FBI: Most Wanted Recap 03/14/23: Season 4 Episode 15 “Double Fault”

FBI: Most Wanted Recap 03/14/23: Season 4 Episode 15 "Double Fault"

Tonight on CBS FBI Most Wanted airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 14, 2023 season 4 episode 15, “Double Fault,” and we have your FBI Most Wanted recap below. In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted season 4 episode 15 as per the CBS synopsis, “The Fugitive Task Force springs into action to find a famous foreign tennis player after she’s kidnapped from a tennis court in Brooklyn.

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In tonight’s FBI: Most Wanted episode, two men abducted a famous tennis player in broad daylight. It all happened when Lula Arslan began having problems with her breathing. She had just played a practice round of tennis. She has seemed fine before and then she collapsed. It all very quick.

Her boyfriend was calling 911 when two paramedics showed up. They were fast on the scene. They said they were covering the marathon next door however something was off about them. They didn’t have any medical supplies with them. They wouldn’t say what hospital they were taking her to. Her coach had grabbed one of them to get answers and that’s when one of the fake paramedics pulled out a gun. He shot the coach. And this sent people running from the scene.

The running was what alerted Kristin and Sheryl that something was off. They were supposed to run that marathon. They abandoned it to get to the bottom of what happened with the shooting and that’s when they learned there’s been abduction. They put out a BOLO on the ambulance that took Lula. They later found it abandoned with a dead as well as real paramedic in the back. But there was a witness. The witness saw four men put Lula in the back of a cab. This cab also had a light out because they broke it by backing up into a wall.

They also got the direction these men were driving in. Remy was already in his car and so he pursued this taxi cab. He found the one with the broken taillight. One of the men must have seen him following them and they started shooting at Remy’s car. They truly messed up that beautiful vehicle. They also created so much chaos that Remy lost sight of them, but he kept on looking. He had the rest of his team figuring out why Lula was taken. Lula was born in Croatia. Her family on the other hand were Iranian.

They had to flee Iran because they were against revolution. Lula’s grandfather was hunted down and killed by a murder squad. The same squad that was now after Lula. Lula has been very vocal opponent against the Iranian government. She spoke out against the treatment of women over there. She said women deserve more rights. She was so vocal after a woman was killed over there for not wearing a hijab in public. It had been an accident. The hijab slipped off on her way out the door and that was enough to get her killed.

The Iranian spies sent to collect Lula had been very smart. They sent up fake videos. They created diversions. They also moved Lula to a second vehicle. She was put in one of two vehicles that both had heavily tinted windows and then they led the FBI on a merry chase. The FBI had to split up to cover surveillance on both cars. They caught up to one vehicle right outside of an airfield. The two men inside came out fighting and they retired fire. They had to kill them. And they had to keep it down as little damage as possible.

They were afraid of hitting Lula. Only they didn’t find Lula with that group. The car that Remy was following was the one with Lula and her captors were transporting her. They later took her out of the car because they were going to make their way through a shipyard. Possibly to meet up with a boat there. They had everything well planned. They even made sure to get help from an American private investigator by the name of Chuck Feld. Chuck used to be a cop with Sheryl. He mentored her. And yet he took a job following Lula because some unknown foreigner him to do so.

Anyways, the captors were moving Lula towards the boat when two guards interfered. One guard was just asking what they were doing when they killed him. The second guard came out when he heard the gunshots and he ran off when he saw the Iranians with guns. Lula was able to escape temporarily from her captors. She made it inside in the building where she was hiding when Remy finally showed up. Remy started to fire at the Iranians. He tried to get close enough to Lula to rescue her, but the Iranians found her first. They grabbed Lula. They were making their escape out of the building with Remy right behind them.

The boat had run off and left them. They didn’t want to get involved in a gun fight. But Lula managed to convince one of them that he was fighting for the wrong side. He has a mother. He may have sisters and he may have daughters. What will happen to them if no one speaks up for them. They wanted to drag Lula back to Iran and put her on trial as they claimed her ideas of equality were dangerous. But they weren’t. Lula convinced one man to turn on the other and he did. He also laid down his gun after he killed his fellow Iranian. And so Lula asked for fair treatment for him.

And Lula returned to her loved ones. Sheryl did the same. Sheryl doesn’t always get along with her father because he hadn’t wanted her to be a cop, but she did good today by rescuing a famous tennis player and even he said so. And that was enough for them to slowly work on their relationship.