Grey’s Anatomy Recap 04/13/23: Season 19 Episode 14 and 15 “Shadow of Your Love/Mama Who Bore Me”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 04/13/23: Season 19 Episode 14 and 15 "Shadow of Your Love/Mama Who Bore Me"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with an all-new Thursday, April 13, 2023, season 19 episode 14 & episode 15 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 14 & 15 called “Shadow of Your Love/Mama Who Bore Me,” as per the ABC synopsis, “It’s Maggie’s last day. Amelia’s relationship with Kai is tested, and Ben worries as Bailey’s doxing intensifies.

With Levi’s help, a patient celebrates a milestone. Jo processes a difficult diagnosis, and Maggie and Winston decide their future.”

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In tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, Maggie was leaving Seattle. She made the decision to pursue her career. She told Winston that she was willing to leave without him and so not everyone approved of the decision she was making. Her bio dad for one felt she should stay at Grey Sloane Memorial.

Richard said that people need to stay in a job once they completed their fellowship. He asked what happened to loyalty nowadays, but seeing as Maggie was only alive because he cheated on his wife, he doesn’t really get to judge her decisions. Maggie also politely told him that a path in research was a better fit for her. And she could save countless lives that way.

Maggie was packing up all of her stuff when she was called to the nurse’s station. She wasn’t called by a nurse or even an intern. It was the friend of a patient who barged her way in and took over the phone. The friend was only there because she thought Maggie was the only one who could save Nola.

Nola has a massive tumor in her heart. She needed surgery or she could die. Nola has tried everywhere else and she’s been denied. She then read the article about Maggie. She figured Maggie would be the one to save her and that’s why her friend Viv made a nuisance of herself.

Thankfully, Maggie decided to take Nola’s case before Viv was escorted out by security. Maggie told Viv to never do that again. She also warned the interns that they should try listening to a patient before they turn to security as an answer for everything. Maggie had Nola transferred to a room upstairs and she had her checked out. The tumor was dangerous. It also would be impossible to remove and already Nola’s quality of life has gone down. Nola was tired all the time. She was short of breath. Her eyelids were swollen because of the thing in her heart.

Nola could no longer play in her band with Viv. She couldn’t really do much of anything and that’s why Viv was fighting so hard for her. Viv wanted Maggie to fix her best friend.

She figured Maggie was the best of the best. Maggie even graciously offered to stay in Seattle long enough to treat Nola, but she couldn’t offer miracles. Maggie pushed back her flight to Chicago. She had the interns sit with Nola as they ran every test possible. Simone and Jules did get distracted a little bit. They started talking about weddings. And Simone learned Jules is very anti-marriage.

Jules saw marriage as a distraction. She said the real focus should be on their careers and not on relationships that may or may not work. Jules wasn’t talking about Simone only hit dogs do holler.

Simone asked Jules to cut it out. Jules said that unless she considers herself as someone who would be negatively impacted by marriage – she should just ignore her. Simone wasn’t going to change Jules’s mind. Jules honestly didn’t care about Simone’s marriage. And so who is Simone trying to prove herself to?

Simone was marrying a man she barely gets to see. She nominated Lucas as her man of honor. She was having wedding cake testing with everyone and does she want all of that? She was kissing Lucas a couple of weeks ago. She was talking about a small wedding a couple of days ago. It was her fiancé who was pushing for everything from commitment to a big wedding and she doesn’t really knows what she wants. Their patient took a turn for a worse while they were busy chatting and Nola almost died under their watch.

Maggie was quick on the scene. She talked the interns through saving Nola. She also paged for Winston. She needed his help if she was going to remove the tumor from the heart.

She thought she might have to convince him to help, but Winston didn’t hesitate to come to her aide. He said she was still his boss while they worked at the hospital. He was also curious about the case. The tumor was shaped like a little heart. Winston and Maggie looked at that tumor and they both saw a challenge that made them come alive.

They talked through their surgery with each other. They bounced ideas off the others. They encouraged each other to be at their best and that ultimately made sense even when nothing else does. Maggie loves Winston. He loves her. Together, they successfully removed the tumor as well as repaired Nola’s heart. Maggie would later ask Winston after the surgery to again come with her to Chicago and this time he actually considered it. He didn’t just write it off. Winston was finally thinking things through and he wasn’t the only one seriously considering his future.

