NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 01/09/23: Season 14 Episode 10 “A Long Time Coming”

NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 01/09/23: Season 14 Episode 10 "A Long Time Coming"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: Los Angeles returns with an all-new Sunday, January 9, 2023, season 14 episode 10 called, “A Long Time Coming” and we have your weekly NCIS: Los Angeles recap below. In tonight’s NCIS Los Angeles season 14 episode 9, as per the CBS synopsis, “Agents Rountree and Fatima are ambushed while searching for Kilbride, who has been MIA, and they learn that every member of the team has a hefty bounty on their head.

The NCIS team must save Agent Rountree and find Kilbride while every cartel, hitman, gang and psychopath hunts them down.

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In tonight’s NCIS: LA, in Part III of the crossover tonight, Callen had learned that Admiral Killbride was part of a secret CIA assassin program known as “Simon Williams”. But someone restarted the program. They did so unsanctioned by the government. They started using it for personal gain and they even have rouge CIA contractors acting as their personal kill team. These people were after Admiral Killbride.

The admiral’s life was endangered because one of the few that can be called to testify against the program and his team wanted to at least talk to him about it and they couldn’t because he disappeared. Killbride simply vanished. The cameras at the Los Angeles office didn’t even pick up when he left the building.

Killlbride had vanished into thin air. There was no sign of him. He wasn’t answering phone nor could it be located. Even his house was empty. The house hadn’t looked like anyone actually lived there because there were no photos or books or anything personal in the whole place.

So, Fatima was questioning if the house was a cover when suddenly someone barged into the house shooting at everything that moved before escaping. Fatima was miraculously alright. Roundtree on the other hand was abducted. This was the fourth abduction connected to Simon Williams. There’s no telling what those people want with Roundtree, but people can make a guess.

Roundtree was taken because Morgan Miller wanted to know where Admiral Killbride was. Only he didn’t know where Killbride was. Morgan asked and each and every time Roundtree would reply with a smart remark. Its why he’s getting tortured while everyone else was still looking for Killbride.

Killbride’s own people didn’t really know him all that well. They knew he was a Republic. They knew he has a son that he seemed estranged from. They didn’t know he was former CIA or that he was part of an assassination program of all things. But the person running the Simon Williams program had put out a hit on several NCIS Agents.

Special Agent Afloat Lucy Tara had found a kill list on the dark web. It was basically a craigslist for killers. It was a two hundred thousand bitcoin reward for anyone willing to kill the agents from the Virginia office, Los Angeles Office, and the Hawaii Office.

This proved a problem because random people began firing at them all throughout the day while they look for the admiral as well as for Roundtree. The agents also got a sound message that came to their office through an encrypted device. The message was about reaching out to Gwen Jones and Jimmy McCain. And the message itself seemed to be from Hetty.

Hetty has fingers in a lot of a pies. She probably knew about the Simon Williams program. Gwen Jones was a costume designer. Jimmy McCain was someone who has a striking resemblance to the admiral. It was clear that Hetty wanted them to use Jimmy McCain as a lure for the rogue CIA officers.

They thought Morgan Miller would be one of them. Only she wasn’t. The assassins came for the fake admiral and they were either killed off or arrested and none of them was Morgan Miller. She had stayed behind with Roundtree. She probably did so because she plans on killing Roundtree once he’s no longer useful.

Morgan has Roundtree convinced that she has Fatima as well. But she doesn’t. Fatima escaped her and she’s looking for her in order to get back Roundtree. Everyone was looking for Morgan Miller. They eventually tracked her down thanks to the people they arrested and they were later able to free Roundtree.

He was going to need medical attention as well as a psych evaluation. But Morgan Miller is dead. She was shot by Admiral Killbride. He was following the team and thanks to them he knew how to get close enough to Morgan Miller to shoot and kill her.

And Admiral Killbride later returned to the office like nothing happened. Like he wasn’t hunted. The Admiral was in such a good mood that he tried to convince Special Agent Parker to trade with him. Parker stays in LA and Killbride goes back to D. C.

But Parker chose to pass on the offer because he was happy where he was.