Magnum P.I. Recap 02/26/23 Season 5 Episode 3 “Number One With A Bullet”

Magnum P.I. Recap 02/26/23 Season 5 Episode 3 "Number One With A Bullet"

Tonight on NBC their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. airs with an all-new Sunday, February 26, 2023, episode and we have your Magnum P.I. recap below. In tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 5 episode 3 called, “Number One With A Bullet,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Katsumoto takes a job providing security for a chart-topping K-Pop star.

Higgins and Rick find themselves in peril while trying to help Rick’s friend. Magnum harbors suspicions about Capt. Greene’s death. .

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On tonight’s episode the body of Captain Greene was found. He was found on his boat. There were certain injuries on him that made his death appear as if it was an accident. Even coroner was fooled by these injuries. He wanted to rule it as an accidental death when Magnum spoke against it. Magnum didn’t have concrete answers, but he could sense that something else had happened with his old CO and he wanted answers or he was going to make the threats. He told the coroner to keep looking because he would get the DOJ involved if the guy was too quick to rule out foul play.

Magnum just knew there was more going on. He also didn’t think Greene’s disappearance in the lead up to death had no part to play in how he died. He was Greene’s emergency contact. He knew for a fact that his old boss hadn’t been cashing in the pension checks and that Veteran Affairs were worried about him. They reached out to Magnum to see if he had seen Greene. He told them he hadn’t. He had been working a case at the time and so he had asked TC to track down Greene and TC didn’t find him. And Greene’s place had looked abandoned.

There was no sign of Greene. He had no family. He had no friends. He just upped and disappeared. Now, he’s dead and Magnum has questions. Magnum and TC decided to look into Greene’s death themselves. They thought his watch might be a clue because Greene’s watch had been set a day before he died and so they were wondering if that was a sign. They didn’t have Juliette’s help because she was already helping Rick. Rick has this buddy named Kona that seemed to be in trouble. And he wanted to go check on him with Juliette acting as backup.

But Rick and Juliette found more trouble than they were expecting. They found Kona shot dead in his home. They tried calling the cops when Juliette noticed that Kona’s blood was still pooling and that indicated he died fairly recently. She had just said that when the shooters had revealed themselves. They got the drop on Juliette and Rick. They took the two hostage. They put them in the back of a van and they were driving them away from their phones and car. Juliette didn’t know where they were going. She just knew that their abductors wanted them dead.

If they could kill Kona, they might as well kill Rick and Juliette to cover up what they did. Juliette told Rick that as they were being transported. They eventually gotten taken to the woods. They were given a shovel and told to start digging a grave big enough for three when Juliette came up with her own proposal. Juliette figured out that Kona had gotten robbed of something important. Kona did admit some of that to Rick and that’s why he needed help. And he was killed because whatever that was stolen had been expected to be sold.

Kona’s buddies wanted to sell a rare body of whiskey. It was worth millions. Kona was supposed to hold onto it and then he never got back to his friends about it. They realized something was going on. They went to Kona’s place to ask him some questions when he drew a gun on them. They fired back and they killed him before they found out what happened to missing bottle of whisky. Juliette figured out they hadn’t gotten what they were looking for. And she offered to help them locate the whiskey.

Juliette said they were private investigators. She said they could help them locate this bottle. Only they knew that Rick wasn’t Magnum because they looked through his phone and so they didn’t trust Juliette or Rick. They did on the other hand believed they knew Magnum because again they had their phones. They chose to use one of the phones to call the real Magnum and they told him it was up to him to find that bottle of whiskey or they were going to kill his friends. And so Magnum dropped his investigation into Greene to go looking for that bottle with TC.

They eventually tracked it down by searching social media. They found a guy posing with it. This in turn led to the guy that actually bought it and then they tried to find who sold it. They were running out of time by then. So, all Magnum had was a text exchange, but that was enough. Magnum met up with the kidnappers. He handed over the bottle of whiskey. He also said that he has the number of the guy that stole it from Kona. He called it in front of them and it turns out one of the kidnappers had betrayed the other. Which makes sense because how else did some thief knew that Kona has an expensive bottle of whiskey?

Anyways, the two guys ended up killing each other. It solved their little dilemma. The others kept the whiskey for themselves and they were drinking it in celebration when they heard back from the coroner. Greene didn’t die in an accident. He was waterboarded to death. Thereby making it a murder.

Gordo meanwhile took a private security job with K-pop star Rae Song. It was his job to protect her and he did it really well. He even found out that her recording label wanted to kill her before she could leave the label or reclaim her masters. And so he truly saved her life by getting the cops to arrest those people.