Station 19 Recap 03/02/23: Season 6 Episode 8 “I Know A Place”

Station 19 Recap 03/02/23: Season 6 Episode 8 "I Know A Place"

Tonight on ABC Station 19 returns with an all-new Thursday, February 23, 2022, season 6 episode 8 called, “I Know A Place,” and we have your Station 19 recap below.  On tonight’s Station 19 Season 6 Episode 8 recap as per the ABC synopsis, “Dixon threatens Natasha in the aftermath of his poor judgement. Meanwhile, Jack is met with disappointment on his first day back. Dana visits Maya, and the team responds to a fire in Theo’s old neighborhood..”

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Tonight’s episode begins with Maya who was put on medical leave. She was experiencing a mental breakdown. She was pushing everyone who tried to help her away and so she couldn’t be allowed to work for now. She needs get herself right first. Maya’s wife had to involuntarily commit her to make sure that Maya receives treatment. It seems to have destroyed their marriage, but it wasn’t the wakeup call that Maya needed. It only gave her someone to blame for her own failings and so that’s when Diane stepped in. Diane was Station 19’s resident therapist. She’s helped them through several crises. She’s gotten feel of their personalities. And Maya couldn’t dismiss her like she did Carina.

Maya actually respects Diane. Something that became clear after Maya made a crazy joke. The joke was about her being in the nuthouse. Diane quickly shut that down and said that people with mental illness will not be mocked in her presence. Maya instantly back down. She understood that there were people going through some things, but she didn’t feel like she was one of them. Maya thinks that if she just gets her job back as captain that everything else would magically work out. Maya was pushed to succeed no matter the cost and her demotion played into her worst fears.

It was once Maya’s dream to become the first female Fire Chief of the Seattle Fire Department. However, Chief Ross beat her to it. Maya only became captain because everyone in power at the time had thought Andy was too emotionally unstable to take the job. This was also when she was Andy’s best friend and should have spoken up for her friend, only she chose to get the job instead. Maya has always been ambitious. Her friends and family even respected that about her. The problem she’s having now is that all she can see is the job and not any of the people around her.

The demotion tested Maya and she failed. She’s doing things that are downright cruel if not dangerous. She’s sacrificing friendships. She’s sacrificing her marriage. She was in crisis and the only one who couldn’t see that was her. Diane talked to Maya about her state of mind when she won gold at the Olympics. Maya had sprained her ankle a couple of days before the race and she ignored her pain to win the race anyways. Maya has been conditioned to ignore her own pain. It started when she was three and she saw a cousin lose a track race.

Maya had seen the disappointment on her father’s face at her cousin’s loss. He saw that he was ashamed of her cousin. She then decided that she was going to be a winner so that her father would never look at her that way. She let her father be her coach. He pushed her to win. Always win. It didn’t matter if it was raining or if she was injured. He didn’t care about her. He’s never cared about her. He just wanted a moment to shine and, after failing to capture that moment for himself, he’s been pushing everyone into the limelight to steal some of their shine.

Maya understood that at three. She understood that her father would love her if she won. She then conditioned herself to never disappoint him in the hopes that he might one day love her and unfortunately that moment never came. He never got to a moment where he simply loved her for her. It was always about what she could do for him and whether or not he was in control. Maya was finally addressing some of her issues with Diane when the others got into a bit of trouble. It all began when Montgomery went to the press about Dixon being involved in a domestic dispute.

It was technically Dixon’s wife that was abusing him. But the wife was also rich. She was funding Dixon’s political run and he threatened to sue the fire department if Chief Ross didn’t publicly shake his head to resolve their issues. Dixon had apparently wanted to move on from almost tasing her. He even wanted to use the threat of the lawsuit to get the fire department to endorse him in his run for Mayor and that’s when he went too far. Ross was never going to be manipulated into a political agenda.

Montgomery also got in trouble with Ben for what he did. Ben was the wise dad of the crew. He took Montgomery to task for risking the Crisis One program and nearly jeopardizing Dean’s legacy. Montgomery said the only way to fix that was to become mayor and to stop Dixon from taking over. His campaign manager was a bit of sleaze for going through with the story even after he told him to axe it. Only he was a good guy deep down. He was also interested in Andy and that was after Andy accidentally caused him to injure his shoulder.

Andy was dealing with that when the others faced a work accident. They saved a family from a house and the mother went running back in because she wanted to save their papers. Theo had to run it after her. Montgomery had to run in after him. All three were in the house when the house gave way. They fell down into the basement. They became trapped, but Theo used to live in that neighborhood and he knew where to find the window on the house because his old house was built the same.

With Theo having an accident like that, it had almost undone Vic. Vic loves him. She couldn’t lose him on top of losing Dean in a similar fashion and so she tried to run into the building. Ben stopped her. He told her the house wasn’t safe. He eventually got through to her and she made sure to stick around when Theo was rescued from the building. Theo was later put on desk duty because their captain felt he ignored a direct command by following a civilian back into the house. And everyone else didn’t think it was fair that he got in trouble for just trying to save someone.

Andy tried to talk to Captain Beckett about it. He told her that he was done being nice. He was going to be the monster they all thought he was and he was sneaking in drinks when people weren’t looking. Maya had done him no favors by giving him a bottle of alcohol. Maya herself was finally on the path to healing, but she pushed a man into breaking his sobriety and now she has to live with that.

And in the end Chief Ross, publicly embarrassed the cops. She campaigned for Crisis One. She said that cops should become a part of the program and that they shouldn’t have profiled a black kid to begin with. Ross was a soldier back in the day. She was known for falling in line and yet she couldn’t do that with Dixon because she kept remembering the teen they almost killed.