Chicago Med Recap 03/22/23: Season 8 Episode 16 “What You See Isn’t Always What You Get”

Chicago Med Recap 03/22/23: Season 8 Episode 16 "What You See Isn’t Always What You Get"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, March 22, 2023, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season, 8 episode 16 called, “What You See Isn’t Always What You Get,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Will and Nellie struggle to diagnose a patient with a rare disorder. CFD and Med staff work to free a paranoid father trapped in the MRI suite. Kai gets an ego check.

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In tonight’s Chicago Med episode, Lilliana was a nice person. Dr. Daniel Charles seems to like her a lot. He even started cleaning up after himself because now he doesn’t want Lilliana to see his mess. She however doesn’t mind cleaning up after him. It is her job. She’s been doing it for years and Daniel’s mess wasn’t even as bad as some of the others.

The hospital recently went through a strike because they were too much of jerks to treat their custodial staff properly. It therefore didn’t matter if Daniel was willing to change his ways because the others weren’t following suit. And Daniel noticed that as the day went on.

The ED was full. Like always! There was a family that came in with a sick daughter. They hadn’t known much English and so Dr. Will Halstead had to ask for Dr. Nellie Cuevas to come in. She translated for him. According to the family, the teenage Maria has come down with “the sickness”.

Maria had a brother named Hugo once. Hugo began feeling badly one day. They took him to Oakview Hospital and he died a couple of days later. The hospital never figured out what was wrong with him. And that left them scared the same thing was now happening to Maria.

Will ran several tests on Maria. Everything came back clean. He didn’t see what was physically wrong with her. Nellie then suggested that it might be emotional.

Maria might be manifesting her illness because she was missing her brother and so Nellie spoke alone with Maria. She asked several questions. She got an understanding of the teenager. Her later diagnosis was that Maria wasn’t in an emotional state to cause all of her symptoms. She really was in pain and that made things difficult because Will truly couldn’t find what was making her sick.

Willie and Nellie also checked Hugo’s file. They had Oakview send it over. It seems that whatever killed Hugo had happened fast and so they needed to get to the bottom of this mysterious condition or they risked Maria dying like her brother.

There was also a situation upstairs in the labor and delivery department. Quentin and his pregnant wife Layla came in because Layla was having a baby. Layla was in pain because she was pushing out a literal child, but she was actually a lot calmer than her husband. Her husband kept trying to leave.

Quentin didn’t even wait for the gory part of delivery. He was trying to escape back when it was just contractions. He first said that he might have left the oven on. His wife had to remind him that they haven’t cooked in a week. Their oven wasn’t on. Only Quentin claimed he wanted to be sure. He tried to leave then and Dr. Hannah Asher told him that he could call a neighbor to check. The doctor saw that he was anxious. She thought it was normal until again Quentin tried to leave. The second time happened after the baby was born.

The baby had just been born. Hannah gave Quentin scissors to cut the umbilical cord and he freaked. He started to claim the baby wasn’t his. He was white, Layla was white, and the baby was white. It just didn’t stop him from freaking out. He claimed that the baby wasn’t his and that he was leaving. He still had the scissors. He tried to stab a nurse in the delivery room that was trying to tell him to calm down. Hannah had to call for security. Security then chased him into the corridor where he ended up walking into the MRI room to escape.

The MRI was on. It made everything magnetic and so it sucked up Quentin to the machine and it lodged the scissors in his neck. Quentin was also pinned to the machine because a hospital bed was also trapping him. If they turned off the machine, it would move the scissors. He could bleed out with seconds. CFD was called. They didn’t know how to rescue him. The only answer was to risk turning off the machine and so Layla said her goodbyes to Quentin. She didn’t like what he did or what he tried to do by walking out on them. She just knew that she has loved him since their first date and that she could lose him.

Layla said she named the baby Trevor after his dad. She told him that she loved him and she said goodbye. Hannah had someone from the psychiatric department sit with Layla as they turned the machine off. Hannah blames herself for what happened. She thought Quentin was another anxious first-time dad. She didn’t know that he was suffering from mental illness. She mentioned that to Daniel and he told her that he didn’t the man’s psychosis was mental. He thought it might be physical.

Daniel noticed some lumps on the back of Quentin’s neck. He thought Quentin had a medical condition that was making him act that way and so they tested him after they managed to get him away from the machine. Dr. Dean Archer had been the one to keep Quentin alive. He started to feel dizzy himself and he wasn’t the only doctor down. The new resident, Kai, had passed out in the OR. He was performing surgery when he started farting and passed out. His colon had migrated to his chest. And his recent exercising had exacerbated his condition.

It was easily treatable to surgery. Will also learned that Maria had actually gone to Oakview first. Because she did that, her HMO didn’t want to pay for her medical costs at Chicago Med. Maria was then given a choice. She could stay at Chicago Med and watch her family go bankrupt trying to afford her medical bills or she could go back to Oakview. Where she’ll probably die. Maria agreed to go back and they were releasing her when they smelled the urine in her catheter bag. The smell made them do one more test that Will paid for himself. And the test proved that Maria has a very treatable condition that she could live through as long as she watches her protein levels.

Quentin’s diet had also been what affected the change in him and so he’ll be better now that he could go back to eating protein.

And Archer revealed to Hannah that he was dizzy because he’s been going through dialysis. He needs a new kidney and he was on the donor list.