FBI: Most Wanted Recap 02/14/23: Season 4 Episode 12 “Black Mirror”

FBI: Most Wanted Recap 02/14/23: Season 4 Episode 12 "Black Mirror"

Tonight on CBS FBI Most Wanted airs with an all-new Tuesday, February 14, 2023 season 4 episode 12, “Black Mirror,” and we have your FBI Most Wanted recap below. In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted season 4 episode 12 as per the CBS synopsis, “When two Vermont teens are kidnapped on their way home from a basketball game, the team is led to a wayward pastor and his brother. Also, Remy attends a hearing for his brother’s murderer.”

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In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted episode, supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott went to the hearing for his brother’s murder. The man was asking to be released because he claimed he never committed the crime and so Remy spoke up at the hearing.

He asked how could they forgive the man if he wasn’t even willing to take responsibility for what he did. He also used his history as an FBI Agent to say he knows what men like that think. They think they can skate because they were on drugs or because they were homeless back then. And that still doesn’t justify murder.

After Remy said his peace, he got a call from work. There were two kids that went missing. They were named Chloe and Luke. They stopped on their way home from school to help a minister they saw stuck by the side of the road. Chloe had told her mother about the minister because she knew she would be home a little late, but then no one heard from them and the parents sent up the alarm. They later found Luke’s car abandoned by the side of the road. And there was no sign of the minister.

But the way those kids got taken. It seemed a little clean. It looked like it was planned and so Remy and his team looked into the kids. They later saw that there was a church van hanging around the school. They checked up the van. It belonged to Pastor Jacob Variteck.

His church was across state lines and so some went to his house and others went to the church. Sheryl and Ray didn’t find anything at the church. They were told Jacob was at a funeral for a little girl. Kristin and Remy found out that Jacob spent the morning at his house. He had left dishes in the sink.

They also found a photo at the house of Jacob with his brother Rudolph. Rudolph flunked out of medical school and started to practice medicine without a license. He eventually got caught after he nearly killed someone during a gender reassignment surgery.

He served six months and he’s out now. Still trying to play doctor. He’s helping his brother. The FBI later found Chloe. She tried to escape and Rudolph gave her a hotshot of horse tranquilizers. He killed her. He tried to cover up the body and he failed. They found Chloe. They figured out how she died. And that’s when they knew Rudolph was helping Jacob.

Remy then decided to dress up as a priest. He approached Jacob as a fellow son of God at a funeral. They got to talking and Remy would later prevent Jacob from kidnapping another girl. Remy stayed with his foot on Jacob’s neck. He followed him into a bar. He even followed him into the bathroom. He kept trying to get Jacob to confess by forcing Jacob to pray with him. Only Jacob believed in what he was doing. He refused to crack. He ran away from Remy and Remy’s own people told him not to go after him. They had no idea what he was doing in that bathroom, but it feels personal.

Remy was letting what happened with his brother to color what was happening with Luke. Chloe had already died on their watch. They couldn’t lose Luke too. Luke’s dad was already freaking out and wanting to be a part of the search for his son. But he’ll only get in the way. Remy said they had leads and that Luke wasn’t going to end up like Chloe. This was a promise that Remy made. Remy went back to looking for Luke. He found out that the brothers used to visit their dad all the time at the chemical plant. The same plant that got shut down years ago.

Jacob and Rudolph’s father was all they had. Their mother wasn’t in the picture. Then their dad gets sick from working with all those chemicals over the years and he starts wasting away due to illness. Jacob saw that as sign of evil. He thought the antichrist was forcing his father to die in pain. It was around then that he started to take his church down a darker path. It could explain what they found. Remy and his team found a room at the plant that was fitted out to be an operating room. There were horns and claws. It turns out the brothers was literally going to turn Luke into the embodiment of the devil. They just wanted a girl too because she was going to be held responsible for Eve’s sin.

Their plan was to turn them into the devil and then kill them because they believed that was the only way to free the world from sin. Ray was following Jacob. Remy told him they would take over from there and that he needed to get to the church. They thought they were going to perform surgery at the church now that they couldn’t do it at the plant. Ray rushed in. Him doing so was what saved Luke. And Ray ended up killing Rudolph while it was Remy who would go on to shoot and kill Jacob after Jacob drew a knife.

But Luke was safe. They saved one kid and so Remy kept his promise. Remy later returned home. He was relaxing with a drink in hand when he found out that his brother’s murderer was getting a new trial. He was claiming his innocence. He was getting lawyers from the Innocence Project. Plus, there was a lot of corruption in the people that tried him back then. There was even a filmmaker that was going to make a movie about it. And she wanted Remy’s participation, but he turned her down. He said his brother’s killer is in prison because that’s where he deserves to be.