Chicago Med Winter Premiere Recap 01/04/23: Season 8 Episode 10 “A Little Change Might Do You Some Good”

Chicago Med Winter Premiere Recap 01/04/23: Season 8 Episode 10 "A Little Change Might Do You Some Good"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, January 4, 2023, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 8 episode 10 called, “Charles and Nellie help an elderly patient and her developmentally disabled grandson.

Will treats a high school swimmer with a heart condition. Crockett considers using the O.R. 2.0 for surgery. Hannah and Dr. Justin Lieu search for a patient’s missing pregnant wife in the woods.”

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In tonight’s Chicago Med episode, Jack Dayton has bought controlling stock in Chicago Med. He was a billionaire with a little too much time on his hands. He saw Dr. Marcel perform surgery once and he became hooked on watching the rest. But Dayton’s funding for the hospital has come when the hospital needed it the most. Hospitals all across the United States were struggling with funding and getting supplies in time and so having someone to help them in their time was needed was considered a godsend. Or at least it was for the board. It wasn’t so much for the doctors. Marcel now had to open up his OR 2.0 to a bunch of people who wanted to watch his surgeries for fun instead of educational purposes. And the other doctors also weren’t quite sold on Dayton.

Dr. Archer thought it was suspicious that they had fresh pastries every morning. Along with the brand-new coffee machine. Archer, like Marcel, knew when he was someone buttering up to him. Archer was going through some things with his liver damage. He couldn’t exactly eat the pastries or enjoy the new coffee machine. He has to settle for cranberry juice. Which might be why he’s so testy as of late. It could also explain why he may be brusque with some of the patients and thankfully he wasn’t that way with Brandon. Brandon came in following a car accident. He was unconscious at first. They put a breathing tube in him.

But when Brandon later woke up, they removed the tube. They asked him what he last remembered. He said he was driving his wife to the hospital. She was in labor and they were in a rush and that’s the last thing he can recall. Brandon asked for his wife, but Archer didn’t hear of a pregnant woman being brought in with Brandon. He had the nurses double-check. They said it was just Brandon that was brought in alone. The firefighters at the scene hadn’t seen or even known he was with his wife. The doctors asked Brandon if he was sure he was with his wife. He said he could prove it. He got his cell phone and showed them a picture of his wife, Tiffany.

Tiffany was very pregnant. Her cell phone also indicates that she was off the interstate and so she really was out there. The doctors just had to find her. Archer sent Drs. Liu and Asher go find the pregnant woman. She could be wandering the nearby woods or she could be dead. There was no telling and Archer chose to stay with his patient. It was while this search for Tiffany was happening that Dr. Halstead had to deal with a troublesome teenage girl. Sophia was a swimmer. She dreams of swimming in the Olympics. Her swim coach believed that was possible, but Sophia had a heart problem.

Sophia has a rare condition that meant her heart would sometimes stop for no reason. She needed surgery to put in a device that would shock her heart in restarting whenever it randomly stops. Once she has the surgery, it was going to be a six-week recovery. She couldn’t swim in the meantime. She risks dying if she does. But Sophia didn’t care about the risks. She talked it over with her swim coach. They both decide to risk it for a chance at the Olympics. Sophia was away at boarding school and so she didn’t really see her dad all that much and she chose to ignore him when he tried to sign off on the surgery. Sophia would rather be emancipated before she stops swimming.

It also didn’t help that her swim coach was guiding her into risking her life. Her coach was her world. Sophia had already come close to dying in the pool and they both wanted to risk it again. There was just nothing Halstead could say or do about it. It was Sophia’s life. Sophia had mentioned earlier that she was a big fan of Dayton’s. She said she was a programming developer herself. She told Halstead all about it when they first met and once he couldn’t talk her into doing the surgery – he reached out to Dayton. He asked Dayton to talk to Sophia. He said her life was on the life. Dayton said he couldn’t do it because he was expected in San Francisco. And so Halstead snapped at him.

Halstead asked Dayton why did he buy a hospital if he didn’t want to save lives. Halstead was storming off when Dr. Charles met a troubling patient. Martha had broken her hip in a fall at home. She said she didn’t need surgery to fix it because she was dying already and she couldn’t risk leaving her grandson alone. Her grandson Alexander has autism. He has tantrums at least once a day. He couldn’t eat or drink anything without getting her permission first. She hasn’t even told him she’s dying because she was so worried about his reaction. And so Martha tried to kill Alexander at the hospital.

Martha gave him drugs knowing he would overdose. She changed her mind not long after she saw it take effect and so she saved his life by calling for help. And she confessed to Charles. Charles told her that she had to let Alexander live. Martha realized that as well. She signed over custody of Alexander to the state and this way he’ll get to know his new caretaker and it won’t be such a shift when she dies.

Liu and Asher meanwhile found Tiffany. They helped her give birth to a beautiful little girl and she was sent to the hospital where she was reunited with her husband.

And Dayton postponed his flight just long enough to talk Sophia into doing the surgery. Sophia now gets to live and she owes that to Dayton who inspired her to follow her second passion if swimming doesn’t work out.