Mika was doing the same. Bailey had put her in charge of her cell phone. Bailey had been doxed not that long ago. She has a bunch of crazy people calling her baby killer and so she needed to a break from it. She put Mika in charge of her phone. Mika barely lasted a day before she was on the brink of a psychotic break. She was also making Lucas crazy because he was driven insane by that phone. He eventually threw it in the trash. Mika had to get it out of there and Bailey caught her digging through the trash to get the phone.

Bailey was so upset with her that she took the phone back. Only she hadn’t wanted to deal with the two hundred phone calls either. There were some messages she has to answer like the ones as a mother, wife, and professional but majority of the calls were nuisance calls. There was also one person who sent her a photo of her teenage son at his school and that forced Bailey to change her number. She also pulled her kids out of school for the next couple of days until things die down. And she genuinely considered security for her clinic.

Winston and Maggie briefly got back together. They slept together. Winston asked Maggie to stay. She asked him to come with her. It resulted in a stalemate. Winston asked her to fight for their marriage and he said he was fighting his instinct to run, but she wasn’t fighting hers to put herself before all others. She wasn’t fighting the Ellis genes. Maggie’s biological mother was a vindictive woman who prioritized her career over her two daughters. She even threw Maggie away because she thought Maggie would hurt her career.

Maggie talked about the comparison with Amelia. Amelia said that Maggie was doing what was making her happy and happy was never something Ellis knew how to be. Then again

Amelia also said she was heartbroken because Kai was taking a job in London. Amelia encouraged Maggie to do what she felt was right only she couldn’t view Kai in the same light and she admitted as much to Maggie. She confessed that she wishes Kai would prioritize her or at least consult with her before taking a job that was even further away than her current one.

One of the things that Winston mentioned to Maggie was that she was privileged. Maggie was actively recruited as well wanted wherever she goes and Winston doesn’t share that privilege. He knows that he got his job at Grey Sloane Memorial thanks in large part to his relationship with Maggie. He also had to audition for the role before he was finally accepted. Winston was now making a name for himself there and he would be going from that to nothing if he follows her to Chicago. He wouldn’t have a job there.

Winston would have to hope that people will get to know him as Maggie’s husband again before he’s offered another job. But he’s talented. He knows he’s talented.

She knows he’s talented only his career would suffer if he followed her and not once has Maggie even thought about it. He was supposed to prioritize her career except she was refusing to do the same for his. It was always a one-way street with her. Maybe calling her Ellis will be the wakeup she needs. She either was going to be like her mom or she was going to start taking ownership for trampling over everyone in her way.

Nola later had a setback. Maggie wasn’t around and so Winston saved her life. On his own. He showed incredible skill and Viv thanked him for the work he did. Viv was worried that only Maggie was good enough to work on her friend, but Winston proved her wrong. He also showed Jules that he was great teacher. She wanted to learn more from him. She told him she was glad that he was staying because she couldn’t wait to watch more of his surgeries. Maggie was also hearing something pretty similar when she diagnosed a tumor in the breast of a female patient.

Simone loved watching Maggie work. She said she was glad for what little time she got to watch her and Maggie was feeling all gun ho about taking the job in Chicago. She talked herself into believing that she was following her passion. Only she talked to Catherine. Catherine knew Ellis. Ellis was so driven on her career that she saved countless lives. She was also deeply unhappy and she cut into the time that Richard had with Maggie. He would have liked to have raised her. Its why he was so sad about losing her now.

Maggie wasn’t dying. They could still visit. It was just going to have been planned visits and phone calls from now on. Maggie decided to go to Chicago. Winston decided to stay in Seattle. They officially broke up because they were both following their hearts and it sadly it didn’t lead back to each other. Maggie’s last patient at the hospital did find out she had cancer. It was caught early and so she could get treatment early. Simone was going to be one of her doctors going forward. Simone finally admitted she doesn’t want a big wedding.

She does want to get married, but she doesn’t want a big wedding nor does she have time for one. Jules helped her get her measurements to go wedding dress shopping. Jules still didn’t believe in the institution of marriage. Only she can be helpful. Link was helpful as well.

He took time off to be with Jo when her daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss. Luna might need a hearing aide and that was too much for Jo. Jo didn’t want to hear the good side of catching it early or the new technology in place. She just wanted to be disappointed she couldn’t give her daughter a better life than she had. And so she pushed Link away.

The same Link that just realized he has feelings for her.

Schmitt meanwhile threw a bar mitzvah at the hospital for one of his patients. He realized working with Grayson that he should go after a Peds fellowship and Richard was actually the one who brought it up and persuaded him to do so.

And Amelia and Kai also broke up. Amelia made Kai’s move to London about her and Kai realized they deserved better from a partner.