Chicago PD Finale Recap 05/24/23: Season 9 Episode 22 “A Better Place”

Chicago PD Finale Recap 05/24/23: Season 9 Episode 22 "A Better Place"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, May 24, 2022, season 10 episode 22 called, “A Better Place,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season, 10 episode 22 called, “A Better Place,“ as per the NBC synopsis“As Richard Beck’s timeline for a deadly attack moves up and Samantha panics, Ruzek and the team scramble to get ahead of unprecedented disaster.”

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In tonight’s Chicago PD finale episode, Adam has been spying on the Becks for months now. It was starting to get to him. He hates listening to Richard Beck and he wanted this assignment to be over. He was telling Burgess about it. He admitted he was going to crack if nothing changes, but change did come.

He brought it about. Adam blew his cover with Richard’s daughter Samantha. It all happened when he heard from Samantha Beck. She was leaving town with her son. She said her dad’s attack was imminent. She said it was too dangerous to stick around for and she warned Adam because she wanted to tell him to get his family out of town as well. And so he tried to convince her to stay.

Adam tried to get details about what the attack entails. He tried to get something at least from her and she wasn’t sticking around to explain herself. Adam then pulled his gun. He’s been waiting for months for something to change. He wasn’t going to let Sam go until he got answers. He identified himself as a cop.

He tried to force Sam to tell him what happened only she wouldn’t talk to him. Adam then tried messaging Richard. Richard wasn’t keeping Adam in the loop. Richard wasn’t going to tell him until it was too late to change anything. And so Adam blew his cover for nothing.

Adam even tried to get Sam a deal. He got her a deal for immunity for both her and her son. They would get to start over somewhere fresh. They didn’t have to worry about Richard. Sam also gets her son away from her father’s Nazi mentality. Adam offered Sam this and she said he still doesn’t get it.

Her father will kill her if he finds out she betrayed him. He will kill her and then he will take her son. Sam wasn’t keeping quiet out of loyalty to her father. She was doing so as a means of protecting her son from him.

Voight later promised her that he would protect her. He said he could keep Callum safe. Adam may have lied about a lot of things, but he didn’t lie about being a dad. He really was one.

He has a daughter the same age as Callum. He doesn’t want to risk his own daughter if Richard is allowed to attack the city. They had to keep both of their children safe. Sam saw that and only then did she agree to cooperate. Sam told Voight what he wanted to know. Her price for that information was protecting for her and her son.

Adam went with her when she collected her son. They picked up Callum for school. They told him that they were going camping and that he needed to pack his things. They then return to the house. Callum was upstairs by himself when the rest of CPD raided Richard’s businesses. They were rounding up everyone. They were collecting guns when Richard used a remote detonater to blow up the place. Luckily, no one got hurt. Atwater warned people in time. It just showed that Richard knew they were coming. That became very evident when they saw that Richard left his cell phone there.

Callum had called his grandpa. Richard had given him a burner phone. He told Callum to warn him if his mother ever tried taking him out of the city without him and so that’s what Callum did. He told his grandpa that his mother was trying to move him. He inadvertently warned the guy. Adam had found Callum with the cell phone and it turns out Richard had given him something else. He gave him a gun. Callum said that Adam was trying to betray his grandpa. He said that Adam was trying to ruin his grandpa’s plan to save the country from “bad” people.

Callum shot Adam. Sam ran to them when she heard the gunshots. She saw what her son did. She saw Adam reaching for his cell phone and she took it from him before he could call 911 because she didn’t want her son to get in trouble. Sam went on the run with Callum. They left Adam at their house to die. Adam had to drag himself to a phone to call for help. He even threw himself down the stairs to reach the phone. His call didn’t go through at first because all of the blood on his hands. And so he had to clean himself up in order to finally call Burgess.

Burgess ran to him once she heard he had been shot. She called in everyone to reach him. Voight got to him first and he got medical treatment for Adam. But Voight wondered where Sam was. He had everyone looking for her. Adam also asked Burgess to get to Callum before Richard does and so Burgess entrusted him to Sergeant Platt while she went out looking for Callum and Sam. She later found them. She told them that she promised Adam to keep them safe. Sam then made a deal with Burgess.

Sam wanted them to tell authorities that she shot Adam. Not Callum. Burgess had agreed to it when Richard came up driving on them. Richard tried to kill Sam and he grabbed his grandson. Voight then came on the scene. Richard started using his own grandson as a human shield. He said they were willing to die for the war. Callum even agreed with him. They were prepared to die for their Nazi ideology. Atwater decided to test that theory when he shot and killed Richard. Callum wasn’t harmed, but there’s something off with that kid. His grandpa had corrupted with his racism. And so Callum is not going to be alright after this.

And they’re still waiting to hear about Adam.