Days of Our Lives Recap: Thursday, May 25 – Kristen Reignites Rachel Custody Fight – Dimitri’s Pitch to Uncle Chad

Days of Our Lives Recap: Thursday, May 25 – Kristen Reignites Rachel Custody Fight – Dimitri’s Pitch to Uncle Chad

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Thursday, May 25, reveals that Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) tried to hang his posters properly, but he still needed some help from Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin). Chloe eventually brought up how much trouble she was having when it came to finding a job and felt bad since Xander was paying all the rent.

Xander suggested Chloe could come to work for him at The Spectator, but Chloe pointed out that’d mean working together in addition to living together.

Although Chloe suggested it was a lot, Xander thought they could handle it.

Chloe also worried about Gwen Rizczech’s (Emily O’Brien) reaction since she was co-owner and would get a say in who Xander hired, but he vowed to handle her. In the end, Chloe agreed to let Xander show her around the office.

At Marlena Evans’ (Deidre Hall) townhouse, Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) sauntered in and showed off her legal papers to prove she was given full immunity with Megan Hathaway’s (Miranda Wilson) help.

When Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) came home, he bickered with Kristen over her release.

Kristen refused to leave until she knew when she’d see Rachel Black (Finley Rose Slater) again, but Brady insisted he had full custody.

After Kristen made it clear that she’d have the custody arrangement revisited in court, she told Brady to go to hell and stormed out.

Brady admitted to Marlena that he couldn’t keep Rachel from Kristen without looking like the bad guy.

Marlena seemed more concerned about Brady getting sucked back into Kristen’s web, but he insisted hell would freeze over before that happened. Brady swore on Rachel’s life, but Marlena still seemed concerned.

Back with Kristen on Thursday’s Days episode, she ran into Chloe and Xander in the town square.

Chloe suggested Kristen could have Brady if she wanted him, so Kristen insisted that she indeed would have him and hoped Chloe would be happy with Xander.

At the pub on Thursday’s DOOL show, Megan had unfinished business with Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) after explaining the immunity deal situation.

After Megan pushed for updates on Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), she decided against rushing off to Greece. Megan said she’d wait until Bo was closer to waking up since there was so much to accomplish in Salem.

Kate Roberts Brady (Lauren Koslow) lost her appetite over Megan’s release and worried about her next move.

Once Megan made her way into the DiMera mansion living room, she greeted Stefan DiMera’s (Joseph Mascolo) portrait and laughed over how good it was to be home.

In Greece on Thursday’s Days episode, Dimitri showed up at Chad DiMera’s (Billy Flynn) hotel room door.

Although they got off on the wrong foot, newly freed Dimitri wanted to bond with “Uncle Chad” and revealed Megan was his mom.

Dimitri explained how he scored immunity deals for Megan and Kristen as well, so Chad obviously wasn’t happy about the news.

Chad found out Dimitri wanted them all to live at the DiMera mansion and be one big happy family, but Chad insisted there wouldn’t be a warm welcome.

After Chad refused to bond, Dimitri said that they’d still be seeing a lot of each other and warned that there was no escaping the fact that they were family.

At the hospital on Thursday’s Days episode, Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) warned Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) about Megan’s release, so Shawn filled Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso) offscreen.

Bo was being moved to a long-term care facility, so Shawn felt that he could be kept protected from Megan.

Harris also wanted to let Shawn know that he was heading back to Salem since he grew up there. It was the only place that had ever really felt like home.

Harris assumed Shawn thought he had ulterior motives, so he confirmed that he did since he wanted to keep an eye on Megan.

After what Harris did when Megan was pulling his strings, he felt a responsibility to monitor her now.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Megan will indeed have some tricks up her sleeve, so stay tuned to DOOL.

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