General Hospital Spoilers: Frank Valentini Brings Positive GH News Amid Writers’ Strike 2023

General Hospital Spoilers: Frank Valentini Brings Positive GH News Amid Writers’ Strike 2023

General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is a writers’ strike going on. Even though there are still new episodes airing, fans have expressed concern about if the soap will be forced air reruns if GH runs out of new episodes. There is good news about the writers’ strike and how Frank Valentini is reportedly being proactive about the situation. Keep reading and let’s discuss the latest updates and the good news for fans.

Writers’ Strike 2023

GH spoilers reveal that there is another writers’ strike. At first, fans weren’t too concerned. After all, there are strikes from time to time.

Sometimes, the issues are resolved quickly and fans don’t even know there was an issue to begin with. However, other times, it can take a while before everyone is in agreement.

GH Spoilers: Production Schedules

The writers’ strike continues and it’s making fans worry about the fate of the soaps.

While some soaps film months in advance, like Days of Our Lives, other soaps have much shorter production schedules. This includes ABC’s only remaining daytime soap opera, General Hospital.

Will Fans See GH Reruns?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that if the soap starts airing reruns, it won’t just be bad news for viewers.

It’s also terrible news for the cast and crew, as they can’t work if the soap isn’t even filming due to no scripts.

Now, in cases like this, sometimes soaps will use non-union writers. However, that means fans might not see the quality that they are used to.

General Hospital Spoilers: Frank Valentini Proactive

However, Frank Valentini, General Hospital’s executive producer, has reportedly gotten proactive. According to Twitter user @Adelheide1121, James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine) talked about the writers’ strike on Vanna Live.

According to the Twitter user’s summary of Vanna Live, Valentini has been stockpiling scripts so they can ride out the strike for a while.

“James said that Frank has been preparing for the writers’ strike by stockpiling scripts and that they are well set to ride out the strike as long as it lasts the typical length. If it went on 5 months or more then they would have to reevaluate.”

Another interesting tidbit is that fans shouldn’t expect too many action sequences.

Apparently, they are very expensive and complicated to do well.

So, until the writers’ strike is over, fans might see a lot of emotional drama, but not the physical stunts that are usually so gripping and well-done.

This sounds like great news for viewers, the cast and crew. After all, anytime there aren’t new episodes airing, fans worry. It sounds like the powers that be are getting proactive.

What do you think of Valentini getting proactive about the writers’ strike? What kind of storylines are you expecting if there are scripts being stockpiled?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Remember to keep watching the ABC soap to find out what happens next.

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