Days of Our Lives Recap Monday, September 18: Brady And Alex’s Search Fails – Theresa Breaks Into Victor’s Briefcase

Days of Our Lives Recap Monday, September 18: Brady And Alex’s Search Fails - Theresa Breaks Into Victor’s Briefcase

Days of Our Lives recap for Monday, September 18 reveals a lover’s quarrel, a search comes up empty handed, and someone breaks into a briefcase. Dimitri Von Leuschner (Peter Porte) gets in an argument, Brady Black’s (Eric Martsolf) search comes up empty and Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley) breaks into Victor Kiriakis’ (John Aniston) retrieved briefcase.

Days Of Our Lives Recap: A Lover’s Quarrel

Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) slapped Dimitri and wanted to know if he was playing him the whole time, accusing him of cheating on him with his wife, Gwen Rizczech Von Leuschner (Emily O’Brien).

Gwen had bragged ad nauseum about Dimitri’s bedroom skills and Leo, of course was jealous. Dimitri kissed Leo and assured him Gwen was lying about being physical-they’d only been as physical as handing him the TV remote.

Leo argued again that Dimitri couldn’t say he and Gwen had never shagged, having difficulty saying the word; Dimitri said when they had it was out of obligation. If he had never made love to her, being his wife, then the jig would have been up.

Dimitri told Leo he loved him, and Leo questioned it-Dimitri had realized it when the lawyer saw it. His feelings went way beyond mere lust and attraction and Leo asked if Dimitri felt those too.

Dimitri reassured Leo it was that and more, he missed him and wanted to make him happy.

Leo said he loved Dimitri and Dimitri said he loved Leo too-and they kissed. Dimitri kissed Leo again, and Leo said now that that’s settled, what was he talking about when he said they had trouble-Dimitri told Leo to brace himself.

Days Of Our Lives Recap: Blackmail

Leo jumped to a conclusion and asked if Gwen was preggers-Dimitri said no, and revealed Stefan and Gabi Hernandez DiMera (Brandon Barash, Camila Banus) were blackmailing them.

Leo thought they’d been so careful—Dimitri told him Stefan and Gabi had found a hotel receipt and got bratty little Rachel Black (Finlay Rose Slater) to confirm “the sleepover”.

Leo said there are way too many nosy and demanding children there at the mansion.

Dimitri said the only thing to do was kill them-Leo, shocked, said what, then laughed and said that was a good one.

Dimitri was serious-but didn’t mean the children; Leo reminded Dimitri he and Stefan were related-that was two less packages under the Christmas tree.

Dimitri then said that Leo must have forgotten who he is – Leo thought Dimitri had moved on from that kind of behavior. Dimitri said he’d leave Leo out of it but it was something that he had to do.

Then he had to go, and Leo wanted to know if he was doing it now? He said he had to go see Gwen, but this was a process and would take planning, it wouldn’t happen right away.

Days Of Our Lives Recap: A Talk With Victor Kiriakis’ Old Friend

Brady and Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) are at the Greek restaurant with Victor’s old friend Konstantin Meleounis (John Kapelos).

They introduce themselves and want to know why Victor came to Greece after seeing Bo Brady (Peter Reckell). Konstantin said, your grandfather didn’t tell you-Brady and Alex said no.

Konstantin verifies Victor came unannounced, and he seemed upset, and he’d known him for a long time.

There was more to Victor being upset than the situation with Bo; and Brady and Alex told him about the will being destroyed at Victor’s behest.

Konstantin didn’t know about that, but he did know about a letter, which Victor said was important, they had ouso and he left; Alex questioned if that is really the answer.

Then Brady remembered the box of letters Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) said she found in Victor’s childhood home; Alex asked, “a box of letters?” Brady thought they must be important, and Konstantin returned-saying they are family.

They asked if he knew where Victor’s childhood home was, and he said he did, and agreed to take them there. They go to the old house, and Konstantin takes them to the basement where Alex spots a metal box-Brady hoped they would find answers, but the box was empty.

Days Of Our Lives Recap: Stefan And Gabi DiMera Plot

Stefan and Gabi continued to plot, as they gloated over how they were going to blackmail Dimitri and get control of DiMera Enterprises, and Gabi wants the Von Leuschner fortune too. Stefan said Dimitri would have nothing to lose and then they couldn’t blackmail him.

Gabi acknowledged maybe he was right, but they needed a bigger payday-Stefan didn’t think they could afford to be greedy.

Stefan reminded Gabi that they need to stay focused-when Dimitri gave him his shares, they were going to be the deciding votes.

When it was all said and done, that way EJ DiMera (Dan Feurreriegel) and Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) would have to cowtow to them.

Stefan and Gabi continued debating about blackmailing Dimitri out of his money. Gabi opined if they went after the whole fortune, they wouldn’t have to settle for a piece of the pie. Stefan admitted that way they’d have the whole buffet.

Then Stefan wanted to take Gabi to bed, but she said it was time to get ahold of Dimitri.

