American Idol Recap 03/05/23: Season 6 Episode 3 “Auditions”

American Idol Recap 03/05/23: Season 6 Episode 3 "Auditions"

It’s another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Sunday, March 5, 2023, season 6 episode 3 called “Auditions” and we have your weekly American Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 6 episode 3 as per the ABC synopsis, “With help from superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, viewers embark on a nationwide search across New Orleans, Las Vegas and Nashville to find the next singing sensation. 

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Tonight’s episode begins with judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lion Richie returning to the judges desk.

Sara Beth is 25 years old and three children, and is ready to perform for the judges. She us singing “You Know I’m No good,” by Amy Winehouse, and “Benny And The Jets,” by Elton John.

Katy says accidental American Idol, she is coming strip coming to life. Luke says he loves it because she doesn’t know what she is doing there. Lionel says there is an artist that needs to come out. Luke says yes. Lionel tells her she has to take it seriously, it is a no. Katy says yes, she guesses. She is going to Hollywood, Katy says she is in the dream now.

Tanner Charles is 20 years old, he is a valet from Oklahoma and brought his girlfriend with him. He tells Ryan Seacrest that he is going to sing an original song that he wrote for his girlfriend, “Golden Eyes,” and Katy his him bring her in the room, her name is Delaney.

Katy says they are meant for each other, that was exceptional, he is an artist. Lionel says the hardest thing to do is to sing to someone he loves. Luke says he is one of the best he has seen tell a story and soar. Its three yes votes, he is going to Hollywood.

Mikey Burson is 22 years old, a server from Nashville and he brought his mom with him who will be playing the piano. He is singing, “Cold As Ice,” by Foreigner.

Lionel says mom is talented on the piano. Luke says its got the feels of being loungy. Katy thinks he is in the discovery phase of his life, she is no. Lionel would love to take him to the next level, he says yes. Luke says no, but he is in the right steps.

Adin Boyer is 22 years old from California and was on track to be a concert pianist, he wants to being awareness to being neurodiverse. He will be singing an original song, “Pridiciment.”

Lionel says he can listen to that all night, it was incredible. Katy wonders what else he can do. Luke says it is some of the best piano playing he has ever heard. Katy is rolling the dice, it is yes. Luke says he should keep playing the piano and keep his vocals centred. All three says yes, he is going to Hollywood.

We Ani is 25 years old from New York and she has a really high speaking voice. She is singing “Anyone,” by Demi Lovato.

Lionel says she is amazing, this is ridiculous. Katy says way to throw the curveball. Luke says she has an amazing voice. There yes votes, she is going through.

Marybeth Byrd is 21 years old from Armorel, AR and she is a radio host. She is singing, “If It Hadn’t Been For Love,” by The Steeldrivers.

Lionel says she opened her mouth and it was correct. Luke says had it from the first note. Katy loved it. Marybeth tells Katy that she inspires her to be herself. Luke says yes, yes. Katy is OMG yes. Lionel is goodness gracious yes. She is going to Hollywood.

Olivia Sole is 25 years old from Los Angeles, CA and she is going to sing and play “Hello,” by Lionel Ritchie.

Lionel get up and says he wants to rush the artist. He was praying that she would own it and she did, best so far in this audition. Luke thought it was tremendous, a really strong audition. Katie says she is ready and they are going to push her harder than others because they know there is a diamond in there, or a ruby. She is going to Hollywood.

Preston Duffee is 21 years old from Hartsville,SC and he wrote this original song after his mother died. He is singing, “Something To Write About.”

The judges all stand up. Lionel says song writing is a skill, and he has it, very well done. Katy says it is like looking at a young Luke Bryant. Luke says he has a real bright future as a song writer. Three yes votes, he is going forward.

Emma Busse is 20 years old and she is there with her mom, a musical theatre teacher. She is going to sing, “Goodbye Yellowbrick Road,” by Elton John.

Katy thinks she has to get all the Broadway out of her. The slow bravado have to go. She sings Happy Birthday with no bravado and the judges love it. She is going to Hollywood.

Keelin lives in New York but is from Ireland. She is singing an original song called “Don’t Call Me.”

Lionel says her songwriting is amazing. Luke says she has to focus on her high end notes. Katy says that song shows promise for her. Lionel says she is memorable and wants to see where she can go. Luke says no. Katy says yes and so does Lionel. She is going to Hollywood.

Elijah McCormick is 21 years old and has been singing since he was six, but started loving it in high school and he thought his dream was over when he was in a car accident. He is singing “Bless The Broken Road,” by Rascal Flatts.

The judges get up, Lionel says it was so good. Luke goes over and hugs him, so does Lionel. Then, Katy for a bigger hug. Luke says the last person that he saw approaching singing like him was Willie Spence. Lionel says he is so grateful that he is there with them. Katy says this is the beginning of his story. Elijah is going to Hollywood.