Megan joins the group, she can’t believe she is taking off her top, but if Tina can step out of her comfort zone, then so she can. The women all say that it has been the most amazing time being together at this place.

The next day, the women go see Kris. First, it is a weigh-in. All of the women lost five pounds or more.

Meghan goes to a place called Cake by Anna to do some cake tasting. Meghan and John love online gaming and role-playing, and she wants to bring everything that is them. Anna suggests a dragon wrapped around the cake. Meghan is hoping that the cake doesn’t make her spiral, although she is trying only the healthy options. Meghan is so excited, she found one she liked.

Vanessa and Ashely go to a bar and try to stick to the lower-calorie drinks. Vanessa is there to get a little bit of attention and maybe someone to go home with. Vanessa can walk up to anyone and spark up a conversation, Ashely is different, it is not as easy for her and she is always worried about rejection.

Vanessa says she doesn’t want to sit at the bar and be a spinster. Vanessa looks over at the bull and asks Ashely if she wants to ride it. No way, Vanessa is not interested. Vanessa wants to do it, but Ashely walks away and says she is getting another drink. Ashely sees a flyer at the bar, “Drag Queen Confidence,” and she thinks her girls can use it. Meanwhile, Vanessa is getting herself ready to get on that bull. Everyone in the beer cheers Vanessa on, nobody judges her, and she felt like a normal person – then she falls and everyone claps.

The next day, the women go to the theatre to watch the “Drag Queen Confidence.” Santana Manhattan is a confidence coach, life is hard and everyone needs confidence, and that is why he created this course. The ladies really enjoy it, they learn how to walk, talk and pose with confidence. All the women feel like they walked away with more confidence.

Ashely has her appointment with Dr. Proctor, Tina is with her. Ashely tells him about the fit farm, she cut out sodas, she got used to the water and she liked the workout routine, and now she is walking. Tina says she started walking a mile every day, now she is walking two miles a day. Dr. Proctor invites them to a 5k run, Tina says yes and Ashely reluctantly gives in and says yes for Tina. Ashely has been walking but not that far.

Weigh in time, Ashely goes first and she is under 350 pounds, she hugs Tina. Now it is Tiina’s turn, she is excited to show Dr. Proctor that she did what she was supposed to do, she weighs 289 pounds. Two great weigh-ins. Dr. Proctor says they surpassed their goals. Ashely gets the go-ahead, she is going to have her second surgery. Ashely is so happy, she feels like she has been given a second chance, and she can maybe have a family. Tina doesn’t get approval and is shocked with Dr. Proctor tells her that even though she lost the weight, she won’t move forward.