Days Of Our Lives Recap: Gwen Von Leuschner And Kristen DiMera Plot

Gwen and Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) also did some plotting, Gwen explaining how she knew Dimitri was cheating on her with Leo to Kristen. Kristen couldn’t believe she already knew, and Gwen said of course she did-she saw the looks Leo was giving her husband.

Kristen asked if she was pretending to be in love with Dimitri when she knew he had feelings for Leo-Gwen said no, of course not.

Gwen continued, telling Kristen how at first she’d been naïve and thought he loved her, and she was marrying the man of her dreams. But now, she’s jumped back off Cloud Nine and was back to being her old cynical self.

Kristen wanted to know when Gwen figured this out and she told her it was on their honeymoon to Iceland. Gwen said Leo turned up claiming he was there for a secret concert and she became suspicious.

Kristen asked if she had any suspicions before that, Gwen said no, but once her suspicions were aroused she realized she should have known they were a pair of lying snakes!

Gwen’s antennas had went up in Iceland, and thought it weird that Dimitri hadn’t called her right after they got engaged. Leo said he’d been with Dimitri, but not WITH Dimitri-at the time it made sense but she decided she’d been paranoid.

Gwen remembered in flashbacks when she caught Leo in a towel and he claimed he had a lover, and he called him “MP”. He said the initials stood for Matthew Perry-but not that Matthew Perry. She had asked Leo why Dimitri didn’t want to have sex with her, and Leo had mollified her.

Then she remembered, in a flashback, Leo making up a story about why Dimitri was undressed in his room. She told Kristen she was so stupid, she knew of Leo’s always having crushes on straight men-Kristen questioned further the name “Matthew Perry”.

Kristen asked “Chandler” himself, referring to Matthew Perry’s character on “Friends”… Gwen asked, didn’t she tell her? Kristen told Gwen she didn’t want to know what she was thinking.

Gwen had stopped worrying about Dimitri and Leo until Leo showed up on their honeymoon. He’d claimed he’d came to Iceland for Madonna’s birthday, and she believed him at first, but the more she thought about it, the crazier it seemed.

But she didn’t have proof until he showed up again, supposedly upset over Victor Kiriakis’ (John Aniston) death. Gwen remembered realizing Leo was hiding someone in his room-and Leo asking her if Dimitri had a magic penis-Kristen couldn’t help but bust out laughing!

Gwen told Kristen at that point she finally realized the truth, and the truth hurt badly; she didn’t know who she was angrier with, Leo or Dimitri. Kristen imagined the flight home was fun, speaking sarcastically.

Gwen said it was a challenge, and she couldn’t figure out why he married her until she’d eavesdropped on him and Kristen!

Gwen asked Kristen if she and Dimitri had planned to split the money all along-Kristen said Dimitri told her he was sleeping with Leo to ensure his silence!

Gwen asked if that meant he didn’t have feelings for Matty, but Kristen said that’s what she thought, but he’d said he was in love with Leo!

Gwen wanted to confront Dimitri, and Kristen suggested they turn the tables on them. Gwen asked if that meant they should join forces, and then she said let’s get ‘em.

It’s not the first time Kristen and Gwen had plotted together and worked together, although the last time Kristen had kind of forced her into it. But Gwen and Kristen are now both mad at Dimitri, and Gwen at Leo besides!

Days Of Our Lives Recap: Theresa Donovan Opens The Door To Her Dad

Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy) had shown up looking for Brady and Alex and encountered his daughter Theresa instead. She was thrilled to see him and he wanted to know what she was doing there-quickly assessing it had to do with Brady and getting him back.

She said Alex and Brady would be back soon-claiming she was helping them with the investigation into Victor’s death.

Shane said he doubted they wanted her help, and she was a woman who was brilliant and has a good heart. Why is she chasing someone who doesn’t want her-if Brady couldn’t see that, he didn’t deserve her.

Theresa had to agree with Shane-then she brought him up to speed. She’d tried moving on and tried having other boyfriends, it never having worked out. She was pretending to like Alex, and Shane asked how far she was taking this deception?

Shane reminded her Alex and Brady are cousins, and if she’s trying to make Brady jealous-Theresa interrupted, saying she hoped Brady would realize she’s changed and fall in love with her. She changed the subject, telling Shane she didn’t like his briefcase-it was Victor’s retrieved briefcase from the plane crash.

Shane told her there were some papers in it Brady and Alex might want, and she offered to take it to them.

Days Of Our Lives Recap: Theresa Donovan Breaks Into The Briefcase

Theresa then invited her dad to stay and have a meal with her, but Shane said he couldn’t stay and asked her to remember his advice. However, he left the briefcase as he hugged her and walked out the door. Theresa looked at it and got a knife.

Seeming nervous that her father might return and catch her in the act, she picked the lock on the briefcase. In it were a bunch of letters-the same letters that had previously been in the metal box in Victor’s childhood home.

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