Grey’s Anatomy Recap 03/09/23: Season 19 Episode 9 “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 03/09/23: Season 19 Episode 9 "Love Don't Cost A Thing"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with an all-new Thursday, March 9, 2023, season 19 episode 9 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 9 called “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Simone is met with a life-changing decision upon the return of someone from her past. Blue shadows Maggie on a risky procedure, while Jo and Link tend to a pregnant woman. At the intern house, Lucas and Mika throw a party filled with surprises.”

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In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, Simone’s mysterious fiancé was in fact her ex-boyfriend. Simone and Trey broke up. They broke up because they were interning at the same hospital when she had a meltdown and he refused to back her. Simone had had a meltdown after months of racists behavior from attendees as well as punishing schedules.

She got tired of dealing with everything and so she wrecked supply closet. She truly messed that place up. It was freeing. It allowed Simone to finally expressed herself after the job had eaten away at everything else and after all that she thought Trey would still be there. And he wasn’t.

Only Trey willing to support her now. He wants to be there for her and he wants to continue their relationship. He could have called to tell her that, but he thought surprising her would be more romantic and all it had been was a mood killer. Simone was developing chemistry with Lucas. She was on the brink of moving on with someone else when suddenly Trey decided he still wants her and now she doesn’t know what she wants. Does she want a man from her past or does she want a man from her second start? Simone couldn’t figure that one out and so she invited Trey to the party.

The interns were having a party at the Grey house. They wanted to relax after grueling shifts. They wanted to just be young once and so the party was a great idea. Mika, Simone, and Lucas had invited everybody. They even invited Schmitt. Schmitt was technically their boss only he needed a break too. He got to hang out with Helm. She wasn’t Hellmouth anymore since she quit as a doctor and so now she was just the all-knowing bartender. She was also friends with the residents. She and Schmitt still live together in Jo’s old loft. And Helm was the happiest she’s ever been.

Everyone at the party was happy. Or they were until Trey told Simone that the people there weren’t her people. He was her people. He thought she was better than the rest of them and he wanted her to go back to their old hospital. He was hoping she could start over there. But Simone was happy where she was.

She was happy with her new friends. She was happy that Meredith saw how much needed a place to stay and she basically offered up her house. Simone was happy where she was. She was making a name for herself with people she actually respects. And so its just Trey who couldn’t see how happier she was at Grey Sloane Memorial.

Simone stormed off after her fight with Trey. She returned to her room. Lucas followed her. Lucas tried to offer support and it quickly turned into something else as they were taking their clothes off. They were going to sleep together if it hadn’t been for Trey. Trey knocked on the door. He asked for another chance. He said he loved her. He said that he couldn’t wait to show her how much he loved her and so Trey promised to stay on his best behavior. He later walked away from the door. He went back to the party and Lucas was going to follow him out.

Lucas had asked Simone if she still loved Trey? She couldn’t say no. She said her family loves him and that she didn’t want to hurt anyone. But she hurt Lucas. Lucas walked away from Simone because he suspected she was going back to Trey and he didn’t want to be around to see that. Over at the hospital, two interns helped a sick woman come up with a plan to receive additional treatment. The patient’s name was Natalia. Natalia was married and on medical insurance. The insurance however didn’t cover anything. It was too expensive out of pocket and so Blue came up with something.

Blue told Natalia to divorce her husband. He wouldn’t get saddled with her hospital bills. She could apply for programs to help cover payment and she would actually be better off once she get the treatment she needs. Maggie had gotten upset with Blue for suggesting it, but even she came to see how that was a good idea and the couple later did it themselves.

They divorced and they followed Blue’s advice. Blue didn’t get to be there when Maggie performed surgery on Natalia. Maggie was still mad at him for not asking her first before talking to the patients and so she had Jules step in for the procedure.

Link was also at the hospital. He was trying to hide from the egg tossers. He gets hit with eggs from football fans and so they weren’t forgetting Truck’s death anytime soon. Only Link staying at the hospital meant he was there when a pregnant woman came in. She came and she realized she couldn’t give birth alone and so she begged Link to stay with her. He did. He held her hand the whole time. And it was Jo who delivered the baby.

Bailey and her husband had dinner with Teddy and Owen. The other couple were fighting so much that Bailey told them to fix it or their poison will start spreading at work. They already have a daughter that bites people. They can’t have doctors do it too. It was technically already happening when Blue yelled at Maggie for not letting him see Natalie following her surgery. She was still upset that he told the couple to divorce, but Blue said she’s never had to deal with medical debt and that she doesn’t know how hard it is.

Blue took on credit card debt because his mom was sick and now it hurts whenever he opens a bill.

And Trey proposed to Simone and she said yes.

Schmitt meanwhile was in an excellent mood because he met someone at the party.