Chicago Fire Recap 02/15/23: Season 11 Episode 13 “The Man of the Moment”

Chicago Fire Recap 02/15/23: Season 11 Episode 13 "The Man of the Moment"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, February 15, 2023, season 11 episode 13 called, “The Man of the Moment” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 13 as per the NBC synopsis, “Firehouse 51 helps Herrmann put on a school fundraiser; Carver’s troubled brother comes to town; a grateful citizen is determined to thank Brett and Severide for saving his life.”

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In tonight’s Chicago Fire episode, Hermann’s wife Cindy was ill. She has cancer. She had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor and they couldn’t remove all of it and so the doctors suggested chemotherapy next. They were hoping that would help shrink what was left of the tumor. But Cindy was being realistic about her situation. She knew she could die. She wanted to get her affairs in order. She was checking up on their life insurance policy and staying on top of Hermann to make sure that he had everything with the kids handled. Cindy’s biggest concern wasn’t dying. Who will take care of her family with her gone?

Hermann wasn’t ready to face that possibility just yet. He was trying to remain optimistic. He was handling the things that Cindy usually dealt with and that included helping with a school fundraiser. Hermann thought he’d have no problem with filling Cindy’s shoes. He didn’t realize until much later how much Cindy actually does. Her fundraiser was building gift baskets on top of donating time. Hermann wanted to handle the whole thing himself. His friends on the other hand knew that that school would go bankrupt if it was left up to Hermann.

Hermann’s best friend Mouch tried to step in. He offered his help. Hermann turned down his offer because he was that sure he could handle it and everyone knows he couldn’t do it on his own. He could barely do it with help. His doing it alone would just end in disaster and so that’s why Mouch tried to protect him. Mouch ended up going to Chief Boden. He asked Boden to order Hermann to accept help. He said Hermann would have no way of turning him down if the boss ordered it and unfortunately Boden said he couldn’t do that.

Boden realized that Hermann was going through a process. Hermann has to come to them for help. Hermann realized this when he tried building a perfect basket on his own. Gallo and Ritter saw it and they were brutal in saying the many ways in which that basket sucked. Hermann had put in a broken nozzle as well as Cap’s shirt because it said “squad” on it. Cap hadn’t washed that shirt. Hermann just literally asked for it right off of Cap’s body and Cap handed it to him no questions asked.

Hermann’s daughter Annabelle was hanging around the firehouse. He would ask for her opinion and she would ignore him because she was too into her phone. She also frightened the younger firefighters. She called Cap gross for taking off his shirt. Everyone was pretty much on edge around her and she wasn’t the only cause for concern. Carver started acting out after his brother tracked him down. Carver had admitted to his lieutenant that his brother threw him into a fire as a kid because he thought it would be funny to watch his little brother burn. And now Nathan needs his help.

Nathan had tracked him down because he needs money. He started his own investment firm. It went bankrupt and their parents invested everything they had in it. They even took out a mortgage on their house because they were trying to keep Nathan solvent. Not that Nathan showed any gratitude. Nathan had thought his brother joining the Fire Department was because Carver wasn’t smart enough to go to college. Only he still wanted Carver’s money. Nathan was demanding all of Carver’s savings because he figured it was the least Carver could do for his family.

Nathan completely forgot about almost killing his brother. He just wanted the money and Carver was going to give it to him because he wanted to keep their parents safe. He was in the process of handing over a check when Kidd surprised him. Kidd told him they received a prestigious award for saving Detective Pryma’s life. The city of Chicago was going to be thanking them in an official ceremony and so that finally shut up Nathan and all it took was Kidd getting involved. Kidd knew that her own husband wasn’t too big on her helping Carver, but Carver appreciated her gesture.

Not that it helps with Carver’s growing crush on his boss. He and everyone else at the station also stepped in to help Hermann once Hermann finally admitted he was overwhelmed. He realized that part when he fell asleep at work. His wife hasn’t been sleeping well and so he wasn’t sleeping well either because he wanted to stay up to support her. Only falling asleep when he did ensure he was still sleeping when his youngest got let out of school. His son was in the third grade. Luckily for him, another parent saw the kid and they brought him to the fire station because they thought something happened to derail Hermann.

Another lucky thing was that Mouch stopped asking to help. He and the others bulldozed their way in and assisted Hermann with the baskets. They also came up with a grand prize. They were going to allow someone on a ride-along with them.

And right when they were presenting the ride-along, Hermann found out the man was actually his son’s girlfriend’s father and that he wanted to set rules for the kids. But Hermann threw the best fundraiser when someone they saved had gone on to donate money to the school. It was a huge check. The school surpassed its initial dream. And everything was going well until Carver suddenly snapped at Kidd.

Kidd now doesn’t believe he’ll be a good fit at their firehouse because of what Carver said to her.