NCIS Hawai’i Recap 02/06/23: Season 2 Episode 13 “Misplaced Targets”

NCIS Hawai’i Recap 02/06/23: Season 2 Episode 13 "Misplaced Targets"

Tonight on CBS NCIS Hawaiʻi returns with an all-new Monday, February 6, 2023, season 2 episode 13 called, “Misplaced Targets,” and we have your weekly NCIS Hawaiʻi recap below. In tonight’s NCIS Hawaiʻi season 2 episode 13, “Following a close call at a meth lab explosion, the NCIS team learns Kai is being targeted by his old friend-turned-criminal and must take him down. Meanwhile, Lucy gets her first big case aboard her aircraft carrier.

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In tonight’s NCIS Hawaii episode, NCIS assisted Hawaii PD with a drug bust. Everything was supposed to be simple. They go to a known meth lab and they arrest everyone there. They thought they were going to put the place out of business, but someone else beat them to it. The lab was rigged to blow. Kai saw the device before he cleared the building. He and the other officers were okay.

Only now they were looking for potential killers. The person cooking meth had been arrested before the house blew up. He mentioned that he had a crazy ex-girlfriend. She’s been destroying his plants, spraying hateful words on his garage door, and so it makes sense that she would want to kill him as part of her revenge.

But it wasn’t the ex-girlfriend. The drug dealer had put cameras all around the meth lab. It showed that it wasn’t his ex trying to kill him and that the drug dealer wasn’t even the target. The target was Kai. The Bomber didn’t detonate the bomb until he saw Kai go into the house.

He wanted to kill Kai and Kai survived. Kai’s team wasn’t going to let that man try again to kill Kai. They went looking for their bomber. They soon learned that he has been following Kai for weeks. He followed all over the island and so security footage from all over the place showed when he was followed and to where.

They identified the bomber/stalker as being an errand boy for the Koa Brothers. Kai was the one who brought a case against the Koa Brothers to the FBI and they must have found out about it. They were now trying to kill the only one keeping this case alive – Kai.

Kai realized every witness he found and that included his own father was now in danger. Kai wanted to run out and protect them himself. Tennant told him that was too dangerous for him. They couldn’t give a potential killer another chance at killing his victim.

Except Kai can be stubborn. He wanted to break the news to his family. So, he ignored warnings about safety. He went straight to his father’s restaurant where he warned his dad and sister that they had to take the day off today. He said they had to come with him where they could be safe.

It was as he was explaining to them that it was dangerous that AJ Koa came into the restaurant. He came with a hired goon. He baited Kai into hitting him. But Kai got his family away from AJ and he got yelled at by Tennant for punching AJ.

They were already building a case against AJ. They didn’t have to make it easier on him by giving him an excuse for police overreach or persecution. So, the FBI made their first arrest. They later arrested AJ’s wife, Alana. Alana’s name as well as her family’s names were on all the documents connected to AJ’s business. He created a loophole for himself. He knew that if he ever got arrested that it would come out that it was actually his wife’s name on everything. And so he was hoping to save himself at the cost of his wife’s freedom.

Once Alana saw that she decided to help the feds arrest her husband. She told them how AJ convinced her and her family to sign up for a trust that would set them up for life in case anything were to happen to AJ. Alana didn’t know AJ was a drug kingpin. She turned on him after she learned that. Kai thought he was one step closer to getting AJ. He went by his family’s place. He tried to get to come with him and that’s when AJ showed up a second time. That time AJ drew a gun on Kai. It got Kai chatty. He said that AJ has been wanting to kill him all day. And that’s why he sent the henchman after him.

It turns out someone was trying to kill Kai because they tried to draw AJ out. The two were once close friends. AJ would have shown up at the funeral. AJ was their target all along. Kai realized that when AJ said that he never tried to kill Kai. He has no idea why Kai would arrest his wife. That’s what he was angry about. But with the truth out, they heard the cars coming to the restaurant and they dropped to the floor just long enough to survive the hail of bullets coming their way. And AJ would have been killed but he was saved by Kai and the rest of NCIS.

Kai still went on to arrest AJ. AJ was going away for a long time and he’ll be joined by a rival gang that tried to kill him.

Kai’s dad’s restaurant was a mess and it was going to take months to fix it all.

Lucy also finally caught a case during her time as an agent afloat. She solved an assault and robbery. She also found out that the alleged victim was the real thief and that she embezzled thousands before. And so Lucy solved two mysteries for the price of one.