General Hospital Spoilers: Fire Breaks Out at Nurses Ball – Maxie’s Broken Rule Hints at Disaster?

General Hospital Spoilers: Fire Breaks Out at Nurses Ball – Maxie’s Broken Rule Hints at Disaster?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) recently took a phone call from a very generous Nurses Ball donor and agreed to squeeze in a party of four. Since the event is sold out, Maxie will have to get creative when it comes to cramming more people in the bash.

However, we want to focus on Sasha Gilmore’s (Sofia Mattsson) response in the March 28 episode.

Sasha was taken aback after Maxie disconnected and relayed the news of the extra guests at another table.

Maxie’s updates left Sasha dismayed as she reminded her that they had to stick with the fire code.

Although Maxie insisted they’d figure something out, could Sasha’s “fire code” hint pave the way to a Nurses Ball disaster?

Whenever someone mentions fire in a situation like this – especially ahead of a major event on canvas – there’s always a chance it’ll become a fiery prediction.

Some flames could break out eventually and leave multiple partygoers in danger.

That’s especially true since Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) will make some bold moves once the Nurses Ball begins.

Victor will share some ominous comments and move forward with sinister plans, so there’s the potential for a fire to fit in his agenda.

Although Victor hasn’t shared exactly what’s in store, he’s talked about saving the world at a great cost.

There’s also been talk about GH writers reviving the old weather machine story for the show’s 60th anniversary and giving it a twist.

Back in February 2022, a heatwave hit Port Charles out of nowhere. There was speculation that it was the result of a new weather machine plot Victor had cooked up.

The Ice Princess was used to unleash a major blizzard in the past, but Victor may have much hotter intentions!

Could a fire be part of how Victor will kick off whatever he’s plotting?

Time will tell, but it’s rather troubling that Maxie’s trying to fit more guests into the Nurses Ball while Sasha’s worried about the fire code.

It could set the stage for some fiery problems, so that’s something to remember as the Nurses Ball inches closer.

General Hospital spoilers say some twists and turns are brewing once performances get underway, so stay tuned.

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