Fire Country Recap 01/29/23: Season 1 Episode 12 “Two Pink Lines”

Fire Country Recap 01/29/23: Season 1 Episode 12 "Two Pink Lines"

Tonight on CBS their new show inspired by series Star Max Thieriot’s experiences Growing Up in Northern California Fire Country airs with an all-new Sunday, January 29, 2023, episode, and we have your Fire Country recap below. On tonight’s Fire Country season 1 episode 12 called “Two Pink Lines,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Bode and his fellow prison inmate firefighters band together with the civilian station 42 crew to battle a monstrous fire that erupts after a plane crash. Meanwhile, the crews welcome a new member to the family.”

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In tonight’s Fire Country episode, Gabriela took a step back from Bode after the events in the last episode. Bode went after the man who attacked the fire camp and that same man was a threat to Bode’s mother. Bode came close to killing the guy, but he stopped himself in time because Gabriela was there and she reminded him that he couldn’t go back to prison. Her being there stopped him. Her being his friend stopped him. Only things between them changed after that night. They weren’t talking to each other as much and even Bode’s fellow inmates were concerned about him.

The fire camp all went to the woods to learn how to cut down a tree. They weren’t there long when they noticed a skywriter spelling out a marriage proposal and not after he was writing the lucky person’s name that something happened to the plane. It kicked out. It crashed and the pilot ditched it before the crash.

The pilot landed in a tree. A doctor was sent up the tree to assess the pilot. Bode and Freddy were tasked with going to look for the plane. They eventually found it on fire. The fire was spreading in several directions and so Manny called in the rest of the fire department.

Vince and his crew were called. Sharon showed as well. She stopped by the inmates because she had a message for Freddy. Freddy was a new dad. His girlfriend was visiting Edgewater because she wanted to see Freddy on the Visit Day, but she went into labor early and she delivered a healthy baby girl.

Sharon couldn’t wait to break the news to Freddy. She drove out to his location and handed him her phone so that he could talk directly to his girlfriend. It was a sweet moment. It reminded Sharon of when she had Bode. And so Bode ruined the trip down memory lane when he told his mom he matched.

Sharon needs a kidney transplant. Bode got tested and he was a match. He was her only living child and he wanted to help her more than anything. But Sharon turned him down. Sharon doesn’t want her son to have a risky surgery. She’s the parent. She has to protect him and she felt she was doing so by telling Bode he couldn’t go through with the surgery. Sharon later told her husband of her decision. She told Vince and he didn’t take it well. He doesn’t want to lose his wife. He wanted her to have the surgery and Bode is the best chance at that.

As for Bode himself, he wants to donate a kidney to save his mom. Sharon may try to talk him out of it only Bode won’t change his mind. Bode also won’t pursue Gabriela. They were side by side to cut off a fire. Freddy was there too. He used his good mood as his scheme to try and get Bode and Gabriella talking again. And it worked. It was working when they ran into the troublesome Harlan Denbo. He was in the evacuation area and he was refusing to do so. He said he could protect his house. He also got snappy with the firefighters.

Freddy took one look at that man and it made him realize that he should be spending time with his daughter. Not with Harlan. Freddy tried to run away and Bode stopped him. Bode said going back to jail wouldn’t help their families. They have to stick to the program and that way they can soon be released. Only leave it to Bode to break the rules later. He and Freddy returned to fight the fire. They tried to deal with Harlan. Harlan wasn’t an easy man. He couldn’t let go of his house. Harlan’s wife was sick. She was dying and the smoke was probably doing more damage to her lungs.

So, Harlan eventually agreed to relocate. But he also told Vince that his whole life was tied to that house. He doesn’t have insurance. He had to let that lapse to get his wife’s medications. He asked Vince to look after his house. Not that he left the area. He watched as the fire came closer and how his own house caught fire. Harlan wanted run back inside to get his credit cards. Vince told him to just let them go. And when everyone was leaving the fire, they noticed both Harlan and Bode were missing.

Bode saw Harlan sneak away. He followed him into the house and the stairs to the second floor collapsed after Harlan walked on them. He became trapped in the house. Bode tried to get him to jump to the first level. Harlan refused. He didn’t want to move in with his daughter and he a burden to her. He said he was going to die in the house. Bode had no choice but to leave him. He left and he started feeling guilty right away. And he was still feeling like when Harlan surprised everyone by making it out of the house.

Later, it was arranged for Freddy to go to the hospital where he got to meet his daughter. Freddy also arranged for some private between Bode and Gabriela. Gabriela reminded Bode that he’d be free in a year. She also kissed him before she pulled away with words like “we can’t”. And then they ended up kissing again.

They knew they shouldn’t do this to Jake, but then again Jake didn’t Sharon he matched either.

And someone started to intentionally set things aflame.